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1. Equations of condition
... Assured of a reliable method of solving the normal equations, we now consider the equations of condition. The observed magnitude m of a star at M air masses with true instrumental magnitude is modelled as ([ 10 ], [ 28 ]) . ... The effective extinction coefficient depends on the effective spectral gradient [ 29 ] of the star, for which we use some color index, affected by half the atmospheric reddening ([ 26 ], [ 10 ]): . ... Thus, for the B band of UBV, we use the (U-V) color. ...
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2. Optical systems and devices
To main of Laboratory . The research work and design of optical and optical-electronic devices are carries out by laboratory staff: . ... Lens: . ... In the layout 1 prism systems perform functions of dispersive element, corrector of aberrations, optical reducer. ... Spectral range 200 - 400 nm; . ... Back Forward . ... The main corrector's function are compensation of field aberrations of the main spherical mirror of a telescope (diameter of 600 mm, f'=1200 mm) and increase aperture ratio. ...
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We model the spectral chanages of late oxygen-rich Miras observed in different pulsation phases. From a combination of variable near-IR spectra and UKIRT spectrophotometry of the 9.7 \mu m silicate dust emission feature in different phases we study the influence of the changing atmospherical circumstances on the conditions in the circumstellar dust shell. ... A comparision with the modelling results for another long period Mira U Ori is also provided. ...
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4. Database of Optical Properties -- Level: subsubpage
The efficiency of interaction of radiation with a particle and hence its optical properties depend on the particle chemical composition, size, shape, structure, etc. ... Particle size expressed in units of the wavelength of incident radiation, together with chemical composition, most strongly affects the optical properties of a scatterer. ... There are many methods to solve the light-scattering problem for a homogeneous spheroid (our survey of the light-scattering methods see here ). ...
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5. Nomenclature
Next: A Universal Diagram for Up: ``Ecology'' of Magnetic Rotators Previous: The Corotation Radius . The interaction of a magnetic rotator with the surrounding plasma to a large extent depends on the relation between the four characteristic radii: the stopping radius, , the gravitational capture radius,   , the light cylinder radius,   , and the corotation radius,   . ... Hence, the classification of the interaction regimes may well mean the classification of magnetic rotators. ...
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6. Other Acquisition Information
Target Acquisition Reference Information . Table 7.3 on page 98 lists the effective areas of the four acquisition mirrors (in cm2) as a function of wavelength, to use to predict acquisition count rates. ... Also note that the proper use of this table requires compensation for the different energies of photons of different wavelengths, hence the last column, which is in picoergs per photon. ... Effective Areas of the Acquisition Mirrors . ... The effective areas shown are from Table 7.3 on page 98. ...
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7. Atmospheric influence on the different radioengineering systems functioning.
Atmospheric influence on the different radio-engineering system functioning . ESTIMATION OF ATMOSPHERIC OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND REMOTELY SANSED IMAGE CORRECTION . ... Direct transmittance estimation results for 12 channels of the spectrometer CHRIS. ... We have managed to develop a direct method of estimating the discrete Normalized Atmospheric Point Spread Function (NAPSF) from available images alone, not using any external sources of information about the atmosphere. ... IRE RAS 1996-20 11 ...
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8. Lunar Drawings
Crater Gassendi . ... I made this drawing was made on the 26th of november 2001. If you compare this one with the previous drawing of Gassendi (below) the differences are clear. ... This drawing was made on the 28th of september 2001. After nearly a full month without observations I had a one hour gap between the thicker clouds. ... This drawing was made on the 29th of august 2001. ... This drawing was made on the 27th of august 2001. ... This drawing was made on the 25th of august 2001. ...
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9. Limits on Phase Correction Performance Due to Differences Between Astronomical
... Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329) . ... Using high-resolution three-dimensional realisations of turbulent fields, we investigate the limits on achievable performance of atmospheric phase correction using water-vapour radiometers arising from following effects: the incoherent measurement of power from water by the radiometers (in contrast to coherent detection of the astronomical signal); the different tapers of the response patterns of the astronomical and radiometer receivers; and, the ...
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XMM-Newton CCF Release Note XMM-CCF-REL-314 The RGS effective area: up date of the contamination correction R. Gonzґlez-Riestra a April 11, 2014 1 CCF comp onents Name of CCF RGS1 EFFAREACORR 0009 RGS2 EFFAREACORR 0009 VALDATE 2001-01-01T00:00:00 2001-01-01T00:00:00 List of Blocks changed EFFAREACORR EFFAREACORR XSCS flag NO NO 2 Changes A correction to the RGS effective area for contamination on the detectors was first implemented in SAS in 2007 [1]. ...
