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1. Description
... This task creates a copy of an input PN ODF Auxiliary File, with the first table containing additional columns corresponding to the Second Binary Table of the Auxiliary File. ... The first table in the new dataset will form the new combined table, and implicitly contains a copy of the First Binary Table. Combining the data in the Second Binary Table is relatively complex. The combination is based on the two common columns across the tables, the CYCLE column and the QUADRANT column. ...
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2. STDA files
... The file names' construction . The flight (m) stage's file set . ... the orbital data used for the flight operation monthly (m) long-term planning, . ... The orbital calculations are based on the initial orbital data determined by KIAM RAN using the orbital radio- measurement treatment. The determined initial orbital data are presented as a state vector (satellite position and velocity) in the J2000 reference. ... Accept the file with extension '.bgr', where the Moscow time (MT=UT+3h) is used. ...
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3. Description of SED models
... FTP access the basic models is here . ... Below, we put short descriptions of the used SED models for the photometric redshifts providing by the current server . ... The uniqueness of this model consists in expanding to the near IR (NIR) of Rocca-Volmerange and Guiderdoni's (1988) atlas of synthetic spectra with a revised stellar library, which includes parameters of cool stars. ... Homepage of the GISSEL model). ... Another model used earlier is the model of synthetic spectra of Poggianti (1997). ...
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4. Description of the RadioAstron project, english version
... They are concerned with Attitude Control System of the spacecraft, satellite visibility from tracking stations, limits on the satellite autonomous operations during the orbit, and needs for auxiliary operations with the spacecraft. ... Among the operational constraints the most important one is the number of programmed slews per orbit, which determines the maximum number of radio sources to be observed during one orbit. ... System temperature (K) . ... Progress of the RadioAstron Project in Pictures...
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5. DFS commissioning: integration acceptance meeting
... NEWS . WHEN : typically 3 weeks before the official deadline , i.e. date by which the new DFS release has to be operational on the mountain. ... complete list of performed tests. ... description of the new bugs raised during this Integration phase. ... HOW: Integration Acceptance meeting at DFS level with: . ... If needed, specific Integration acceptance meetings at DFS project level and SCCB meetings may be organized to prepare this Integration acceptance meeting. Before this meeting, . ...
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6. General description of the database
It is a matter of common knowledge that in processes of genesis and evolution of many solar phenomena participate magnetic fields of sunspots. ... As a basis for formation of the database we take data on magnetic fields, collected by set of observatories during many years of observations. ... Section "Magnetic field data" contains data of magnetic field observation for separate sunspots, presented in standard text format (ASCII). ... Description of structure of these files is presented here . ...
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7. Description of the Keywords
Next: Format of the Up: Auxiliary Data Previous: Auxiliary Data . ... CLDDIM(1) = `START' . CLDDIM(2) = `STEP' . CLDDIM(3) = `NPIX' . ... Coefficients for the continuum . ... CLDCT/R/1/6 : . continuum = CLDCT (i) . Option for the calculation of the absorption coefficients . CLDOP(1) = ``value'' . the value ``0'' will give Maxwellian absorption line profiles . the value ``1'' will give Voigtian absorption line profiles . Table: Use of the Keywords . ...
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8. Description of algorithm
... The procedure of radiometer signal integration can be considered as a sort of reducing dimension of the initial sampling space, where the samples are the result of analog-to-digital conversion. ... The probability distribution of the signal and spikes is completely known. ... The quality of the considered algorithm could be also illustrated by Figure 2 . ... One could see the considered adaptive algorithm is preferable even by low degree of compression, because all spikes have been depressed. ...
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9. A Computer-Based Technique for Automatic Description and Classification of
... A technique allowing automatic representation by a relatively small number of independent parameters based on the principal component analysis of data sequences is presented. ... In recent years the spectrum of observed astronomical data can be characterized as greatly varied. ... In this instance, the problem of initial description and classification of newly-observed data becomes most urgent, especially if there is a lack of preliminary observational material and theoretical expectations. ...
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10. GALFA System Description
Section I: Introduction to ALFA and GALFA . Section II: System Description . ... ALFA receives 7 beams, 2 polarizations per beam, each covering 1225-1525 MHz. The 14 IF signals cover nominally the 100 to 400 MHz band. ... A high-resolution, low-bandwidth spectrometer (8K channels covering a 7 MHz bandwidth) . ... Each spectrometer board handles two polarizations from one telescope beam.The baseband signals are to be digitized by four 8-bit ADCs at 100 Msamples/sec. ... Bandwidth: . ...
