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1. Informational system "Evolution of RG"
The project of the informational system creation on the problem of evolution of radio galaxies, as a part of the "Big Trio" project aimed on studing of distant radio galaxies, is designed. This system allows a user to operate with simulated curves of spectral energy distributions (SED) to estimate ages and redshifts by photometry data. Authors use SEDs of several models for different types of galaxies. ... The HTTP and e-mail access is organized to this system. ...
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2. Space Astronomy Summer Program
... Staff Research . Summer Students . ... Each summer, the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) brings about a dozen highly motivated college students to Baltimore, Maryland, for a Space Astronomy Summer Program (SASP). ... The program affords students the opportunity to attend lectures on a variety of exciting topics related to space astronomy, the Hubble , and James Webb Space Telescopes. ... The STScI Space Astronomy Summer Program (SASP) has three broad goals for our student participants. ...
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3. Pattern support
... Different RMFs may be created by the task for single (pattern 0), double (patterns 1-4), triple (patterns 5-8), quadruple (patterns 9-12), single plus double and single plus double plus triple plus quadruple events. ... The current standard practise is to use singles, doubles or singles plus doubles for Epic-PN and singles or singles plus double plus triple plus quadruple for Epic-MOS but see XMM-SOC-PS-TN-0043 for more details. ...
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4. Installing Support Files
GTK+ / Gnome Application Development . ... gnome _hello_helpdir = $( datadir )/ gnome / help / gnome-hello /C gnome _hello_ help _DATA = \ gnome -hello.html \ topic.dat SGML_ FILES = \ gnome -hello.sgml # files that aren't in a binary/data/library target have to be listed here # to be included in the tarball when you 'make dist' EXTRA_DIST ... In particular notice the install directory for the generated HTML files: $(datadir)/gnome/help/gnome-hello/C . ... Gnome Application Basics ...
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5. fitsreport
... This tool is designed to create formatted and unformatted file-by-file reports from fits headers, or fits files. fitsreport reads from a configuration file all the keys to be displayed: . ... retrieve non-FITS information (file name, path name). ... The tool reads all fits files in the given path, evaluates the configuration file fitsreport_raw.cfg (to be in ${DFO_CONFIG_DIR}) and dumps the output into out. ... This is more evident in the other config file, fitsreport_raw.cfg. ...
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6. Second: Create a session on the correlator control computer lbaccc
... ATNF Home . ... About ATNF overview . ... Australia Telescope Steering Committee . ... Next: Third: Create a session Up: Starting up correlator control Previous: First: Log on to б  Contents . Both the correlator interface and the correlator spectra display program are run from lbaccc . ... lbaccc . ... A more complete explanation of SPD, including available commands, is found in Appendix C. Next: Third: Create a session Up: Starting up correlator control Previous: First: Log on to б  Contents . ...
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7. Appendix D. GLX Support
Appendix D. GLX Support . ... This release supports GLX 1.4. ... Unofficial GLX protocol support exists in NVIDIA's GLX client and GLX server implementations for the following OpenGL extensions: . ... Until the GLX protocol for these OpenGL extensions is finalized, using these extensions through GLX indirect rendering will require the AllowUnofficialGLXProtocol X configuration option, and the __GL_ALLOW_UNOFFICIAL_PROTOCOL environment variable in the environment of the client application. ...
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8. Galaxy chemical evolution
. Head of the project is A.F.Kholtygin . E-Mails: . afkholtygin <at> (A.F.Kholtygin) . yu.mi <at> (Yu.V.Milanova) . Please insert @ instead <at> for connection .
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9. SSAU will create sandwich materials
... Educational programs (English) . ... SSAU History . ... On June 11 Heinz Palkovski, Director of Institute of Metallurgy from Germany conducted a lecture on Preparation, testing and use of sandwich materials . ... The very same material is a sandwich, where the base and the filler arranged in layers of a certain thickness. ... Professor Heinz Palkovski is currently engaged in research of sandwich materials and his lecture was devoted to this theme. ... Tags: heinz palkovski lecture sandwich materials...
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10. Support / Contact Us / Contact Us / Meade Instruments
STEP INTO THE BLUE - MEADE INSTRUMENTS PRODUCT GUIDE . ... Meade Instruments . ... Telescopes . LX850 Series . ... Superb optical performance coupled with time proven computerized pointing and tracking has made the LX200 ACF series a best-seller in the high-performance telescope class. ... Meade's revolutionary LS LightSwitchтДв series of telescopes use advanced technologies to do what no other consumer telescopes have done before: take all the hassle out of using a telescope. ... Support . ...
