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1. A new twist to polar rings
... ATNF Home . ... About ATNF overview . News | ... Australia Telescope Steering Committee . ... Australia Telescope User Committee . ... Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory . ... Parkes radio telescope . ... Mopra radio telescope . ... Visiting Parkes radio telescope . ... Parkes radio telescope webcam . ... Now, new Australia Telescope observations of the polar ring galaxy NGC 4650a suggest that the dark matter in this galaxy lies in a flattened distribution aligned with the polar ring. ...
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2. Designated Observatory Application
The Astronomical Society of Australia has been asked by STANDARDS AUSTRALIA to compile a list of "designated" optical observatories that are valuable resources for (i) research, (ii) education and (iii) community use. The ASA is the final arbiter of whether any particular observatory is so designated. ... Upon receipt of your application form, your observatory will be entered on a list of "Pending Designated Observatories" on the ASA Home Page. ... It will be emailed for you. ... Email . ...
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3. Atlas of Monte Carlo Models of Dust Extinction in Galaxies
... Abstract: We present an extensive study of the radiative transfer in dusty galaxies based on Monte Carlo simulations. ... We have explored the dependence of A_l on a conspicuous set of quantities (Hubble type, inclination, dust optical thickness, dust distribution and extinction properties) for a large wavelength interval, ranging from 1250A to the K band, thus finally providing a comprehensive atlas of dust extinction in galaxies, which is electronically available. ... S04_MD20[ att , abs ] . ...
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4. The Co-Addition Technique Applied to Images of Galaxy Cores
... Previous: Substepping and its Application to HST Imaging . ... This is a preliminary report on an application of the co-addition technique based upon the Richardson-Lucy algorithm. The combination of high signal-to-noise ground-based images obtained with the ESO NTT using SUSI with high angular resolution HST FOC f/96 images gives new insights on the properties of galaxy cores and their potential time variability. Cores of galaxies are one of the main thrusts of present extragalactic research. ...
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5. Application to Simulated Data
... The algorithm has been successfully applied to both real and simulated astronomical data (Jefferies , 1993; Jefferies 1993) and its ability to accurately preserve photometry in the observed image has been demonstrated. ... In order to investigate the algorithm's performance without the influence of detector and photon noise we took the ``truth'' data set and convolved it with the given PSF to generate a noiseless image. ... The restored object and the two restored PSF's are shown in Fig. ...
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6. The AstroStat Slog application
... ArXiv] Special Issue from Annals of Applied Statistics? ... Category: arXiv , Cross-Cultural , Stat | ... Nflation: observable predictions from the random matrix mass spectrum by Kim and Liddle . ... Algorithms arXiv Astro Bad AstroStat Bayesian CHASC Cross-Cultural Data Processing Fitting Frequentist Galaxies gamma-ray High-Energy Imaging Jargon Job Languages MC MCMC Meta Methods Misc News Nuggets Objects Optical Physics Quotes Spectral Stars Stat Timing Uncertainty X-ray . ... SAMSI AstroStat Prog...
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7. SETHI & Astropulse: Astronomical applications of the SETI@home dataset
SETHI & Astropulse: Astronomical applications of the SETI@home dataset . ... SETI@home data recorder . ... About 65% of the total data is usable . ... Close-up #1: The Galactic Plane . Slide 10 . Close-up #2: High Latitude . Outreach through the SETI@home and Planetary Society web sites . ... AstroPulse: A search for ms scale dispersed pulses with Paul Demorest, Eric Heien, Shauna Sallmen & Dan Werthimer . Uses the SETI@home data set . ... BOINC . AstroPulse/BOINC . ...
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8. The IX Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad 2013, applications
... Form of the application (Excel file, please, save the table in format not later Excel-1997-2003). Personal data list (please, save the data in text format *.txt), . colour photo , minimum 480x720 pixels (in accordance with the rules of ICAO , please, save the image in format *.jpg). and passport scan , resolution 150-300 dpi (please, save the image in format *.jpg). ... Dr. Michael G. Gavrilov, Founding Chairman and Coordinator of the Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad (APAO) . ...
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9. Contrasting optical and X-ray applications
Next: CCD Scientific Performance Up: CCD Operation Previous: CCD Operation . A visible light photon releases only one electron-hole pair, and consequently many photons must be collected in each pixel for a measurable signal to be produced. ... This use as an imaging X-ray spectrometer requires that no more than one photon is incident on each pixel in any image frame, which imposes a requirement that image collection times be limited to ~seconds for typical astronomical applications. ...
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10. Maximum Likelihood Application
Next: Source Detections Up: Observations and Analysis Previous: Diffuse Model . Because of the low photon detection rate and the extent of the PSF, statistical techniques are required to analyze EGRET data. Maximum likelihood (Mattox et al. 1995a) is used to estimate point source flux densities, source locations, and background model parameters. ... is the Poisson probability of observing counts in pixel ij when the number of counts predicted by the model is . ...
