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1. The Relation between the Large-scale Gas Dynamics, Nuclear Kinematics, and
... Most of the spirals discussed in the following are well-known starburst galaxies (M 82, NGC 253, etc.) In addition to their nuclear activity, which makes them so popular, the selected galaxies have several other phenomena in common, such as bars, gas outflow, and possibly nuclear rings. ... I will show that the gas dynamics in the outer and inner parts of these galaxies are strongly related to their starburst activity. ... NGC 253 . ... The peculiar galaxy NGC 4258: A black hole candidate. ...
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metrologia The leap second: its history and possible future R. A. Nelson, D. D. McCarthy , S. Malys, J. Levine, B. Guinot, H. F. Fliegel , R. L. Beard and T. R. Bartholome w Abstract. This paper reviews the theoretica l motivatio n for the leap second in the context of the historica l evolutio n of time measurement . Th e periodic insertio n of a leap second step into th e scale of Coordinate d Universal Time (UTC) necessitates frequent changes in comple x timekeepin g systems an d is currentl y th e
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