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1. Public Understanding of Science
... Astropark . ... These are important assets, and the Governors of the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium have an unrivalled opportunity to develop a centre for the public understanding of science, explaining the history and motivation for the development of astronomy and related sciences over more than 200 years, and the context in which present research is carried out. ...
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2. SunSoft
... SPARCompiler(TM) Fortran 90 1.0 . FORTRAN 77 3.0.1 . ... important of these. -ansi: Report non-ANSI extensions. -c: Suppress linking, produce .o files -e: Recognize extended (132 character) source lines -fast: Specify common set of performance options - fixed : Interpret all Fortran source files according to fixed form rules -flags: Print summary of compiler options -fnonstd: Non-standard initialization of floating-point hardware -fnonstop: Execute without trapping on invalid, overflow ...
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