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1. Terry Mosely's Bulletins
From: Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 20:22:32 EDT Subject: Eclipse - help? Comet Hi all, I have learned of a very interesting proposal to observe the next Total Solar Eclipse, on 4 December, from Mozambique, and to do a worthwhile project while there. As many of you know, the track of this eclipse crosses Southern Africa, the Indian Ocean, and ends in Australia just after sunset. ... She is negotiating with various Ministries in Mozambique (Tourism, etc) regarding this. ...
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2. Peculiarities in the language Fortran 90
Using the free source form it is not permitted to have comments starting with a C or a * in column 1. This would be a violation of the free format. ... An advantage compared with earlier Fortran standards is that the standard now requires that the compiler can signal if the user deviates from the permitted standard. It is required that a Fortran 90 compiler can signal . ... It has to be possible to ask the program to signal for any extensions outside the Fortran 90 standard. ...
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