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1. Galaxy Evolution: Cosmological evolution of star formation
... Galaxy Evolution home . ... Regulating the ISM and star formation . Cosmological evolution of star-forming galaxies . The origin and evolution of radio sources . Radio sources and their environments . ... Observations of the local Universe clearly demonstrate that very active star formation phases (starbursts) are often associated with interacting and merging galaxies and that in these systems much of the short wavelength emission is absorbed by dust and re-emitted in the IR. ...
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... The design employs a differential structure. ... The input is adapted to 100 differential, and the outputs use standard Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS). ... T/H SINGLE T/H Single Input T/H Single Output 1.35 0.15 0.2 T/H DIFFERENTIAL Input T/H Output T/H 0.1 1.3 0.05 volts volts Figure 5: Digital part and digital gate 0 1.25 -0.05 -0.1 1.2 Integrated Test System A test system is integrated on chip to evaluate the transmission to the data acquisition card (fig: 7). ...
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