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1. Database of Optical Properties -- Level: subpage
The following figures show the behaviour of the efficiency factors Q ext , Q sca , Q abs as well as albedo and asymmetry parameter g for porous particles. ... These optical characteristics are compared with results of Lorenz-Mie calculations for corresponding n -layered spheres. ... factors . Qext(x) . Qsca(x) . ... Qabs (x) . ... albedo (x) . ... Henning, Modelling the optical properties of composite and porous interstellar grains, Astronomy and Astrophysics , 429 , 371-381, 2005. ...
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2. ADASS 2003 Conference Proceedings
... Previous: Access to Atomic and Molecular Data/Databases in the VO . ... We present the general characteristics of a database for binary and multiple stars from all observational categories, specifically designed to address the awkward topics of the identification of stellar components. BDB is based on a modular architecture to allow the easy integration of data from various sources. We describe in particular the set up of connections with other double star databases through the Internet. ...
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3. CHIANTI atomic database
The CHIANTI database consists of 4 primary ASCII files for each ion in the database. contains the energy levels in cm^(-1) It includes both experimental data and theoretical values of the levels energies. ... The 24 configuration model used to derive the transition probabilities in the ".wgfa" file, gave energy levels which were slightly different from the observed levels. ... contains the spline fits to the electron collision strengths scaled according to Burgess and Tully (1992). ...
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4. Terrestrial Silicates Compared to Astronomical Silicates
The silicates that produce the 10 and 18 micron features appear to be broadly similar to terrestrial minerals such as Forsterite and Enstatite. ... Where pre-solar silicate dust grains can be isolated from meteorite material, these also tend to be Mg-rich silicates rather than Fe-rich silicates. ... It has been suggested that the interstellar silicate grains have a different 10 micron feature profile than what is observed for the silicates around evolved stars. ...
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Possibilities for Database Archival and Access Brian Kent Cornell University http ://w w w Data Archive Objectives · Platform independent node/server, compatible with standard VO Web Service Protocols · Quick and easy access through the web to data using any web browser with standard plugins · Perform simple analysis and calculations on ... E-ALFA Ar chive 11 ...
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6. SAI Supernova catalog
... Initially SAI Supernova Catalogue was presented in the form of filebased system. ... The current version of SAI Supernova Catalogue presents data on supernovae together with data on their parent galaxies. ... The main source of data for the galaxies was LEDA database. ... In some cases our data were compared with the ones from the Asiago Supernova Catalogue and from List of Supernovae at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, but the compilation of our Catalogue is carried out independently. ...
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7. ASP: Using Multicultural Dimensions to Teach Astronomy
... Information about a variety of different calendars for different cultures (e.g., Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Chinese, Hindu etc.) ... In addition, the Chinese had two different ways of interpreting and observing celestial events. One way the Chinese used astronomy was known as lifa; it was a discipline that aimed to understand the regularities and the predictable events in the celestial system through careful, observations, measurements and records. ... back to Teachers' Newsletter Main Page ...
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8. Pulkovo Databases
System of astrometric databases of Pulkovo observatory. 26-inch refractor . Pulkovo system of astrometric databases consists of three databases, which contain results of processing photographic and CCD observations, obtained with the 26-inch refractor and the Normal astrograph of Pulkovo observatory. Pulkovo photographic catalogs: Pul-2, Pul-3 (Pul-3 SE), Pul ERS . Results of photographic and CCD observations of Solar system objects . ... Normal Astrograph ...
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9. Data bases of Natural Satellites. Documentation. Structure
Databases (NSDC) of the Natural Planetary Satellites. ... NSDC: Database of astrometric observations of Natural Planetary Satellites . ... They are thoroughly looking for observations in different sources, creating their owndatabases which are then mostly inaccessible to other researchers. ... In the file "content" with explications, the reference is given to the data source as well as the bibliographic reference. ... Data sources. ... Why a specific bibliographic database for Natural satellites? ...
