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1. APOD: 2002 June 20 - Bright Galaxy M81
... 2002 June 20 . Bright Galaxy M81 . ... Explanation: Big and beautiful spiral galaxy M81 , in the northern constellation Ursa Major , is one of the brightest galaxies visible in the skies of planet Earth. This superbly detailed view reveals its bright nucleus, grand spiral arms and sweeping cosmic dust lanes with a scale comparable to the Milky Way . ... The errant dust lane may be the lingering result of a close encounter between M81 and its smaller companion galaxy, M82 . ... About APOD | ...
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Image scaling renders maximum visible detail Full data range Black: -207 White: 16143 Automatically setting the smallest image value to be black and the highest value to white can force important areas of the image to be rendered invisible. ... Resulting combined image Combining separate exposures to produce a color image Separate filter images Grayscale [HeII] F469N [OIII] F502N H F656N [NII] F658N Colorized Resulting color composite Separate images are exposed through different color filters. ...
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3. An Orion of a Different Color
... An Orion of a Different Color . ... It is a familiar object though, the grand stellar nursery known as the Orion Nebula . But the striking picture combines images taken through three separate filters, each designed to record different emission lines - light from Sulfur, Oxygen, and Hydrogen atoms glowing in the tenuous nebular gas. At such low densities , Sulfur and Hydrogen atoms emit red colors while Oxygen glows green. ... Publications with keywords: Orion Nebula . ... The Heart Of Orion . ...
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4. Mike Bessell, MSSSO - Images
Most of these images were obtained by Mike Bessell, Michelle Buxton, Hwankyung Sung, Ralph Sutherland and Bob Watson at SSO using a 2Kx2K Site CCD behind a Nikon or Hasselblad lens or directly on the 1m telescope. A few images are from the Hubble Space Telescope. Some of the M42 images were obtained with the KPNO 1m and ESO NTT telescope. One image is a mosaic of IRAS images. ... Details of the CCD imaging program at MSSSO. ... antenna.jpg (53KB) . ... ngc6744.jpg (59KB) . ...
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5. Low Surface Brightness Galaxy Gallery
In this gallery are many images of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies which have recently been discovered and analyzed. ... The central surface brightness of this galaxy is 24.28 . Malin 2 This galaxy is another huge disk galaxy with a scale length of 15 kpc and a redshift of 15000 km/a. The high surface brightness knot in one of its spiral arms actually has the same color, luminosity and H-alpha equivalent width as the entire Large Magellanic Cloud . ... Truly it is a Low Surface Brightness Galaxy. ...
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6. APOD: 2000 June 21 - Solstice Celebration
... 2000 June 21 . Solstice Celebration . ... Each individual image highlights a different temperature regime in the upper solar atmosphere and was assigned a specific color; red at 2 million, green at 1.5 million, and blue at 1 million degrees C. The combined image shows bright active regions strewn across the solar disk, which would otherwise appear as dark groups of sunspots in visible light images, along with some magnificent plasma loops and an immense prominence at the righthand solar limb. ...
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7. Mars pictures from Stellafane by Paul Valleli
Images and text 2003 Paul Valleli . While up at Stellafane for pre-convention preparations, I spent some early morning times, experimenting with different videography setups on the 13" F/10 Schupmann at the McGregor Observatory. ... Mars was too bright and would have required neutral density filters. ... Next time, I will try 12mm and 9mm projections. ... I aquired about ten thousand frames by 3AM, at which time a breeze picked up and the seeing went to Hellas! ... 2003 Paul Valleli . ...
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... STScI-PRC95-45a CRUCIBLE OF CREATION: PANORAMIC HUBBLE MOSAIC ZOOMS IN ON MAELSTROM OF STAR BIRTH This spectacular color panorama of the center the Orion nebula is one of the largest pictures ever assembled from individual images taken with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. ... Though this 2.5 light-years wide view is still a small portion of the entire nebula, it includes almost all of the light from the bright glowing clouds of gas and a star cluster associated with the nebula. ...
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. The image is a composite of separate exposures made by the WFC3 instrument on the Hubble Space Telescope. Three filters were used to sample broad wavelength ranges in the near infrared. The color results from assigning different hues (colors) to each monochromatic image. In this case, the assigned colors are: F105W (Y) blue; F125W (J) green; F160W (H) red. NASA/ESA/G. Illingworth/R. Bouwens/ HUDF09 Team
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10. The Spectrophotometrical complex in Nasmyth-1 focus
The spectrophotometrical complex of the 6-m telescope in Nasmyth-1 focus . ... A new sample of 360 blue compact galaxies with a strong star formation was build on the base of the Second Byurakan Survey. ... More that 20 galaxies with the extremely low-abundances of heavy elements in the range of 1/30-1/10 of the Sun's one, were found. ... During the 15-years observation term near 500 spectra of the unique source SS~433, from which the relativistic jets were found for the first time, were obtained. ...
