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STScI . HST . ... Data . ... Research . ... Calibration . ... Cycle 11 Call for Proposals / WFPC2 Outsourcing Candidates . ... NASA and The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) are pleased to announce the Cycle 11 Call for Proposals for Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Observations, Archival Research and Theoretical Research. ... These funded groups would be contracted to analyze the calibration data and document the results, which would then be made available to the GO community by STScI. ...
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2. CIMA Software Components
CIMA is more than just the observing tool - in fact, the observing tool is just a part of a bigger package called the CIMA software package. ... There is also a another package called the CIMA WAPP software which contains the WAPP software, the special Tcl/Tk interpreter used by CIMA and support libraries. ... All CIMA software components recognize the following general options that are part of the CIMA version selection system: . ... The select_cima script can be used to set up a default version. ...
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3. Documentation: Backup of DFO and QC machines
home . ... The information on this page applies to the following DFO operational machines: . ... Home directories for the operational instrument accounts (as well as other important home directories such as quality, flowmgr etc) are served to the DFO Blade nodes and the QC cluster nodes via NFS from hrs01 . ... Since 2008-10-07 , the entire /ots directory structure (i.e. including these two vital home directory systems) is backed up to the Backup Server bu2 using the ONANU.backup script . ...
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4. Apache module mod_vhost_alias
This module provides support for dynamically configured mass virtual hosting . ... Source File: mod_vhost_alias.c . ... For simple name-based virtual hosts you might use the following directives in your server configuration file: UseCanonicalName Off VirtualDocumentRoot /usr/local/apache/vhosts/%0 . A request for will be satisfied by the file /usr/local/apache/vhosts/ . ... Module: mod_vhost_alias . ...
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5. mod_vhost_alias - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 . ... For example, the following configuration will map /cgi-bin/ to /usr/local/apache2/cgi-bin/ in all cases: . ... A request for will be satisfied by the file /usr/local/apache/vhosts/ . ... A request for will be satisfied by the file /usr/local/apache/vhosts/ . ...
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6. mod_userdir - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 . ... User-specific directories . ... A request for will be translated to: . ... . ... . ... With a request for , will try to find the page at ~bob/public_html/one/two.html first, then /usr/web/bob/one/two.html , and finally it will send a redirect to . ...
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7. Database of Optical Constants -- Level: welcome
The database contains references to the papers, data files and links to the Internet resources related to measurements and calculations of the optical constants in the wavelength interval from X-rays to radio domain. ... References to some useful books and reviews on the subject (e.g. the classical handbooks edited by E.D.Palik) and links to Internet collections of optical constants and personal WWW pages with related software were also placed in the database. You have arrived at our welcome page. ...
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8. casacore: Utilities_module
... Classes . ... Classes and global functions for general use. ... Binary search a sorted, linear, data structure. ... casa::Copy_global_functions_throw . ... Internal Utilities_module classes and functions. ... This module is a bag of unrelated mini-modules, classes and global functions. ... A signature for comparison functions is defined (required for comparison functions used in the Sort class), and one such function is provided. objcopy/objmove/objset copies objects from one place to another. ...
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9. Inference of Coefficients for Use in Phase Correction Bojan Nikolic web pages
... Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329) . ... We present a Bayesian approach to calculating the coefficients that convert the outputs of ALMA 183 GHz water-vapour radiometers into estimates of path fluctuations that can be used to correct the observed interferometric visibilities. ... Inference of Coefficients for Use in Phase Correction . ... Simulating Atmospheric Phase Errors, Phase Correction and the Impact on ALMA Science . ... Copyright 2005 -- 2016, Bojan Nikolic feedback welcome ...
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10. Example of using anonymous ftp
To connect to the anonymous ftp server at the Univerity of Edinburgh and list the files in the login directory: ftp> open Connected to ... If you experience any problems with this service or wish to make a comment then send email to: 220 The date and time is Fri May 16 16:13:03 1995 Name (ftp.ed:erpl08): anonymous 331 Guest login ok, send your email address as password. ...
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11. The Images Menu
The following options are available via the file menu: . Display File Browser . ... XDir then can be used to send image file names to SAOtng for display. ... Regardless of the original image file format, SAOtng maintains a FITS image of the displayed image section in its memory. ... Pressing carriage return in the text window or clicking the OK button will cause SAOtng to store the current display frame in GIF format. ... Re-extract an image section from the current image file and re-display it. ...
