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1. CIMA Frequently Asked Questions
Why are there different versions of CIMA? Which version of CIMA should I choose? ... There is no CIMA log in my project directory --- what happened? ... If You are a normal, happy observer, You should choose the CIMA version with the highest version number, since that version contains the latest improvements and bug fixes. ... This means that programs like the data quick-look display and various ALFA instrument displays all exist in several versions just like the CIMA observing session itself. ...
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2. Frequently Asked Questions
... Staff . Research staff . ... Research . ... Library . ... Who may have access to the Library? ... Or You contact the Library Staff ( This email address is being protected from spambots. ... You can borrow the books you need, but you have to leave them in your office at the disposition of the Library Staff. ... However library staff has access to the borrowed books at anytime. ... If you have further questions, please contact the Library Staff ( This email address is being protected from spambots. ...
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3. Why Asteroid 2008 TC3 Represents a Landmark - Dr David Asher, from Armagh
... A hundred years later, a handful of Tunguska-sized asteroids have been spotted by telescopes, but most remain unseen. The asteroid designated 2008 TC3 , which made the news on October 6th before colliding with the Earth on October 7th was too small to constitute a part of the "Earth impact hazard". ... 2008 TC3, for example, finally exploded in the atmosphere above Sudan . ... Wednesday, 8 October 2008 01:15 . International Year of Astronomy, Ireland National Node . ...
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4. Pink Black Holes: Frequently Asked Questions
... We have measured this "redshift" for the pink black holes, and allowed for it in our calculations. ... We see this effect in the emission from gas around these pink black holes, but it is far too small an effect to account for the pinkness. Thus the swirling motions of gas around or into the black holes cannot produc the colour. ... At first we thought that these things were normal blue black holes hidden behind clouds of interstellar dust, that absorbed the blue light and made them appear pink. ...
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RUNAWAY On the street where you live girls talk about their social lives. ... Ooh, she's a little runaway. Daddy's girl learned fast all those things he couldn't say. ... See you out on the streets, call me for a wild time. ... There's only pictures hung in the shadows left there to look at you. You know she likes the lights at nights on the neon Broadway signs She don't really mind, it's only love she hoped to find. ... Daddy's girl learned fast, now she works the night away. ...
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6. ESO - Is it possible to calibrate the visibility data of our object with a
... Science Users Information > Data Handling and Products > Data Reduction FAQ > Is it possible to calibrate the visibility data of our object with a calibrator observed in another mode? ... Observing Facilities . ... Observing with ESO Telescopes . ... Observing Tools and Services . ... ESO-MIDAS . ... Data Handling and Products . ... Data Pipelines and Calibrations . ... ESO Data . ... ESO Data Access Policy . ... The calibrator data should be reduced using MIA in HIGH_SENS mode (mode "D"). ...
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7. Hidden Hollow 2008 Barbara Hubal
... Barbara Hubal . ... Michael Abrams . ... Hidden Hollow 2008 . ... Online Registration . Mail-in Registration . ... May 2 - 4, 2008 . ... And the scope in question is not just an "ordinary" one, but one t hat one that was awarded, for having three separate "innovative components" at Stellefane, in 2007. ... If you've ever built a telescope, thought of building one, or just admired the beauty and creativity of an ATM you've seen, Michael's talk is a must-see! BDH/TJP 12-Feb-2008 ...
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8. Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial
Cosmology, Religion & Kansas . ... Cosmology is the study of the origin, current state, and future of our Universe. ... My cosmology tutorial is an attempt to summarize these discoveries. ... These measurements of very small CMB temperature fluctuations over 1% of the sky with a beam size 40 times smaller than COBE's 7 o beam confirm earlier work by a group at Penn & Princeton and data from BOOMERanG's test flight, but provide 3 to 4 times more accuracy. ... Ned Wright's Home Page . ...
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9. Archive for February
I added a new directory search to Zope, which returns the important fields for an individual user. ... I finished changes to the ldap search product and asked it to be moved to production. ... I ran some reports to track down our problem childrenin Active Directory. ... I'm working on a fix to the employee update sscript. ... The problem with the employee update script proved to be more elusive than I thought. ... I finished changing the employee update script to remove employees who have left. ...
