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1. Parameters of binary compact star evolution
... Figure: Massive binary evolutionary track. ... A short glance to this track is sufficient to understand that there are a lot of evolutionary scenario parameters, which affect different stages of the binary evolution. Fortunately, a very limited number of parameters has effect on the compact binary merging rate. ... The most important (and practically unique) parameter changing the galactic binary NS merging rate is the distribution of an additional (kick) velocity imparted to NS at birth. ...
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... 0 ) = Z '' '' 0 [(1 \Gamma '')'' 1=2 sin 2 i sin 2!] ... We use the similarity theory to present the non--dimensional period T \ Lambda of the evolution of the parameters '' and i as a product of the independent factors: T \ Lambda = \ Gamma (4=15)(a \ Gamma3 =2 \ Lambda =LD )jL c (c 1 ; c 2 )j. Here LD = Ї k \ Lambda a \ Gamma3 k \ Lambda '' \ Gamma3 =2 k Ї \Gamma1=2 \ Lambda is the non-- dimensional parameter of disturbances similarity dependent on the dynamical characteristics of the ...
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3. Astronomy HyperText Book: Stellar Evolution
... Stellar Evolution is driven entirely by the never ending battle between Pressure and Gravity . As imbalances are reached, the star is driven to find a new Energy source. ... Pressure and gravitational forces are equal, the star is stable and its core is sufficiently hot to fuse Hydrogen into Helium More about main sequence stars . ... The luminosity generated by the core fusion of Helium into Carbon is far greater than the shell luminosity associated with the fusion of Hydrogen into Helium. ...
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... 05/09/2013 Galaxy Evolution over Five Decades - Cambridge 2013 Nuclear activity and environment Effect of environment on AGN is not completely clear yet. ... 05/09/2013 Galaxy Evolution over Five Decades - Cambridge 2013 Effect of the mass Mass slices ­ optical and radio AGN overall interaction one-on-one interaction relative location 05/09/2013 Galaxy Evolution over Five Decades - Cambridge 2013 Stratified study Stratifed study that considers several strata of mass. ...
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5. Vladimir Marsakov Publication List
Scale-heights of the Galactic disk subsytems with different ages and metallicities . V.Marsakov & Yu. ... It is based on the fact, that all stars cross the disk plane several times during their Galactic orbital period. ... We have used our representative sample of nearby disk F2-G2 stars Marsakov & Shevelev (1995) in which fundamental stellar parameters was determined on the basis of published date on uvby-photometry, proper motion and radial velocities. ... Marsakov V.A., Shevelev Yu.G. Bull. ...
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6. Informational system "Evolution of RG"
The project of the informational system creation on the problem of evolution of radio galaxies, as a part of the "Big Trio" project aimed on studing of distant radio galaxies, is designed. This system allows a user to operate with simulated curves of spectral energy distributions (SED) to estimate ages and redshifts by photometry data. Authors use SEDs of several models for different types of galaxies. ... The HTTP and e-mail access is organized to this system. ...
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7. HyperLEDA documentation: parameter: vmaxg
Observed maximum rotation velocity uncorrected for inclination effect. This quantity is calculated from 21-cm line widths at different levels and/or rotation curves (generally in H_alpha). ... These data are characterized by some secondary parameters: telescope, velocity resolution, level of the 21-cm line width and bibliographic reference. ... we start from a standard sample (a set of measurements giving a large and homogeneous sample). ... HyperLeda . ...
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8. Lionel Siess
... These models are used to determine the evolutionary status of peculiar stars (e.g. HD 98800, TyCra) or to estimate some physical parameters of young clusters such as the proportion of binaries or the duration of the star formation process (synthetic HR diagrams). - the study of the rotational evolution of young low-mass stars . - the study of the effect of mass (and energy) addition through an accretion disk on the structure and ... 3/24/1998 ...
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9. Parameters
... true false . A boolean switch determining whether the list of to be considered HK parameters shall be explicitly specified with parameter parameters . ... blank separated list of HK parameter names . ... If set to true overrideparameters must contain a list of HK parameter names and overrideparametervalues a corresponding list of validity ranges for those parameters (see below). overrideparameters . ... If withoverrideparameters is set to true the list must contain valid HK parameter names. ...
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10. Colours and magnitudes
... Colours of stars and galaxies hold information on intrinsic and extrinsic parameters, such as stellar temperatures and galaxy populations, selective absorption and colour changes due different dust contents and inclination angles of galaxies, as well as galaxy redshifts and evolution. ... The colour magnitude diagram of 65000 galaxies to which all above-mentioned quantities and others contribute can only be explained by comparison with simulations. ... Colours are also of technical help. ...