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11. Primary mirror support
... The axial support is provided by 78 air pistons. ... The transverse support is provided by 38 air pistons, supported by cantilevers from the mirror cell, that act on the mirror local center of gravity surface. ... The locations where the transverse mirror support forces should be applied to the mirror are listed in Table 1 and illustrated in Figure 1. ... Figure 1: CAD drawing showing the 2.5-m primary mirror and the locations of the transverse support posts (black) and axial pneumatic pistons (blue...
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12. Zen: sncat design
Hide Zen home . ... - convert old catalog to table sn . ... CREATE TABLE cats ( id integer PRIMARY KEY, name text ); -- a list of properties of galaxy CREATE TABLE properties ( id integer PRIMARY KEY, name text ); CREATE TABLE galaxy ( id integer PRIMARY KEY, name text ); CREATE TABLE galaxy _property ( gid integer REFERENCES galaxy (id), pid integer REFERENCES properties(id), value float, UNIQUE( gid ,pid) ); CREATE t=# select * from galaxy; id | ...
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A very important stage in a story of formation of any new science is the shift from discussion of situation which are possible but do not occur in practice due to some reason to recognition of real phenomena of interest. ... We suggest to consider computer viruses as this new specific form of life which is coming in the contact with our form of life. ... Computer life has been created by human being, the role of independent evolution of computer viruses seems to be still negligible. ...
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14. Apache IP-based Virtual Host Support
See also: Name-based Virtual Hosts Support . As the term IP-based indicates, the server must have a different IP address for each IP-based virtual host . ... There are two ways of configuring apache to support multiple hosts. ... For each installation, use the Listen directive in the configuration file to select which IP address (or virtual host) that daemon services. e.g. Listen It is recommended that you use an IP address instead of a hostname (see DNS caveats ). ...
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15. Celebrate Stars Wars at the Stars Awaken Exhibition | Armagh Planetarium Events
Armagh Planetarium Events News of events at Armagh Planetarium . Planetarium Home Page . ... Written by AP_admin on March 3, 2016 in Exhibitions , Family Events . ... The Stars Awaken runs until Saturday 23 April. This is an exhibition not to be missed by any Star Wars fan, so donтАЩt forget your camera! ... Celebrate Stars Wars at the Stars Awaken Exhibition Posted on March 3, 2016 . ... Click here to receive news of special events at Armagh Planetarium . 2016 Armagh Planetarium Events. ...
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... Unlike clients such as Shout and IceDJ this permits the broadcast of live audio, rather than prerecorded mp3's. LiveIce was developed after the appearance of IceCast to provide the Real Time streaming functionality which makes it a viable solution for broadcasting. It is based on the guts of 2 of my previous works - Mp3Serv, the first mp3 broadcasting system & Mp3Mixer, a toy which allows the user to 'Mix' with mp3 streams. ... LiveIce XMMS sourcecode is available here . ...
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Reloading ...
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18. SteMaGE
... SteMaGE is a research program aimed at improving the way we measure stellar mass in galaxies, map its distribution and understand how it affects galaxy evolution. ... At each position in a galaxy the stellar mass density is computed by comparing the observed optical/NIR emission with a library of models that reproduce different SFHs and dust attenuation. ... This new standard will be used to estimate the local SMF, providing a new unbiased reference for galaxy evolution models. ...
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19. Does the time it takes different methods to create all the elements coincide
... Does the time it takes different methods to create all the elements coincide with the universeт??s accepted age? ... Illinois Urbana-Champaign) Different kinds of stars create elements at different rates, all of which are consistent with the age of the universe. Get instant access to subscriber content on! ... Registration is FREE and takes only a few seconds to complete. If you are already registered on, please log in below. ...
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20. LWN: Driver porting: supporting mmap()
... Summary page . Return to the Kernel page . ... This article is part of the LWN Porting Drivers to 2.6 series . ... int remap_page_range(struct vm_area_struct *vma, unsigned long from, unsigned long to, unsigned long size, pgprot_t prot); . ... Drivers will almost invariably call remap_page_range() from their mmap() method, where that semaphore is already held. ... int install_page(struct mm_struct *mm, struct vm_area_struct *vma, unsigned long addr, struct page *page, pgprot_t prot); . ...
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