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1. Detection of Radio Transients and Variable Radio Sources Using the Archive Data
... During the analysis of the surveys carried out on RATAN-600, it was found that almost one fifth of the detected sources shows significant radio flux variations. ... We used the data from "Cold" radio surveys carried out with RATAN-600 in 1980-1994 to search for radio sources with significant flux variability. ... On possibility of detection of variable sources using the data of Cold surveys carried out on RATAN-600. ... Detection of Variable Sources Using the Data of "Cold" Surveys. ...
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2. The Orion OB1 Association
... Early studies of PMS stars focused on T associations, especially Taurus-Auriga. However, one might expect low mass star formation to be different in OB associations. ... He identified Orion OB1a as the stars northwest of the belt. Orion OB1b is composed of the stars near the belt, including the belt stars and Orionis. ... He finds no perceptible distance change within the Orion OB1b association and finds the distance modulus to be 7.8 and 7.9 for Orion OB1a and OB1b respectively. ...
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3. Amateur Astronomers Association of New York ? Amateur Astronomers Association
... Observing . ... Solar Observing . ... April 3 (SUN) - Solar Observing, Central Park , Manhattan . ... APRIL'S SKY . ... Lecture Series at the American Museum of Natural History The Amateur Astronomers Association is proud to present an astronomy lecture series from October through May each year for our members and the .. ... The€аAmateur Astronomers Association of New York€аwas organized in 1927 to promote the study of Astronomy, emphasizing its cultural and inspirational value. ...
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4. Creation of the Association Rules
Next: An example of Up: Association of images Previous: Association of images . The two sets of selection criteria (``first choice'' and ``second choice'') have to be entered in a table containing four columns: . FUNCTION --character column (max 256 char) . This column defines the different selection criteria and shall contain mathematical expressions in which the variables may be the columns of the OST. ... RANGE_1 --character column (max 256 char) . ... WEIGHT --real column . ...
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5. M. de Groot, Senior Research Associate
... In collaboration with Drs Van Genderen (Leiden, Holland) and Sterken (Brussels, Belgium) papers XV and XVI in the series `Light Variations of Massive Stars' were published. These dealt with the brightness variations of several massive stars in the two nearest neighbour galaxies, namely six stars (R85, R99, R103, R110, R123 and R128) in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) and two (R42 and R45) in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC). ...
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6. ASP: Steering by Different Stars? Astronomers and the Dark-Sky Movement
home publications > mercury . SEARCH ASP SITE: Match ALL words Match ANY word . ... ASP Conference Series . ... Steering by Different Stars? Astronomers and the Dark-Sky Movement . ... Photo courtesy of the International Dark-Sky Association. by Susan McGowan . ... According to Arthur Upgren, senior research scientist at Yale University and emeritus professor of astronomy at Wesleyan University, only 17% of ASP members were also members of the International Dark-Sky Association in 2001. ...
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REPORT ON PIERRE DELIGNE FELLOWSHIP, 2010 SERGEY OBLEZIN During 2010 I have been working on developing a representation theory approach to mirror symmetry and quantum cohomology of homogeneous spaces, associated to Lie groups of classical type. According to Givental the glN -Whittaker functions, being solutions to the quantum cohomology D-module QH (FlN ) of the complete flag variety FlN = GLN (C)/B , describe the corresponding equivariant Gromov-Witten invariants of FlN . ... J. (2010). ...
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8. ESO Web file formats and associated viewers
... At the ESO Web you'll find a range of different file formats - from HTML to PostScript/PDF and MPEG movies. See below for a list of helper applications or viewers to display those formats on your MS Windows, Macintosh or Unix computer. ... You can use Ghostscript and ghostview/GSview to view PostScript files (available for MS Windows, Macintosh and Unix platforms). ... MPEG is a way to code audio-visual information a digital format. For Unix platforms, you can use UC Berkeley's mpeg_play . ...
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9. B.3 Associations
The STIS and NICMOS calibration pipelines sometimes produce single calibrated images from associations of many exposures. ... The corresponding association table, located in the file with suffix asn and the same rootname as the association product, lists the exposures belonging to the association. ... The exposures belonging to a STIS association all reside in the same file, while the exposures belonging to a NICMOS association reside in separate datasets. ...
