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1. OLD ANALYZ instruction sequences HI in galaxies
Next: Observing the Old-Fashioned Way (Gui-Free Observations) Up: Spectral Line Appendices Previous: OLD Basic Analyz Routines For use with data taken BEFORE March 6, 2000 . This appendix contains example analyz sequences used to look at HI spectra. ... Additionally, if you have not run analyz before, instruction (2) should read: If you have not, instruction (3) should read: . ... 7) redln < rec < n : This first stores the individual ON/OFF - 1 data dumps into registers 100 - 100+ - 1. ...
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... 2.3 Data acquisition Spectra generated by the Multibeam correlator contain the usual structure seen in spectra from other H i instruments: a bandpass spectrum which is the sum of the sky , ground and receiver temperatures multiplied by the product of the filters in the receiver chain; superimposed on this is a noise ... Note also that sources extended much beyond ,40 arcmin can be imaged poorly in HIPASS images because of the bandpass sidelobe effect described in Section 3.3. ...
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