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10. Introduction
Next: Principles of organization Up: Further advance in the Previous: Further advance in the . ... An ability of using different catalogs makes this problem considerably simpler. Lately Different attempts have been made for combining many astronomical catalogs in unified databases NED, SIMBAD, ESIS, ADS, etc.(see reviews by Andernach et al.1994; Andernach 1995). ... We propose a new solution to this problem with a ``CATalogs supporting System'' (CATS) at Special Astrophysical Observatory (SAO). ...
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... 150Trushkin Verkhodanov We present results of cross-identifications of the objects from two large catalogs, IRAS-Point Source and Texas, in the database CATS. ... In the 511 ITA sources, already identified with different sources in the initial IRAS catalog, galaxies and Milky Way radio sources dominated. ... However radio catalogs at the higher frequencies than those of the Texas catalog, which are more sensitive to extended objects radiation, are needed for cross-identification with the IRAS...
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HOW TO CREATE THE CHIANTI LINE EMISSIVITY DATABASE 01Aug2010 NOTES: a. This version of PINTofALE is designed for use with CHIANTI v6 b. For convenience, we have also provided a tar file containing the CHIANTI line emissivities computed at various densities, in The following instructions should be used if you prefer to use a different grid, or need the emissivities computed at constant pressure, etc. ...
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13. SM - Termcap -- A Terminal Database
... Termcap is a Unix idea, that makes it possible to write software that runs on a wide range of different terminals. ... If SM can't open TERMCAP as a file, it is taken to be the value of the entry for your terminal. ... A TERMCAP variable takes precedence over an entry in your `.sm' file. ... There is a problem with using the last line of the screen as the SM command line, and this is that some terminals use the same screen for graphics as for text, and your graph will merrily scroll away as you type...
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14. education
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15. Correcting for exposure before smoothing
... Different sections of an image may have different exposure. ... The obvious remedy for this is to divide the input image by the exposure map before smoothing. ... If you wish to create a background map in counts per pixel from an XMM exposure in which the exposure time varies significantly between CCDs, then you will need to remultiply the the output image by the exposure map; if however you wish to create a mosaic from several different cameras or pointings, you may wish not to do so. ...
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16. Comparing files
. You can display the line by line difference between two files with the diff command. diff file1 file2 . The information given by the command tells you what changes need to be made for file1 and file2 to match. If there is no difference between the files you are returned to the shell prompt . diff indicates which lines need be added ( a ), deleted ( d ) or changed ( c ). Lines in file1 are identified with a ( < ) symbol: lines in file2 with a ( > ) symbol. Examples . Did You Know? .
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17. pyQC: script structure
... overview of pyQC . ... output used by . ... All pyQC scripts and modules share a similar structure. Python offers to group functions, classes, etc. into modules which can be imported by different scripts. ... In order to avoid confusion if names are used by different (especially external) modules, the QC scripts use the 'from' statement only for pyQC modules, i.e.: . ... For other modules, the simple 'import' statement is used: . ... Python modules are also used for keeping script configuration. ...
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18. The COOC Criterion (Criterion of Observations versus Calculations)
... In order to compare the number of different evolutionary stages obtained and X-ray luminosity of the chosen X-ray sources with the observed galactic values we use the sum of C/O+O/C , where C and O are the calculated and observed values of a given binary type, respectively. If we make comparison for a number of different binary species (for example, we compare the number of CV, number of X-ray pulsars,   total X-ray luminosity of LMXB, etc.), we write this criterion in the form: . ...
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19. R-N Expression of Risk
. First page Back Continue Last page Overview Graphics .
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20. Description of database
GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF DATABASE . It is a matter of common knoledge, that solar magnetic fields and, in particular, magnetic fields of sunspots, play important role in many solar events. In Pulkovo observatory the long-term data set of daily observations of magnetic fields of solar sunspots was accumulated, which contains great potential for further researches in solar physics. ... Second section includes files containing sum data about magnetic fields for every observational day. ...
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