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1. ATLAS aerospace invites you to get training experience as cosmonaut and
... Centrifuge . ... The major factor of the orbital flight, affecting a cosmonaut, is a weightlessness state, which causes essential changes in cardiovascular and vestibular systems operation. ... In addition, you can experience a long-term G-load in a desirable value and direction, including simulation of the typical test profiles for fighter - pilots and cosmonauts. ... Info: Industry news On-line Data Company ATLAS news Events We in press Contact . Copyright 2000-2016 ATLAS Aerospace . ...
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2. Magnetic fields, subatomic particles, etc., traveling in different directions
... Magnetic fields, subatomic particles, etc., traveling in different directions fill the universe. Do they deflect or otherwise affect one another? If so, isnт??t the information we get from them distorted? ... Neutrino astronomy, which is still in its infancy, is attractive because neutrinos interact so weakly with matter that few of these distorting effects occur. Get instant access to subscriber content on! ...
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4. The Face on Mars
... The Raw Images . Table 1: List of Viking Orbiter Images of the "Face on Mars" . ... Processing the Face Images . ... In July, 1976, Viking Orbiter 1 was acquiring images of the Cydonia region of Mars as part of the search for potential landing sites for Viking Lander 2. ... Using the height field, it is also possible to view the "Face" from different look directions, by mapping the Viking Orbiter image directly on the the topography and then placing the "viewer" at different locations. ... Mars . ...
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5. Lunar Drawings
Crater Gassendi . ... I made this drawing was made on the 26th of november 2001. If you compare this one with the previous drawing of Gassendi (below) the differences are clear. ... This drawing was made on the 28th of september 2001. After nearly a full month without observations I had a one hour gap between the thicker clouds. ... This drawing was made on the 29th of august 2001. ... This drawing was made on the 27th of august 2001. ... This drawing was made on the 25th of august 2001. ...
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6. ETCs and Observations Simulation at the VLT
... Second, the observatory can control the configuration, test data analysis procedures, and provide calibration solutions with the help of instrument models. This paper presents the VLT object-oriented framework for the development of ETCs (Exposure Time Calculators) and data simulators. ... Instrument simulations are being developed for the purpose of predictive calibration, instrument configuration control, and evaluation of data analysis procedures. ...
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7. Manastash Ridge Observatory Directions Page
... Directions to MRO and Current Road Conditions . You Can Get There From Here (but it isn't easy!) This is a map of how to get to the Manastash Ridge Observatory. ... Please note that as of the winter of 2002 the state in its infinte wisdom has seen fit to save the many salmon in the Manastash Creek by plowing under the Riggs Canyon Road. ... You will travel about 108 miles on I-90 before seeing the Canyon Road exit. ... Umptanum Road is 0.5 miles from the Canyon Road exit. ...
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8. Laboratory for the Stellar Magnetism Study of SAO of the RAS - Home
Observations of stellar magnetic fields is a powerful method to study of different non-stationary effects in our Galaxy and behavior of plasma under astrophysical conditions. ... Investigations of stellar magnetism by means of Zeeman measurements of polarized spectra of different stars are one of the most significant observational programme on the 6-m telescope BTA of our Observatory. ... Laboratory for the Stellar Magnetism Study . ... Laboratory for the Stellar Magnetism Study of SAO of the RAS . ...
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9. An Orion of a Different Color
... An Orion of a Different Color . ... It is a familiar object though, the grand stellar nursery known as the Orion Nebula . But the striking picture combines images taken through three separate filters, each designed to record different emission lines - light from Sulfur, Oxygen, and Hydrogen atoms glowing in the tenuous nebular gas. At such low densities , Sulfur and Hydrogen atoms emit red colors while Oxygen glows green. ... Publications with keywords: Orion Nebula . ... The Heart Of Orion . ...
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10. Conformance: requirements and recommendations
... Style sheet . ... Style sheets may have three different origins: author , user , and user agent . ... User . A user is a person who interacts with a user agent to view, hear, or otherwise use a document and its associated style sheet. ... A user agent that inputs style sheets must respect points 1 - 3. ... A user agent that renders a document with associated style sheets must respect points 1 - 5 and render the document according to the media-specific requirements set forth in this specification. ...
