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1. LWN: Driver porting: miscellaneous changes
... This article is part of the LWN Porting Drivers to 2.6 series . This article serves as a sort of final resting place for various small changes in the kernel programming API which do not fit elsewhere. The kdev_t type has been removed from the kernel; everything which works with device numbers should now use the dev_t type. ... Consider using these while fixing your code; the next time the type of i_rdev changes, you will be happier. ... Driver porting: miscellaneous changes, designated inits . ...
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2. Ratan-600 application form
... The Large Telescopes Program Committee of Russian AS . ... Executive Secretary, e-mail: . Telescope RATAN-600 Time Request deadline: I half-year (Jan. ... Program title .. ... Principal investigator .. ... Request status .. ... Retarded applications and ones not conforming to form will not be accepted by the Committee. ... In some exceptional cases the Program Committee Secretary can accept a request after deadline with permission of the Chairman of Committee or director of SAO RAS. ...
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