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1. Spacecraft that Explore Distant Space
... Spacecraft . ... To space by cannon? Finally, the deep space explorers --spacecraft which break away from the Earth's gravity . ... The "Luna" series of the USSR conducted 7 soft landing of unmanned probes, two of them with wheeled robotic "Lunokhods," and two of those missions returned samples to Earth. Others spacecraft have visited the major planets of the Solar system. ... The Mariner series have explored Venus and Mars--and Mariner 10 even reached Mercury, for three separate encounters! ...
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2. List of currently available KP AZ.
Orbital data : INTERBALL AZ GSE and GSM cartesian coordinates, GSE cartesian velocity (once per 10 minutes). ... Magnetic field data from IMAP experiment. Magnetic fileld absolute value and magnetic field index (the difference between absolute value and model value), status flag. ... Counts of H+ and O+ ions are accumulated during one spin period by detectors D6 (antisunward looking), D8 (spin plane), D10 (sunward looking) of TRICS2 subsystem (1.0-30 keV). ... TRICS1, TRICS2, TRICS3 subsystems: . ...
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3. Voyager
... Voyager Spacecraft Introduction (This Page) . ... The twin Voyager spacecraft, over the course of a dozen years, drew back the curtain on nearly half of the solar system . From launch in 1977 through the spectacular parting shots in 1989 of Neptune at the outer reaches of the solar system, this pair of gangly, instrument-laden spacecraft explored four planets -- Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus and Neptune -- as well as tens of moons, and the rings and magnetic environments of those planetary systems. ...
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Cosmic Research, Vol. 42, No. 5, 2004, pp. 435­488. Translated from Kosmicheskie Issledovaniya, Vol. 42, No. 5, 2004, pp. 453­508. Original Russian Text Copyright © 2004 by Veselovsky, Panasyuk, Avdyushin, Bazilevskaya, Belov, Bogachev, Bogod, Bogomolov, Bothmer, Boyarchuk, Vashenyuk, Vlasov, Gnezdilov, Gorgutsa, Grechnev, Denisov, Dmitriev, Dryer, Yermolaev, Eroshenko, Zherebtsov, Zhitnik, Zhukov, Zastenker, Zelenyi, Zeldovich, Ivanov-Kholodnyi, Ignat'ev, Ishkov, Kolomiytsev, Krasheninnikov, Kudela,
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