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1. MAGION-4 Spacecraft (C2-X)
... The spacecraft of Magion type have been selected as the subsatellites of the Interball project: Magion-4 (C2-X) for the Tail Probe and Magion-5 (C2-A) for the Auroral Probe. ... Magion-4 was produced in the Czech Republic in collaboratrion with Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria and has onboard scientific instruments and sensors designed and built in Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovak Republic. ... Plasma flow detector VDP-S (Czech Republic, Russia) . ...
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ENERGETIC PARTICLE EXPERIMENT DOK-2 . ... Due to much higher energy, angular and time resolution, better separation of electrons and ions it is expected that DOK-2 experiment will allow to re-examine in more details energetic particle population and related processes in magnetosphere regions covered by the spacecraft orbit. ... Thin foil in front of detector absorbes protons with energies E<400 keV so this detector measures electron spectrum in 20 - 420 keV range. ... Energy values, keV . ...
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3. Educator's Guide to Micrometeorites
Educator's Guide to Micrometeorites . ... They are actually small bits of rock and metal that collide with Earth's upper atmosphere and, because of friction, burn up. On rare occasions, man-made satellites and spacecraft parts fall into the atmosphere and burn up the same way. ... That is what is happening to the particles in the upper atmosphere. ... Most meteorites fall into Earth's oceans. ... There is an easy way to collect meteorites, but we must be satisfied with finding small metal ones. ...
[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 5.6 Кб -- 15.10.1997
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Cosmic Research, Vol. 42, No. 5, 2004, pp. 435­488. Translated from Kosmicheskie Issledovaniya, Vol. 42, No. 5, 2004, pp. 453­508. Original Russian Text Copyright © 2004 by Veselovsky, Panasyuk, Avdyushin, Bazilevskaya, Belov, Bogachev, Bogod, Bogomolov, Bothmer, Boyarchuk, Vashenyuk, Vlasov, Gnezdilov, Gorgutsa, Grechnev, Denisov, Dmitriev, Dryer, Yermolaev, Eroshenko, Zherebtsov, Zhitnik, Zhukov, Zastenker, Zelenyi, Zeldovich, Ivanov-Kholodnyi, Ignat'ev, Ishkov, Kolomiytsev, Krasheninnikov, Kudela,
[ Текст ]  Ссылки -- 919.5 Кб -- 23.12.2004
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