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10. Organizing Observational Data at the Telescope
... The MIDAS Data Organizer, a customizable utility to analyze and identify associations in a database of astronomical observations, is described. ... On-line Data Reduction: . ... The main characteristics of the on-line implementation of the DO at the ESO New Technology Telescope (NTT) are described below. The database for all operations is a MIDAS (ESO-IPG 1993) table, the so-called Observation Summary Table (OST) which contains all relevant parameters extracted from the FITS keywords. ...
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Application of IVOA software tools for radio sources investigation Zhelenkova O., Kopylov A., Chernenkov V. The interrelationship between the objects of astronomical catalogs in the different ranges of electromagnetic spectrum and their association into the real astrophysical source has obvious scientific interest. ... We used NVSS as the reference coordinate catalog. ... For 60% of radio sources identified with the objects of the radio catalogs we discovered optical candidates in SDSS survey. ...
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12. Event-driven Tasks and Graphical User Interfaces
... The only event-driven pieces of software were the user interface Hermes, the display server GIDS and the GDS server. ... Event-driven tasks are fundamentally different from procedural tasks. ... Using this event handling, a collection of routines has been built, which allows the programmer to construct a graphical user interface for a task. ... These are the events associated with user input keywords and one other event which is generated when a task is resumed after it was pausing. ...
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This Directory contains Images of f-plots & tables of ionospheric station Magadan, repreasented according to years(all parameters for 1999,2000,...)and repreasented according to different parameters- (Tables of different parameters).
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14. Apache module mod_setenvif
This module provides the ability to set environment variables based upon attributes of the request. ... The mod_setenvif module allows you to set environment variables according to whether different aspects of the request match regular expressions you specify. ... BrowserMatch . ... Syntax: BrowserMatch regex env-variable [= value ] [ env-variable [= value ]] .. ... Module: mod_setenvif . ... The BrowserMatch directive defines environment variables based on the User-Agent HTTP request header field. ...
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15. ASNCOMBINE (Nov98) --- nictools --- ASNCOMBINE (Nov98)
asncombine -- Process and combine images in one or two NICMOS associations asncombine association . ... set to yes to include error planes in co-added images error. background . ... This is useful to use different background subtractions for different images. fheader . set to yes in order to multiply the background by the value of keyword "factor" in the image header. ... Set to yes to use quadrants statistics save in the image header from previous runs of asncombine. regquad1 . ...
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16. Research
... Right: cold gas traced by [CII] emission (red) accreting onto a primeval galaxy (green) at z=7.1 ( Maiolino et al. 2015 ) (image credit: ALMA Press Release ) . ... 2010 , Cicone, Maiolino et al. ... 2012 , Cicone, Maiolino et al. ... Right: observed distribution of the average stellar metallicities of passive and star forming galaxies in the local universe, supporting starvation/strangulation as primary quenching mechanism in low/intermediate mass galaxies ( Peng, Maiolino, Cochrane 2015 ). ...
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17. AAL Printout
Astronomes Amateurs du Luxembourg a.s.b.l. " We bring the Universe to you ! Founded in 1971 by a group of enthusiasts and star aficionados, our association is now counting more than 130 members.As a national association we attract hobby astronomers from the whole country to our regular night-sky observations and to the meetings in our club at Dudelange. ... by topic : PDF File Download (360KB) . ... Article about AAL in "Le Quotidien" newspaper of Juli 21 2005 - PDF File Download (132KB) . ...
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18. mod_setenvif - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 . ... Allows the setting of environment variables based on characteristics of the request . ... setenvif_module . ... The mod_setenvif module allows you to set internal environment variables according to whether different aspects of the request match regular expressions you specify. ... Environment Variables in Apache . ... The BrowserMatch is a special cases of the SetEnvIf directive that sets environment variables conditional on the User-Agent HTTP request header. ...
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19. Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton
... Club By-laws . ... Other Club Activities . ... Public Nights . ... Dr. James Green, NASA, Director Planetary Science will be our esteemed speaker on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 7:30 PM in Peyton Hall on the Princeton University campus. ... Our astronomers setup telescopes for public use at Communiversity in Princeton, Super Science Saturday at the NJ State Museum in Trenton and at various public events around Mercer County. ... Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton, Inc., ...
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20. Admonishments
... The NOTE element is designed for use as admonishments such as notes, cautions or warnings, as commonly used in technical documentation. The CLASS attribute specifies the type of the element and is typically associated with different graphics such as a road traffic warning sign. ... The class names: NOTE, CAUTION and WARNING are recommended for standard admonishments. In the absence of the CLASS attribute, a NOTE element is typically rendered indented, without an accompanying graphic. ...
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