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12. Input Parameters to the Self-Calibration Tasks
... We now describe the input parameters to the self-calibration tasks. ... For selfcal , you need not perform source , dra , or ddec selection if you use the selradec option (see below). minants : The minimum number of antenna that must be present before the tasks will attempt to find a solution. ... and phase : This determines whether the self-calibration tasks solve for just phase ( options=phase , which is the default) or amplitude and phase solution ( options=amplitude ). mfs : . ...
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13. Possible Pitfalls
... An error involving a missing tasks parameter indicates that the parameter file may have changed between the last time the task was used and the current version. ... If still in trouble, delete the parameter file in `myiraf/uparm' corresponding to the task (the names are somewhat contrived, but with a bit of imagination it is not too difficult to identify the right one). ... The imcnts task and region masks . ... A region descriptor of the kind: . CIRCLE(403, 403, 22.5) . ... See `help regions'.) ...
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14. Star Formation History
... A model for the chemical evolution of a disk galaxy is presented. The model reproduces all the basic . ... investigations of the star formation history. ... the galaxyЫand incorporating a delay in the onset of star formation make it possible to model different scenar- . ios for the evolution of a galaxy's luminosity. ... evolution of massive galaxies. ... of reconstructing the star-formation history and galactic luminosity from observations of galaxies at different . ...
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15. Armagh Observatory
... Evolution of the magnetic field (solid lines) , temperature (colour) , and velocity (arrows) at four times for case A1 (a), A2 (b), B1 (c), and B2 (d). The characteristic parameters of magnetic field strength and electron number density are given above each case plot. ... Aims We aim at investigating the formation of jet-like features in the lower solar atmosphere, e.g. chromosphere and transition region, as a result of magnetic reconnection. ...
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... Moscow S. V. Ajukov THE SOLAR ENVELOPE PARAMETERS AND RADIATIVE OPACITIES IN THE MODELS OF THE PRESENT SUN Comparison of the different opacity tables at the solar core conditions. ... The convection zone depth versus the envelope entropy for the three opacity tables. ... The influence of opacity on the standard solar model parameters Increasing opacities from CS70 up to LAOL (WKM) (both in the core and the radiative zone) raises helium content by 4--5%. ... Solar models with modified opacities . ...
[ Текст ]  Ссылки -- 608.7 Кб -- 29.07.1996
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17. ADASS 2003 Conference Proceedings
... Gomez, J. C., Athanassoula, L., Fuentes, O., & Bosma, A. 2003, in ASP Conf. ... In this work we present Evolution Strategies (ES) as an efficient method to approximate the initial conditions of the main interacting group of three galaxies in M81. ... In this first attempt we use non-self-gravitating simulations to approximate the initial conditions; even with that restriction our method reproduces the density distribution of the three galaxies with great precision. ...
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18. Towards a Truly Unified Model of AGN
... Towards a Truly Unified Model of AGN . ... The Unified Model holds that the aspect-dependent effects primarily determine the nature of the active galactic nucleus that we observe. ... The full postscript file can be obtained here: . The PASA Latex file can be obtained here: . The postscript file of Fig 1 can be obtained here: . ...
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19. INTERBALL Tail Probe flight longterm situation analysis 1995 - 2000
The longterm orbit evolution and ballistic lifetime 1995 - 2000 . The annual distribution of the key magnetospheric regions covered by the orbit in 1995 - 2000 . ... As a result of this evolution the Tail probe will stop his ballistic life in the middle October 2000. ... Back to the Top . ... Back to the INTERBALL Home Page . Back to the IKI Satellite Situation Center (SSC) Home Page . Back to the Space Research Institute (IKI) Home Page . ... Satellite Situation Center, Senior Scientist . ...
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[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 3.7 Кб -- 09.03.2000
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20. ASP: Stellar Evolution (a la Chez Stella)
... Baffled, you turn to the waiter. ... The waiter smiles. ... Some prefer small stars while others insist that the larger they are the better they are. ... Of course," he adds, sensing your concern, "you are the guest of Chez Stella. ... Immediately you hear the "tock... tock... tock" of the stopwatch, and you gaze deep into the distant star. ... You hadn't noticed before, but it is giving off vast symmetric clouds of what looks like smoke or dust hanging in the space around the beautiful star. ...
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