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1. Simon Jeffery's Software Store: TAP: cosmic abundances
... Initialise the elemental abundances. FUNCTION TAP_ABMET ( ZELEM ) . ... Return the relative solar photospheric abundance for a given element. ... Return the relative cosmic abundance for a given element. ... This allows the user to use their own abundance data, if required. ... Where no abundance data are available, or the atomic number is out of range, TAP_ABUND returns the value TAPC__DNULL. ... Algorithm: The nuclide abundances are stored and returned as percentages for each element. ...
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2. Use of arrays and array sections
The English word "array" is translated into Swedish as "f lt" which is retranslated into English as "field". We may therefore perhaps use the word field either by mistake or as a suitable name of a specific array. A new feature of Fortran 90 is that you can work directly with a whole array or an array section without explicit (or implicit) DO -loops. ... An array is defined to have a shape given by its number of dimensions (called " rank ") and the extent for each one of these. ...
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