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1. The Discovery of Atoms and Nuclei
What follows is a brief list of benchmarks and discoveries that shaped our ideas on atoms and nuclei. ... Discovery of electrons . ... Comparing this to Faraday's results, one could get " Avogadro's number ", the number of (say) hydrogen atoms in one gram of hydrogen--an enormously large number. ... Similarly, energized atoms are only allowed to exist in one of a number of energy levels. ... By the way, Avogadro's number is 602,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (6.02 10 23 ) molecules in 1 gr hydrogen. ...
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2. "Exploration" as a Classroom Resource
... a) As source material for the high-school or college curriculum, especially in physics. astronomy and their history. (b) As a source of supplemental projects by high school students or by undergraduates. (c) As material for independent studies, In particular by motivated students who seek to know more about space . ... Those wishing to look up specific topics are advised to use the index file, accessible from the end of any "Exploration" file. ... files not listed and at other resource material. ...
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3. Andy Fruchter's Homepage
This is the homepage of Andrew Fruchter, an astronomer on the staff of the Space Telescope Science Institute . ... Here you can look at an HST images of the optical counterparts of gamma-ray bursts and their host galaxies. ... Therefore, substantial information on the fine scale structure of objects can be obtained by offsetting the pointing of the telescope between exposures and then combining these "dithered" exposures into a single image. ...
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4. PPEUC Proceedings Home Page
. JOINT SESSIONS ON COSMOLOGY AND PARTICLE PHYSICS . ELECTRON CENTENARY . Acknowledgements . Instructions for electronic submission . PPEUC was hosted by the High Energy Physics and Radio Astronomy Groups in the Cavendish Laboratory . This Web Site was made possible by a generous donation from Q Associates. Last update 2 July1997
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5. Спейс Шаттл
. This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.
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6. Life from Mars: The Discovery
Life from Mars: . The Discovery . ... Meteorite Yields Evidence of Primitive Life on Early Mars (August 7, 1996) . Life from Mars: Video Animations . ... The NASA-funded team found the first organic molecules thought to be of Martian origin; several mineral features characteristic of biological activity; and possible microscopic fossils of primitive, bacteria-like organisms inside of an ancient Martian rock that fell to Earth as a meteorite. ... Mars Life? Microscopic Structures . ...
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7. Siding Spring Survey 2004 CB
During routine astrometry with the 1.0-m to improve the orbit of the Apollo asteroid 2004 CB, the 'asteroid' was found on March 30 to have a short tail! ... it was renamed periodic comet P/2004 CB (LINEAR). ... Back to Previous News . Siding Spring Survey Main Page . ... Follow-up Astrometry with the 1.0-m at SSO . Previous News Items . Anglo-Australian Near Earth Asteroid Survey 1990-96 . ...
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9. Hydrogenated amorphous carbon
... Amorphous carbonaceous materials can show a great diversity of optical properties due to the variability in their microstructure. ... The differently pyrolized celluloses are representative for a suit of carbonaceous material ranging from strongly disordered (insulating) to graphitized (conducting) material. Figure: Complex refractive index of hydrogenated amorphous carbon prepared by pyrolysis (annealing) of cellulose at different temperatures. ...
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... Deutsch . ... Did you know that sugar contains some of the essential ingredients for life? ... However, sugar is made up of a simple recipe of chemicals called carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. ... Now, using a powerful telescope, a team of astronomers has spotted sugar in the gas surrounding a young star that is like our Sun. ... And since sugar contains the ingredients for life, finding it near a Sun-like star is very exciting maybe life could exist on another planet in the Universe! ...
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11. HR 8799: Discovery of a Multi planet Star System
... HR 8799: Discovery of a Multi planet Star System . ... NRC Canada Explanation: How common are planetary systems like our own Solar System? In the twelve years previous to 2008, over 300 candidate planetary systems have been found orbiting nearby stars. ... Although the HR 8799 planetary system has significant differences with our Solar System, it is a clear demonstration that complex planetary systems exists, systems that could conceivable contain an Earth-like planet . ... Planets Ahoy . ...
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12. APOD: 2008 November 17 - HR 8799: Discovery of a Multi planet Star System
... 2008 November 17 . HR 8799: Discovery of a Multi-planet Star System . ... Explanation: How common are planetary systems like our own Solar System? In the twelve years previous to 2008, over 300 candidate planetary systems have been found orbiting nearby stars. ... Although the HR 8799 planetary system has significant differences with our Solar System, it is a clear demonstration that complex planetary systems exist, systems that could conceivable contain an Earth-like planet . ... About APOD | ...