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11. Scientific Directions Achievements
... the radiative transfer equation (RTE) for the randomly-irregular magnetized plasma has been derived on the base of general grounds of the multiple scattering theory . ... Solutions of several absolute tasks of the scattering theory have been obtained (on the optical depth of the ionospheric plasma layer, on the value of radio wave anomalous attenuation, on anomalous refraction, on the backscattered signal intensity for the source being placed within a plasma layer). ...
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12. ASP: Using Multicultural Dimensions to Teach Astronomy
... the time of observation . ... Observing the Changing Position of the Sun To Establish Cardinal Directions . ... Observations of the Sun's apparent movement across the sky and its pattern of rising and setting in the east and west horizon helped to establish the cardinal directions. ... The final stage of the Sun's return was marked by the observation that the Sun had reached its highest altitude when the full width of your mitted hand could fill the gap between the Sun and the horizon. ...
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We model the spectral chanages of late oxygen-rich Miras observed in different pulsation phases. From a combination of variable near-IR spectra and UKIRT spectrophotometry of the 9.7 \mu m silicate dust emission feature in different phases we study the influence of the changing atmospherical circumstances on the conditions in the circumstellar dust shell. ... A comparision with the modelling results for another long period Mira U Ori is also provided. ...
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FREE USE LICENSE PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. ... SOFTWARE COVERED BY THIS LICENSE This license agreement ("Agreement") applies only to the version of the JavaScript Form Validator software ("JavaScript Form Validator") with which this Agreement is included by (""). ... FREE USE LICENSE. grants you a non-exclusive license, free of charge, to use Form Validation script code in any number of your web pages. ...
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15. Database of Optical Properties -- Level: subpage
This page will present a review with brief descriptions (incl. refs) of different methods. differential equation methods: . ... extended boundary condition method (EBCM): . homogeneous and multilayered) spheres, finite cylinders, spheroids, Chebyshev particles and so on, incl. non-axisymmetric particles (refs) . ... Rayleigh one (conditions + refs) . Rayleigh-Gans one (conditions + refs) . Anomalous Diffraction one (conditions + refs) . Geometrical Optics one (conditions + refs) . ...
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16. Apache module mod_setenvif
This module provides the ability to set environment variables based upon attributes of the request. ... The mod_setenvif module allows you to set environment variables according to whether different aspects of the request match regular expressions you specify. ... BrowserMatch . ... Syntax: BrowserMatch regex env-variable [= value ] [ env-variable [= value ]] .. ... Module: mod_setenvif . ... The BrowserMatch directive defines environment variables based on the User-Agent HTTP request header field. ...
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17. Description of different types of shell
. There are several different shells available for Unix; the most popular are described here. You can use any one of these shells if they are available on your system. And you can switch between the different shells once you have found out if they are available. Bourne shell (sh) . C shell (csh) . TC shell (tcsh) . Korn shell (ksh) . Bourne Again SHell (bash) .
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TEMPERATURE OF REGOLITH IN COLD TRAPS ON THE MOON A.A. Berezhnoi Sternberg Astronomical Institute Moscow, Russia The hypothesis of the existence of the lunar ice in cold traps was stated in (Watson et al., ... Arnold, 1979) estimated the mean temperature on the surface of lunar cold traps as 40-90 K. We plotted the dependence of regolith mean temperature on depth for these two values of mean temperature on the surface (see figure 1). ... Arnold J.R. Ice in the lunar polar regions, J. Geophys. ...
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19. Space Scientific and Education project of Lomonosov Moscow State University
... Research objects and scientific purposes . Space scientific program includes development and launch of two supersmall spacecrafts "Universitetskiy" and "Kompas-2" intended for monitoring of radiation conditions near the Earth. ... All the studies conducted in the near-Earth space are characterised by strong radiation fields. ... The circular polar orbits, which cover all the near-Earth space, are the most favorable for comprehensive studies of the radiation conditions near the Earth. ...
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20. Detection of Radio Transients and Variable Radio Sources Using the Archive Data
... During the analysis of the surveys carried out on RATAN-600, it was found that almost one fifth of the detected sources shows significant radio flux variations. ... We used the data from "Cold" radio surveys carried out with RATAN-600 in 1980-1994 to search for radio sources with significant flux variability. ... On possibility of detection of variable sources using the data of Cold surveys carried out on RATAN-600. ... Detection of Variable Sources Using the Data of "Cold" Surveys. ...
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