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11. Long description of example of cell background calculation
This diagram shows the six superimposed "layers" of the CSS table model. This diagram illustrates the algorithm for calculating a cell's final background. ... The diagram shows how, looking down on the six rectangles, one may compute the background color of each cell. ... A cell without a background color in the top layer is depicted as a "window" onto the lower layers, which give its final background color. ...
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12. The Chandra Multiwavelength Project (ChaMP) - Spectra
... are preliminary IAU-style names for ChaMP objects. Finalization of names awaits the final systematization of optical coordinates and source identification. ... The yellow regions highlight atmospheric telluric bands at ~6900A and ~7600A. The optical ID, X-ray ID, classification, and redshift are given at the top of each plot, and a series of lines are shown that are often found in sources of that given classification. ... HS limit? ... g' band magnitude; calibrated SExtractor Kron mag or limit . ...
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13. Database of Optical Constants -- Level: welcome
The database contains references to the papers, data files and links to the Internet resources related to measurements and calculations of the optical constants in the wavelength interval from X-rays to radio domain. ... References to some useful books and reviews on the subject (e.g. the classical handbooks edited by E.D.Palik) and links to Internet collections of optical constants and personal WWW pages with related software were also placed in the database. You have arrived at our welcome page. ...
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14. SAI OCL Catalog Description
... Description . Catalog . ... In the Catalog, we publish equatorial (ЮБ 2000 , ЮД 2000 ) and galactic (l,b) coordinates of cluster centers derived as the position of overdensity in 2MASS catalog (Koposov et al. ... Distances, color-excesses and ages are the mean-square values calculated using all available evaluations from different color-magnitude diagrams. ... There are individual pages for every cluster where all available plots and parameters are published. ... 2002). ...
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... There are five standard data formats for HSP data. ... The datasets contain a standard header packet , a unique data log , and one to four science data files (and corresponding data quality files). ... HSP Data Files . ... Science data, digital sky .d2h/.d2d . ... Each of the science data files has a corresponding quality file that contains single-precision floating point values. ... The HSP calibration program, calhsp , generates the calibrated file for each corresponding raw science data file. ...
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16. RTT150 Technical Description
RTT150 . Russian-Turkish 1.5-m Telescope . ... Until 2002 observations were mostly performed with ST-8E CCD in the 1:7.7 Cassegrain focus. ... In April, 2003 telescope was equipped with a larger-size CCD Andor DW436 . ... 2048 x 2048 pixels, . ... Since summer of 2002 the main focal detector of the RTT150 telescope was AP47p CCD in 1:7.7 Cassegrain focus. ... During September 3-13, 2002 works on installation of new autoguiding system ( photo 1 ) were carried out on RTT150 telescope. ...
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... A file upload element on an HTML form. ... JavaScript 1.1: added type property . ... The HTML INPUT tag, with "file" as the value of the TYPE attribute. For a given form, the JavaScript runtime engine creates appropriate FileUpload objects and puts these objects in the elements array of the corresponding Form object. ... form . ... For all FileUpload objects, the value of the type property is "file" . ... Use the value property to obtain the file name that the user typed into a FileUpload object. ...
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18. DUST: dustiface.h File Reference
... dust_AbsXSec . Absorption Cross section. typedef void . ... Calculates the equilibrium temperature given the absorption cross section and a radiation field. double . ... Calculates the absortion cross section of a species/size of dust grain . ... The grain absorption cross section . ... The absorption cross section of the grain . ... Calculates the equilibrium emission at wavelength lambda from a (large) grain at temperature T and with absorption cross section xsection. double dust_EquiT . ...
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... On-line Data . ... The program enables to find out the exact present Earth coordinates of the international space station and "Shuttle". ... J-Track - this program is similar to the previous one, however it knows how to display images and orbits of space vehicles. ... NASA SkyWatch - a program for those, who are fond of watching artificial space objects through the telescope, field - glass or with the unaided eye. ... Info: Industry news On-line Data Company ATLAS news Events We in press Contact . ...
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20. POLIMODEL (V1.00) --- April99 --- POLIMODEL (V1.00)
polimodel -- Produce model linear polarization and position angle images . ... Whether to apply random errors to output polarization and position angle values. seed = "" [integer] . ... This task produces a model linear polarization image and corresponding position angle image from an input image assumed to represent intensity (Stokes I parameter). ... A threshold for the input image can be defined such that polarization and position angle are not computed for input values less than this threshold. ...
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