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1. Flagging Near a Set-Up Change - QVACK
Next: Flagging Based on a Up: Other Flagging Tasks Previous: AIPS Flagging and Miriad- . Another handy task is qvack (derivative of the AIPS task quack and so named for obscure reasons) for flagging a number of correlations after the observing set-up has changed (i.e., the source changed, the pointing centre changed, or the frequency changed). ... Flag data for 30 s after change . ... This can be used if the observing setup has not changed, but you still wish to periodically flag some data. ...
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metrologia The leap second: its history and possible future R. A. Nelson, D. D. McCarthy , S. Malys, J. Levine, B. Guinot, H. F. Fliegel , R. L. Beard and T. R. Bartholome w Abstract. This paper reviews the theoretica l motivatio n for the leap second in the context of the historica l evolutio n of time measurement . Th e periodic insertio n of a leap second step into th e scale of Coordinate d Universal Time (UTC) necessitates frequent changes in comple x timekeepin g systems an d is currentl y th e
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