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1. PPTA Wiki | Main / Highlights
... Highlights . ... PPTA timeline . ... Data release 2 discussion . Editing this wiki . ... Detecting and limiting the gravitational-wave background: Yardley et al. (2011) used the PPTA data sets to attempt to detect a gravitational wave background. ... Jenet et al. (2006) provided the first stringent upper bound on the gravitational wave background using the PPTA data sets. ... 2012). ... We have used the PPTA observations to develop the first major pulsar-based timescale (Hobbs et al. ...
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metrologia The leap second: its history and possible future R. A. Nelson, D. D. McCarthy , S. Malys, J. Levine, B. Guinot, H. F. Fliegel , R. L. Beard and T. R. Bartholome w Abstract. This paper reviews the theoretica l motivatio n for the leap second in the context of the historica l evolutio n of time measurement . Th e periodic insertio n of a leap second step into th e scale of Coordinate d Universal Time (UTC) necessitates frequent changes in comple x timekeepin g systems an d is currentl y th e
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