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11. ESO - Applications ERC Starting Grants Hosted at ESO
... Science . ... Science Users Information > Science Publications > Science Announcements > Applications ERC Starting Grants Hosted at ESO . ... Observing Facilities . ... ESO welcomes applications from qualified researchers wishing to conduct their frontier research at ESO with the support of one of the prestigious European Research Council ( ERC ) grants in the Starting Grant category. ... The ESO application serves as a preliminary step to grant the host approval that is required by the EU. ...
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... The Co≠Addition Technique Applied to Images of Galaxy Cores W. W. Zeilinger Institut fШur Astronomie, University of Vienna, TШurkenschanzstraъe 17, A≠1180 Wien, Austria P. Crane, P. Grosb№l and A. Renzini European Southern Observatory, Karl≠Schwarzschild Straъe 2, D≠85748 Garching, Germany Abstract. ... One may therefore take full advantage of the high resolution FOC images by co≠adding them with (high signal≠to≠noise) ground≠ based data. ... References Crane, P. et al. ...
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13. ANR OTARIE project: transport optimization and applications
... Reconstruction of peculiar velocities of galaxies from large-scale redshift catalogues provides an exemplary application of optimal transport. ... U Frisch, S. Matarrese, R. Mohayaee, A. Sobolevsky, A reconstruction of the initial conditions of the Universe by optimal mass transportation , Nature, 417 (2002) 260-262 ( arXiv:astro-ph/0109483 ) . ... R. Mohayaee, A. Sobolevskii, The Monge Amp re Kantorovich approach to reconstruction in cosmology , Physica D (2008) accepted ( arXiv:0712.2561 ) . ...
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14. Ratan-600 application form
... The Large Telescopes Program Committee of Russian AS . ... Executive Secretary, e-mail: . Telescope RATAN-600 Time Request deadline: I half-year (Jan. ... Program title .. ... Principal investigator .. ... Request status .. ... Retarded applications and ones not conforming to form will not be accepted by the Committee. ... In some exceptional cases the Program Committee Secretary can accept a request after deadline with permission of the Chairman of Committee or director of SAO RAS. ...
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15. Meade Instruments Corporation - Choosing A Telescope
... Meade Instruments Corporation . ... Refracting telescopes (Meade Models NG-60, NGC-60, DS-2070AT, ETX-70AT, LXD55-AR5, LX55-AR6 ) and mirror-lens telescopes ( ETX-90AT, 105AT, 125AT, LXD55-SC8, 8LX90, LX200 GPS Series ) are generally more versatile in a wide array of land and astronomical applications. ... The intermediate-level observer, or the non-casual telescope user who wishes to purchase one telescope for a lifetime, should consider a Meade Model LXD55 series, 8LX90, or LX200GPS. ... Meade 4M ...
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16. European Astronomical Society(EAS): NEWS
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 18:15:45 +0200 (MEST) From: Alessandro Marconi <> To: Subject: Summer school on AGNs and VLTI Dear Colleague, here is the first announcement and call for applications for a VLTI summer school on "Active Galactic Nuclei at the highest angular resolution: theory and † observations". ... It is supported by 15 EU member states, including new member states, and thus integrates the entire European optical interferometry community. ...
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17. MAO NASU :: Topic: Call for applications to the PhD program of the API/GRAPPA,
... Recent Topics . ... MAO main . ... Call for applications to the PhD program of the API/GRAPPA, Amsterdam . ... “ема: Call for applications to the PhD program of the API/GRAPPA, Amsterdam . ... We are now advertising the Call for Applications to the PhD Program of the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy (API) and the Gravitation and Astroparticle Physics Amsterdam (GRAPPA) Centre, at the University of Amsterdam. ... Applications need to be submitted on or before December 11th, 2014. ...
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18. ASP: Project ASTRO Teacher Application
The 2016 Project ASTRO introductory workshop will take place September 16-17, 2016 (Friday and Saturday). Participating teachers and astronomers are required to attend. ... Home Phone: . ... Relevant teaching experiences: Please include professional development activities, curriculum development, in-service activities, and collaborative projects. Grades and subjects you will be teaching next year. ... yes . ... When during the year do you plan to teach astronomy (approximate months)? ...
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19. Pulkovo NEO Page: Ephemeris Support
Pulkovo NEO Page . ... EPOS Software Package . ... EPOS ( E phemeris P rogram for O bjects of the S olar system) is the Windows PC application for study and ephemeris support of observations of the Solar system objects. ... It controls the part of common data and transfers the control to one of the programs that solve the restricted set of tasks. ... So with the EPOS software package one can calculate the accurate ephemerides for many objects and get the quick illustration of their motion as well. ...
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20. Time and Time Interval Measurement with Application to Computer and Network
The technical memorandum: Time and Time Interval Measurement with Application to Computer and Network Performance Evaluation (PostScript) describes a number of techniques for conducting experiments typical of computer network and transmission systems engineering. ... The usual data collected during a performance run of some experiment might include time offsets, time delays, frequency offsets and various error statistics. ...
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