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11. ATNF Daily Astronomy Picture
... The vast, distorted gas disk of NGC 300 . ... This colourful picture of NGC 300, a medium-sized spiral galaxy in the nearby Sculptor Group, combines two separate data sets: an optical image (from the Digitized Sky Survey) showing mainly young, blue stars along the galaxy's spiral arms, and a radio image from the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) that shows the galaxy's extended neutral hydrogen disc (shown in red) . ... today * ATNF | ...
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12. Astrophysics Group COAST File Archive
... Astrophysics Group . ... COAST . COAST File Archive . ... See below for images (all GIF or JPEG format) and other files related to: . ... colour version of the 95/09/13 Capella image (830nm) . ... black and white version of the 95/09/13 Capella image (830nm) . ... speckle image of Capella taken at the WHT by members of the COAST group at 700nm on 1992/01/18 . ... photograph of a COAST telescope . another photograph of a COAST telescope . ... photograph of COAST with four telescopes . ...
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13. SKA-3 Results Page
SKA-3 instrument consists of two energy-angle ( EA ) electrostatic analyzers and two energy-mass ( EM ) time-of-flight analyzers. ... Here you can find more details about SKA-3 instrumentation set. ... Case 218 . ... satellite's trajectory in geomagnetic frame ( blue coloured), UFSIPS scan location and observation moment ( red coloured), interval of the SKA-3 observations ( green coloured) . ... a view of the Nothern polar region at the moment of UFSIPS observations, the scan location is red coloured. ...
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14. Data bases of Natural Satellites. Documentation. Structure
Databases (NSDC) of the Natural Planetary Satellites. ... NSDC: Database of astrometric observations of Natural Planetary Satellites . ... They are thoroughly looking for observations in different sources, creating their owndatabases which are then mostly inaccessible to other researchers. ... In the file "content" with explications, the reference is given to the data source as well as the bibliographic reference. ... Data sources. ... Why a specific bibliographic database for Natural satellites? ...
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15. Pluto Picture List
Pluto surface details from HST 29k jpg ; 62k gif ; 194k jpg ( caption ) . Pluto surface map (from above HST images) 108k gif ; 218k jpg ( caption ) . ... two maps of Pluto's surface brightness 131k jpg . HST view of Pluto and Charon (FOC/COSTAR) 10k jpg ; 19k gif . ... HST image of Pluto (pre COSTAR) 147k gif ; 27k jpg . Charon discovery image (showing elongation of Pluto's image) 476k jpg . ... Pluto and Charon 144k gif . Pluto/Charon from NOT 36k gif . ... Pictures .. ...
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16. XMM-Newton Trainee Project 2004
... Data Analysis SAS News What is SAS? ... Calibration & Background Calibration Background Analysis . ... This document describes one of the projects assigned to me as part of my Young Graduate Trainee placement at ESAC, Spain. ... One project as part of placement involves the development of a new software task, which will form part of the general XMM-Newton scientific analysis package, SAS. ... The problem, however, lies in the way the data are binned in the original SAS process. ...
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17. ADASS 2002 Conference Proceedings
... ClassX is a project aimed at creating an automated system to classify X-ray sources and is envisaged as a prototype of the Virtual Observatory. ... The most fundamental are: (a) classification methods and algorithms, (b) selection and definition of classes (object types), and (c) identification of source counterparts across multi-wavelength data. ... Using different sets of training parameters (attributes), we get different classifiers for the same list of class names (e.g., Figure 1). ...
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18. VISTA ETC - Exposure Time Calculator
... Exposure Time Calculator (ETC) . ... ESO - Public Surveys . ... the recommended values to use for DIT, . ... Detector on-chip integration (DIT): seconds. to your chosen value - a separate page gives recommended values to use for DIT - for modes 1 and 2 below you may wish to start with the maximum recommended values as these will minimize the effect of read noise (a total object exposure of Y secs with DIT=X secs will produce Y/X lots of read noise) and give you a lower limit on the time needed. ...
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EIGHTEENTH CREW . ... NASDю Astronaut, Japan . ... From March 1992 to August 1993 he completed one year of general space training (as an astronaut candidate of NASA 14-th selection) at the Johnson Space Center, USA and was qualified as a Mission Specialist on the Space Shuttle. ... From August 26 to September 6, 2002 Koichi Wakata took part in trainings (under the program of flights to the International Space Station -ISS) based on the European Astronaut Centre - EAC, Cologne in Germany. ...
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20. The hidden fires of the Flame Nebula* | ESO
... Science User Portal . ... ESO, the European Southern Observatory . ... Travel and Contacts . Travel to ESO Headquarters . ... Survey Telescopes . ... Star Clusters . ... FLAMES . ... 100 Hours of Astronomy . ... IMAX€о 3D Film Hidden Universe . ... This image, the first to be released publicly from VISTA, the worldтАЩs largest survey telescope, shows the spectacular star-forming region known as the Flame Nebula, or NGC 2024, in the constellation of Orion (the Hunter) and its surroundings. ...
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