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1. SourceListFile
... The source-list file produced by omdetect contains a list of the positions of all the detected sources, the parameterizations of their shapes, their extracted count-rates, and corrected count-rateswhich contain some of the corrections that are needed to convert the raw rates to the rates that can be used to compute instrumental magnitutes. ... For example, a source with a bad pixel and lying on or close to a read-out streak would have bits 0 and 1 set and thus have a quality flag value of 3. ...
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... Computing the true count rates for digital data. ... The following equation is used to find the count rate. x = ( raw counts / sample time ) . ... True count rates for digital data are corrected by using the first equation for a point source and the second for an extended source. a = ( y - pre_amp - darkrate ) / ( highvolt x pt_effic ) . ... True photocurrents (count rates for analog data) are corrected by the first equation for point sources and the second equation for extended sources. ...
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3. Background Definition
Next: Bivariate polynomial interpolation Up: Echelle Spectra Previous: Removal of particle . The estimation of the background is one of the critical points in the reduction of echelle spectra for two reasons. ... diffuse light in the interorder space coming from adjacent orders. sky background spectrum . ... These locations are defined when performing the order definition (command DEFINE/ECHELLE or DEFINE/HOUGH ) and can be displayed by command LOAD/ECHELLE . ... Sky background definition . ...
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4. A New PROS Task for Calculating HRI Source Intensities or Upper Limits
... Next: The PROS Big Up: Software Systems Previous: Data Reduction Software . ... The srcinten task provides PROS users with a tool to compute count rates for point sources in the ROSAT High Resolution Imager (HRI). ... Corrected upper limits are cited at locations where the count rate falls below the source detection threshold. ... Srcinten is a new PROS task that computes and applies the above correction factors to the net counts in a user-specified aperture. ...
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5. Spectral Extraction of Extended Sources
. Next: Charged Particle Subtraction Up: *qpspec* - Extraction of Previous: Spectral Extraction of Point . When analyzing extended sources the background must be obtained from a region well separated from the source. To correct the background for the differential vignetting (i.e., the difference between source and background vignetting) of the ROSAT mirror, set the vign_corr flag in qpspec to yes. For example: . xs > qpspec vign_corr=yes . . 1998-06-10
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The pitch, roll, and focus errors of the telescope (measured and computed in AO9 survey and tilt sensor pitch,roll ) can be corrected by using the tiedowns. ... Tiedown positions to correct the pitch,roll, focus errors versus azimuth for za 2 through 20 degrees. ... The pitch, roll, and focus errors are plotted versus azimuth for za 1 to 20 degrees (the color changes every two degrees) . ... The pitch error is on the top and the roll error is on the bottom. ... The pitch and roll errors versus za. ...
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7. Extended IDL Help
This page was created by the IDL library routine mk_html_help . ... mk_html_help . at the IDL command line prompt. ... to calculate CHIANTI line intensities and continua, to create a synthetic spectrum. ... WRITTEN : Ver.1, 7-Nov-01, Giulio Del Zanna (GDZ) and Peter Young (PRY) MODIFICATION HISTORY: V.2, 7-Nov-01, GDZ . Fixed a small bug (now the spectrum plot is always plotted within the widget), and modified the option to add continua. ... Added extended details in the ascii output spectrum. ...
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8. Comparison of Microwave Background Radiation models and experiments
... We present methods of comparing theoretical predictions for the anisotropy of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR), with the results of various experiments. ... Temperature flucuations . ... Most models of structure formation in the universe predict anisotropies in the CMBR. ... Therefore one must take into account not only the theoretically expected value of the temperature fluctuation but also the so-called cosmic variance, i.e. the theoretical error due to observing only one universe....
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9. Time and Time Interval Measurement with Application to Computer and Network
The technical memorandum: Time and Time Interval Measurement with Application to Computer and Network Performance Evaluation (PostScript) describes a number of techniques for conducting experiments typical of computer network and transmission systems engineering. ... The usual data collected during a performance run of some experiment might include time offsets, time delays, frequency offsets and various error statistics. ...
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10. Background Material for the Phase Correction Project
... ATNF Home . ... About ATNF overview . ... Australia Telescope Steering Committee . ... Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory . ... Parkes radio telescope . ... Parkes | ... Parkes projects/positions database . ... R.J. Sault, G.J. Carrad, P.J. Hall, J. Crofts, 2000, ``Radio path length correction using water vapourradiometry'' submitted to Proceedings of WARS 2000 . Bob Sault, Peter Hall, Graeme Carrad, 1999 "Atmospheric phase correction for the ATCA" , presented at URSI 1999 (Toronto, Canada). ...
