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  About Sky Map Online

First version of Sky Map Online appeared in 1997. It was supposed to be a tool for finding charts creation under operation of professional astronomers or advanced amateurs. It had been developed by me and Sergey Karpov. Now it is available with "Professional Edition" link.

Oleg Bartunov, the PI of Astronet project adviced to create a special edition of the program to be used by usual people who just likes to look at the sky.

Now Sky Map Online allows to create maps showing the sky view for any time moment, for the observer located in any place of the Earth surface. Up to 9.000 stars, planets, the Sun and the Moon, Milky Way, grids of celestial coordinates, constallation boundaries and figures can be displayed on the map. It is possible to decorate the horizont line with a mountain landscape, taken in the Northern Caucases region, near Arkhyz village in 1998.

The software is based on GD 2.0.13 by Tom Boutell), CPDF Library 2.0.2 ( FastIO Systems) for creation of printable charts, Astrolib by Elwood Downey) to compute planet positions. Milky Way map has been taken from PP3 software package byTorsten Bronger. Internationalization support is based on ZLine software-technological platform, developed by Delta-Soft LLC.

I would like to appreciate all the "Astronet" project participants and Sergey Karpov and Artem Tuntsovfor useful tips and discussions.

Any feedback is welcome at chil@astronet.ru

2004, January the 2nd.

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