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11. Laboratory for the Stellar Magnetism Study of SAO of the RAS - Home
Observations of stellar magnetic fields is a powerful method to study of different non-stationary effects in our Galaxy and behavior of plasma under astrophysical conditions. ... Investigations of stellar magnetism by means of Zeeman measurements of polarized spectra of different stars are one of the most significant observational programme on the 6-m telescope BTA of our Observatory. ... Laboratory for the Stellar Magnetism Study . ... Laboratory for the Stellar Magnetism Study of SAO of the RAS . ...
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12. K-band Arcetri Obscured Supernova Search - Detection technique
Detection technique . We are using ISIS , the optimal image subtraction method developed by C. Alard & R.H. Lupton, to search for SNe in our images. ... The second image shows the same subtraction, but after the convolution of the best image with ISIS: . ... For this reason, we are suggested to search for nuclear SNe with NICMOS on HST, to exploit its stable PSF, sensitivity and angular resolution to detect from space nuclear obscured SNe which might have been missed by ground-based surveys. ...
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On Systematic Differences in Individual Solutions and IERS Products Zinovy Malkin Institute of Applied Astronomy RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia 1 Present status Proper determination, modelling, and accounting for systematic differences between contributed series is of the great importance in compilation of the IERS products. ... Possible sources of systematic differences are: · Different reference systems (e.g. TRF, CRF, geopotential, time scale). ... 87 IERS Technical Note No. ...
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14. ASP: Light Pollution
... In this activity, students will observe that the faintest stars which they can see in the sky are affected by many things: the adaptation of their eyes to the dark, the presence of clouds or haze, the time of year, and the presence of light pollution. General Information . ... After completing this activity, students should have a better understanding of the practical processes for dealing with the light pollution problem and with other environmental and societal issues. << previous page | ...
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15. Journal "Peremennye Zvezdy"
A Colorful Lunar Corona . ... Credit Copyright: Sergio Montгfar Explanation: What are those colorful rings around the Moon? ... Since light of different colors has different wavelengths , each color diffracts differently. Lunar Coronae are one of the few purely quantum mechanical color effects that can be easily seen with the unaided eye. The featured lunar corona was captured around a Strawberry Moon on June 2 from La Plata, Argentina. ... NASA Web Site Statements, Warnings, and Disclaimers . ...
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16. An Effective PC/Linux Based Control System Upgrade for the UH 2.2-m Telescope
... Up: Telescope and Instrument Control Systems . ... The system we are implementing derives from the successful TCS upgrade at the Michigan-Dartmouth-MIT (MDM) Hiltner 2.4-m telescope, with significant differences. It uses a PCI based PC running Linux, a 3-axis Galil DC servo motion control card for the 2 telescope and dome axes, modern relay logic control hardware, and existing drive and encoder mechanisms. ... Above the Hardware layer is an abstracted layer called Device Control . ...
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... Under conditions of the Earth gravitation we are using the method of semi-natural simulation of linear accelerations in the centrifuges with a mobile cab for simulation of G-loads, originating in a space flight. ... The major factor of the orbital flight, affecting a cosmonaut, is a weightlessness state, which causes essential changes in cardiovascular and vestibular systems operation. ... Under the Earth conditions you can "execute" a short-term space flight according to the following cyclogram: . ...
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18. Why can I only see six of the ``Seven Sisters''?
Two major reasons: the number of stars isn't really seven (it's many more), and they all have different brightnesses, so that you see more or fewer of them depending on viewing conditions. The brightness of stars is measured on the magnitude scale, where the most prominent stars in the sky are around 1st magnitude, and the faintest you can see with your eye are about 6th. ... I think this makes it quite likely that the list will be truncated at Taygeta, giving six visible stars. ...
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19. The AstroStat Slog effective area
... Posts tagged ?effective area? ... highlighting some equation that is widely used in astrophysics or astrostatistics. ... Tags: ARF , effective area , EotW , Equation , Equation of the Week , LRF , point spread function , PSF , response matrix , RMF , source . ... Comment . ... Entries RSS . Comments RSS . ... vlk on [MADS] Parallel Coordinates . upvc windows on [MADS] Parallel Coordinates . ... Alfred Inselberg on [MADS] Parallel Coordinates . ... Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS) . ...
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... It is found that the correlation coefficients between these two parameters calculated separately inside and outside the sunspot formation zone ±30 have cyclic variation and occur in anti-phase. This suggests different mechanisms of formation of the corona in the fields of small, medium, and large scales. ... The relationship between the coronal green line brightness (CGLB) and the magnetic field strength (MFS) has been investigated by constructing the corresponding synoptic maps for the 1977-2001. ...
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