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12. IDL programs
... This program was created for correlating chosen regions in the series of fts images. ... Chosen regions' . ... In this section the program counts the integral for each region of the grid for each image. ... As a matter of fact, the integral is total brightness of the region and it is counted by 'int_tabulated' IDL function. ... In addition, the program will show the count of the regions which correlate with the corresponding region (the brighter region means the bigger count) and its contour. ...
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13. Index of /groups/cluster/CEP/RADVEL
... 110-114 F5.2 mas/year s_mu_ra Error of RA proper motion 116-120 F5.2 mas/year s_mu_dec Error of Decl proper motion 122-122 I1 --- Src Proper motion source (2) 125-129 F5.2 --- Corr PM errors correlation coefficient 133-138 F6.2 mas Pi HIPPARCOS parallax 140-144 F4.2 mas Pi_err Parallax error 147-152 I6 --- Hip_no HIPPARCOS number ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note (1) Sources of radial velocity data: 1 Moscow group measurements (Sov.Astron.Let., ...
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14. WW 6.0 SPICE Documents
. The following SPICE System description documents in WinWord 6.0 format are available from Mars-96 SPICE Data Archive via anonymous FTP: . SPICE System Overview (in Russian) (file naifov_r.doc), . Most Used SPICELIB Subroutines (in Russian) (file naifqr_r.doc), . SPICE System Overview (in English) (file naifov_e.doc), . Most Used SPICELIB Subroutines (in English) (file naifqr_e.doc). These documents are located in the directory pub/naif/doc . back to SPICE documentation page
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15. STDA files
... The file names' construction . The flight (m) stage's file set . ... the orbital data used for the flight operation monthly (m) long-term planning, . ... The orbital calculations are based on the initial orbital data determined by KIAM RAN using the orbital radio- measurement treatment. The determined initial orbital data are presented as a state vector (satellite position and velocity) in the J2000 reference. ... Accept the file with extension '.bgr', where the Moscow time (MT=UT+3h) is used. ...
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The Great Artist Linking Project.. There is a new area in the music archives: /pub/music/artists This area allows you to view the contents of the archives by artist. In the sub-directories under this section, you will find links to all of the other types of data available in the archives. ... Anderson Bruford Wakeman & Howe Jon Anderson solo Yes Jon and Vangelis In the directory /pub/music/artists/a/anderson.jon, you will find links for anderson.bruford.wakeman.howe, yes, and jon.and.vangelis. ...
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17. Indexing and Searching Distributed Astronomical Data Archives
... The technology needed to implement a Distributed Astronomical Data Archive (DADA) is available today (e.g., Fullton 1993). Query interface standards are needed, however, before the DADA information will be discoverable. ... These parameters would be used to index each dataset in each catalog. ... The technology is available today to perform cross-catalog queries, to fetch the data at the click of a mouse, quickly to add new observation catalogs, and to distribute the load across multiple machines. ...
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18. ANU - RSAA - 5th Stromlo Symposium Registration
... ANU Home | Search ANU | ... Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories . Symposium Registration . In order to register please send an email to with the text " 5th Stromlo Registration" in the subject field with the following information before October 15, 2006 . ... Could you please provide the following text in LaTeX to facilitate easy incorportation into the program (a template is given below)? ... Canberra in Early December . ... Canberra . ... Contact ANU . ...
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19. Meade Instruments Corp. - Meade Customer Support
... Home About Meade Product Information Dealer Locator Customer Support Investor Relations Dealer Support Employment Opportunities Site Map . Meade Instruments Corp. ... Meade Autostar Supplementary Software Downloads . ... To upgrade your Autostar first click on the link below to download the Autostar Update (ASU) Client Application for Windows. ... The most recent versions of AutoStar Update automatically check for the newest versions of the AutoStar Updater and download it if necessary. ...
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20. Spectrum v1 - Examples
In order to calculate the line profile of a given absorption line for atomic species Z with a wavelength LAMBDA (in Angstroms) and a microturbulent velocity VT (in km/s). ... mode . ... 1) The input model may contain more than one model (i.e. it may be an entire grid of models). Spectrum will cycle through this grid NMOD times, omitting NSKIP-1 models from the . ... However, the input data following MODE must be repeated NMOD times in order to obtain equivalent results for each model in the grid. ...
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