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Published articles of Zharova, A.

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  • 15 декабря 2020 (Goranskij, Burenkov, et al) Observations of high-amplitude optical transients AT2020ray and AT2020ugj discovered by MASTER robotic net
  • 7 января 2011 (Sokolovsky, Antipin, et al) GSC 2576-02071 and GSC 2576-01248: two Algol-type eclipsing binaries studied using CCD observations and historical photographic data
  • 8 декабря 2010 (Zharova, Goranskij, et al) V532 in M33
  • 29 сентября 2010 (Goranskij, Shugarov, et al) The Progenitor and Remnant of the Helium Nova V445 Puppis

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