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... More on 51 Peg: . The discovery of a Jupiter--mass planet in orbit around the solar--type star 51Peg has been reported by Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz (Geneva Observatory) on October 6th at the 9th Cambridge workshop on "cool stars, stellar systems, and the sun" held at Florence (Italy). ... Recall that the measurements of radial velocity only yield v sin i which in turn gives us M sin i. For most values of i, sin i will be greater than 0.5 and this gives a mass estimate of 0.5 Jupiter masses. ...
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14. ATNF Daily Astronomy Picture
18th of July 2015 . Parkes radio searches of Fermi gamma-ray sources and millisecond pulsar discoveries . ... Many of its discoveries are achieved in conjunction with other telescopes, such as the CSIRO 64-m Parkes radio telescope in NSW. ... We then use the Parkes telescope to search for radio pulsars that might power the gamma-ray sources. ... We discovered the pulsar at Parkes in 2013, and determined its timing solution this week, resulting in the immediate discovery of gamma-ray pulsations. ...
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15. Discovery of an isolated dwarf spheroidal galaxy neighboring the Local Group
... Our recent observations with the Hubble Space Telescope (August 29, 2014) led to revealing a highly isolated dwarf spheroidal galaxy KKs 3 situated at a distance of 2.12 0.07 Mpc from the Milky Way. The dSph galaxy locates on the southern sky (RA=02 h 24 m 44.4 s , Dec.= ... Over the last decade, about 30 dSph galaxies have been discovered inside the Local Group through systematic search in the vicinity of M31 and more that a dozen dSphs were discovered in the nearby group around M81. ...
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16. Statments I Disagree With - an Astronomy Net Blackholes Forum Message
Blackholes Forum Message . Forums: . ... Statments I Disagree With . ... The discovery of the electron reduced the amount of mass attributed to particles and increased the amount of mass associated with the energy of momentum. ... Einstein’s equation E = M x C^2 predicts that any energy added to a mass will cause that mass to increase. #4 appears to be the basis of your thinking. ... This equation is very nonlinear in energy vs mass. ... . About Astronomy Net | ...
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17. Dark-current and particle hits correction
Next: Standard orientation Up: Preprocessing Previous: Bias correction . In a similar manner, long dark exposures of the same exposure time can be averaged to produce the DARK frames. ... Use the command COMPUTE/IMAGE to multiply the images by the exposure time and to add back the value for FLAT_BKG . ... Often, BIAS and DARK contain no large - scale structure. ... The commands AVERAGE/IMAGE and AVERAGE/WEIGHT offer number of options to compare the images and filter particle hits. ...
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18. I-GALFA View of a Galactic Tangent Region
I-GALFA View of a Galactic Tangent Region . ... Image featured in NAIC Newsletter #46 . I-GALFA image of hydrogen gas in a tangent region outside the Sagittarius arm. ... Because we are viewing this gas in a direction closely aligned with (tangent to) its orbital motion, it appears to be moving away from us (we are orbiting the Galactic center with a similar speed, but our own motion in a different direction). ... The gas near 60 degrees longitude is being viewed tangent to its orbital motion. ...
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The Assessment of Evidence in the Discovery of a Higgs Boson David A. van Dyk* Imperial College London, United Kingdom The 2012-2013 discovery of a Higgs boson filled the last remaining gap in the Standard Model of particle physics and was greeted with fanfare in the scientific community and by the public at large. Particle physicists have developed and rigorously tested a specialized statistical tool kit that is designed for the search for new physics. ...
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20. Астронавты Discovery вышли в открытый космос, чтобы потренироваться в
... Сегодня: 10 апреля 2016 г. Астронавты космического корабля многоразового использования Discovery Пирс Селлерс и Майк Фоссум начали в среду свой последний в ходе нынешней экспедиции выход в открытый космос. ... Свой первый выход в открытый космос он совершил в ходе нынешнего полета Discovery к МКС в минувшую субботу. Затем оба астронавта выходили за пределы станции в понедельник, 10 июля. ... Астронавты Discovery вышли в открытый космос, чтобы потренироваться в устранении повреждений . ...
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