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10. Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: Bad News
... What's New? Bad Astronomy . ... News . ... Bitesize Astronomy . ... But in the January 18, 1998 issue of Parade , she really is wrong, and also did not answer the question asked of her. ... If he jumps off a big rock just before he hits the ground, he "stands a good chance of being only a couple of feet in the air at the time of impact [of the rock]". ... Just because you are not falling relative to the rock doesn't mean you aren't still falling relative to the ground! ... 2008 Phil Plait. ...
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11. Are smaller wheels faster?
... Some wonder if smaller wheels have less inertia and therefore give greater acceleration, while others believe that the smaller wheel has to spin faster, so it is a wash. ... The kinetic energy in the wheel is a measure of how much energy you've spent just getting the wheel to spin rather than investing that energy into the road. ... Larger wheels have less rolling resistance, for several reasons. ... So how much difference does the lower inertia of smaller wheels really make? ...
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12. NEdit Frequently Asked Questions2001/10/01
. NEdit is a popular GUI-style text editor for Unix and VMS systems. These are answers to the most frequently asked questions to This information is also available from: . <current>/FAQ, . and from the NEdit web page at: . . Where to get information . Diagnosing and reporting problems . Building . Customization . Features . Server mode and nc . Editing techniques . Bugs . About the NEdit FAQ
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13. ASP: Effecting Global Change
The night after the John Glenn program, I pitched the terraforming idea to my students. I asked them if they'd like to terraform Mars as a big class project; I wanted to throw the idea to them and see how they would react. Already I had a vision of splitting the class into several groups and having each group take charge of a portion of the project. ... Following my initial idea on how to conduct the project, I split the class into six groups, each student choosing his or her group. ...
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... This is perhaps the most common question asked by visitors to the planetarium. ... This is known as the Drake Equation and reads as follows: N = R* fp ne fl fi fc L N is the number of communicating civilizations in the galaxy R* represents the average rate of star formation in the Milky Way Galaxy fp is the fraction of those stars that have planets around them ne is the number of planets per star that are capable of sustaining life fl is the fraction of planets in ne where life ...
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15. APOD: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
... A1: APOD stands for the Astronomy Picture of the Day . ... The text and links for rerun pictures will make use of this newly available information. ... Will you use it? A5: We can't promise to use it but we do strongly encourage picture submissions to APOD. ... Q6: Can I use an APOD picture for my computer-screen background? ... NASA has archived literally hundreds of thousands of space and astronomy related pictures and APOD readers have come to submit many images for our consideration. ...
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16. XWare > APOD
... Tyrrhenian Sea and Solstice Sky . ... Today the solstice occurs at 23:03 Universal Time, the Sun reaching its southernmost declination in planet Earth's sky. ... NGC 7331 and Beyond . ... How do stars form? Images of the star forming region W5 like those in the infrared by NASA's Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) satellite provide clear clues with indications that massive stars near the center of empty cavities are older than stars near the edges. ... The Infrared Visible Andromeda . ...
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Program: CREATE Purpose: Creates a SET (and subsets) Category: UTILITY File: create.shl Author: K.G. Begeman Keywords: OUTSET= Name of set to create. ... N] This keyword is asked only when the set you want to create already exists. ... This item will be put in the header and will determine the coordinate system CTYPE1= Enter axis name of first axis [stop axis input] For the n_th axis the keyword will be CTYPEn=, like all the following keywords NAXIS1= Size of axis in grids. ...
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Sharing the Vision Johnson Space Center employees strive every day to deliver NASA's message of exploration to the community, the country and the world. ... NASA Brain Bites Does your brain need a snack? If so, go find a NASA Brain Bite. ... NASA's Digital Learning Network brings space back to school By JSC's Education and Student Program's Branch Rocket Science at Home Rocket Science at Home (RSAH), an offshoot of NASA Brain Bites, is designed to help kids explore rocket science. ...
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S.P. Korolev Rocket-Space Corporation Energia hosted training sessions under the crew training program for the International Space Station expeditions. The Corporation specialists introduced Russian cosmonauts M. Serov, Y. Serova and N. Tikhonov to special features of the structure and operational use of combined propulsion system for transport manned space vehicle Soyuz TMA, answered the questions asked by the cosmonauts in the course of the sessions. ...
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... Interested families prepare their homes or interest place, presents and entertainment for the party because birthday is celebrated with a party. ... friendsat school and they vare very happy because they can celebrate guest's birthdayand play all the afternoon or all the evening. ... When it is in the evening, there is a dinner with only best-friends at guest's home or, usually, at fast-food or at pizzeria. ... After dinner, at six o'clock, friends go to guest's home with a present. ... Home page | ...
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