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11. MILT Description
... This is possible at modest cost due to the low moments of inertia of the telescope and enclosure. ... This same performance will be achieved in higher winds when the telescope enclosure is facing away from the wind, or by using wind screens. ... The telescope system (MILT) will be remotely operable with an on-site operator's assistance by an astronomer located at one of the ARC member institutions. ... Mean Wind Speed . ... Offsets > 10 deg: 1 arc sec rms max . ... 5 sec max, tracking to tracking . ...
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12. Report on Cosmic Call 1999
... Report on Cosmic Call 1999 . ... Cosmic Call Sessions . ... This Report outlines methodology, hard- and software, which were developed to transmit first public Interstellar messages from Evpatoria Deep Space Center (EDSC), and describes four Cosmic Call Sessions, which were fulfilled in EDSC on May 24 and June 30 - July 1, 1999. ... Each Cosmic Call consists of two parts. ... Dutil Message, . ... The software for gathering all messages and creating the Cosmic Call stream, was written on C language. ...
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13. ST-ECF Grism Spectrum Software for NICMOS Grism Data
Next: Imaging Polarimetry with NICMOS Up: NICMOS Data Calibration and Previous: The Photometric Performance of . ... NICMOSlook and Calnic C . ... Extracting spectra from a large number of NICMOS grism images requires a convenient interactive tool which allows a user to manipulate direct/grism image pairs. ... NICMOSlook and Calnic-C are two programs that were designed to take advantage of the fact that the NICMOS grism mode typically consists of taking both a direct and a grism image. ...
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14. Siding Spring Survey
T he Siding Spring Survey (SSS) is a Near-Earth Object search program that utilises the 0.5-m Uppsala Schmidt Telescope at Siding Spring Observatory, N.S.W., Australia. ... The mission of the Siding Spring Survey is to contribute to the inventory of near-earth objects (NEOs), or more specifically, the potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs) and comets (PHOs) that may pose a threat of impact and thus harm to civilization. ... Based on the CSS Mission page . ... Siding Spring Survey Main Page . ...
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15. KMOS Exposure Time Calculator
... Calculated exposure times do not take into account instrument and telescope overheads. ... The reference area for the S/N is circular with a radius equal to FWHM of the Image Quality PSF at the airmass and wavelength of observation. ... begin{equation} \mathit{FWHM}_{\text{IQ}} = \sqrt{\mathit{FWHM}_{\text{atm}}^2(\mathit{s},x,\lambda)+\mathit{FWHM}_{\text{tel}}^2(\mathit{D},\lambda)+\mathit{FWHM}_{\text{ins}}^2(\lambda)} \end{equation} } \) . ... The Exposure Time is the product of DIT and NDIT . ...
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16. A computer controlled low light photometer for nightglow observations
A computer controlled low light photometer for nightglow observations. Hardware units of portable photometer for low light measurements, especially night glow emission is described. ... Interface card contain three channels of 24 bit counter, 4 channels of 12 bit ADC and the buffer bus for the controlled motors of the altazimuthal fork mounting and filters wheel, the position encoders. ... Where N( ) is output signal photometer generated input light flux F( l ) . ... PMT # . 599 . ...
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17. William Herschel
... Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh BT61 9DG, +44 (0)28 3752 2928 . Portrait of Sir William Herschel (1738-1822) Royal Astronomical Society . Probably the most famous astronomer of the 18th century, Sir William Herschel discovered, in addition to the planet Uranus, many new nebulae, clusters of stars and binary stars. ... Other Herschel Family Portraits . Mirror by Herschel . Return to A Short History of Armagh Observatory . Last Revised: 2009 November 23rd . ...
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18. Parallelogram-shaped tilings of the TF plane
Next: The pyramidal (multi-resolution) CCT Up: Multiple Mother Chirplets: The Previous: Pyramidal (multiresolution) true-rectangular TF . The method of multiple windows may be extended further to the chirplet framework. This further extension makes use of the same families of multiple windows that are used in the Thomson method, and that we first extended to the true rectangular tiling of the TF plane, but instead they will now be used within the context of the operators of Table 1. ...
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19. Spectral energy distribution
... In brief: the frequency-dependent radiative transfer equation is solved for a dust under assumption of spherically-symmetric geometry for its distribution taking into account particle size distribution and quantum heating effects for the very small dust particles. ... Table: Model parameters for IRAS04296+3429. ... parameter . ... hot dust shell) . ... The best fit to the spectral energy distribution of IRAS04296 is shown by heavy solid line (see Table2 for details concerning parameters of the model...
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20. Welcom to CONPAS workshop
... Dr. Ravil Nazirov is the head of the workshop, and Andrew Ananjev is the secretary of the workshop. ... The workshop is used to be held in the last decade of the month, preferably on Tuesdays. ... The next session will take place October 29, 1996 . ... There is "CONPAS" mailing list which you can join to discuss issues of problem solving and to be automatically notified of important dates and decisions with respect to the coming sessions. ... Secretary of the Workshop: Andrew Ananjev . ...
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