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1. OptInt PmWiki : Documentation Index
OptInt PmWiki . Pm Wiki / . Edit Page | ... Design Documentation . ... Documentation Index . ... Just edit the pages on . ... Page variables - variables that are associated with pages . ... Wiki structure - PmWiki structural support for page organization . ... Page file format - Create wiki formatted pages in bulk and for upload to your pmwiki site . ... PmWiki philosophy - This page describes some of the ideas that guide the design and implementation of PmWiki . ... Wiki Page . ...
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2. Contributing
GTK+ 2.0 Tutorial . Prev . Next . This document, like so much other great software out there, was created for free by volunteers. If you are at all knowledgeable about any aspect of GTK that does not already have documentation, please consider contributing to this document. If you do decide to contribute, please mail your text to Tony Gale, . Also, be aware that the entirety of this document is free, and any addition by you provide must also be free. ...
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NAME ABbuilder - DFO data organization tool SYNOPSIS ABbuilder <options> where <options> are: --raw-dir directory containing raw data --cal-dir directory containing calib data --cal-ldir directory containing symbolic links to calib files --cal-list mcalib list --vcal-dir directory containing virtual products --pro-dir where pipeline products are created --ab-dir where association blocks are created --oca-rul file containing OCA rules --instrume instrument --date YYYY-MM-DD --mode { CALIB | ...
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... These objects are predefined JavaScript objects that you access through the mimeTypes array of the navigator or Plugin object: navigator.mimeTypes[ index ] where index is either an integer representing a MIME type supported by the client or a string containing the type of a MimeType object (from the MimeType.type property). ... Property . ... The Plugin object for the plug-in that is configured for the specified MIME type If the MIME type does not have a plug-in configured, enabledPlugin is null. ...
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... CREATE FULLTEXT CONFIGURATION -- create full-text configuration . CREATE FULLTEXT CONFIGURATION cfgname PARSER prsname [ LOCALE localename ] [ AS DEFAULT ]; CREATE FULLTEXT CONFIGURATION cfgname [ { PARSER prsname | ... PARSER . ... LOCALE . ... Create new configuration test with default parser and ru_RU.UTF-8 locale. CREATE FULLTEXT CONFIGURATION test PARSER default LOCALE 'ru_RU.UTF-8'; =# \dF+ test Configuration "public.test" Parser name: "pg_catalog.default" Locale: 'ru_RU.UTF-8' Token | ...
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Name: CODER Purpose: Create C-code for simple programs Category: UTILITY, COMPILE File: coder.c Author: M. Vogelaar Keywords: PROGRAM= Name of C-program: [example] Name of C-file (without extension '.c') that will be created. ... If you select OVERWRITE=N you are prompted to give a new name. ... Each application document has one line explaining the purpose of the application. ... AUTHOR= Name of Author: [default given by program] Each application document must include the name of the author. ...
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7. The File Life Cycle
The File System . This section describes how you can create new files, copy existing files, and delete obsolete files. ... RENAME to change the name of a file. ... Files can be created in several ways: text can be entered from the keyboard via the CREATE command, an editor can create a file, as can a running program, and files can be copied from other directories. ... To delete obsolete files, use the DELETE command followed by a file name or file name template (wildcards). ...
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8. SAS package documentation standards
The preferred way to document an SAS package is via LaTeX. If you created the package directory structure with the SAS package maker pkgmaker , a subdirectory called doc will have been created with partially filled out LaTeX templates. ... Also, the new structure is seamlessly integrated in the overall SAS make file mechanism so that it becomes possible to generate HTML or PostScript documentation for the whole SAS. ... The BibTeX file is called sas.bib and is pat of the package sas . ...
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9. Dynamic HTML in Communicator
... Font enhancements in Communicator include the ability to incorporate downloadable fonts into your web documents. ... The fonts are contained in a font definition file that reside on the host web server with the HTML document. ... Before you can create font definition files, make sure the fonts you wish to use in your web document are installed on your system. ... FONT> </P> . ... For more information about dynamic fonts, see: . ...
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10. Creating a filesystem
... Filesystems are created, i.e., initialized, with the mkfs љ command. ... Search for bad blocks and initialize the bad block list accordingly. -l filename . ... badblocks /dev/fd0H1440 1440 > bad-blocks . ... 1 block group . 8192 blocks per group, 8192 fragments per group . ... Then bad blocks were searched with badblocks љ , with the output redirected to a file, bad-blocks . Finally, the filesystem was created, with the bad block list initialized by whatever badblocks љ found. ...
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grdimage - Create grayshaded or colored image from a 2-D netCDF grd file grdimage grdfile -C cptfile -J parameters [ -B tickinfo ] [ -E dpi ] [ -I intensfile ] [ -K ] [ -M ] [ -O ] [ -P ] [ -R west / east / south / north [ r ] ] [ -U [/ dx / dy /][ label ] ] [ -V ] [ -X x - shift ] [ -Y y - shift ] [ -c copies ] grdimage reads a 2-D gridded file and produces a gray-shaded (or colored) map by assigning each contour interval a gray-shade (or color). ... Je lon0 / lat0 / scale (Equidistant). ...
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12. Examples of creating an archive file
To create a tarfile containing several files: tar cvf data.tar *.dat . This creates a tarfile data.tar containing all the files in the current directory which have the filename extension .dat . ... To create a tarfile of a directory: tar cvf project.tar Project Project/README Project/Makefile Project/Makefile Project/main.c Project/screen.c Project/menus.c Project/calculator.c Project/setup/configuration . ... This creates a tarfile book.tar containing the directories text and illustrations . ...
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13. Database of Optical Constants -- Level: welcome
The database contains references to the papers, data files and links to the Internet resources related to measurements and calculations of the optical constants in the wavelength interval from X-rays to radio domain. ... References to some useful books and reviews on the subject (e.g. the classical handbooks edited by E.D.Palik) and links to Internet collections of optical constants and personal WWW pages with related software were also placed in the database. You have arrived at our welcome page. ...
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14. Using Apache with Novell NetWare
This document explains how to install, configure and run Apache 1.3 under Novell NetWare 5.x and above. ... Apache 1.3 is designed to run on NetWare 5.x and above and is installed by default on all NetWare 6 servers. ... You will need to compile apache and copy the files over to the server manually. ... Follow these steps to install Apache on NetWare from the binary download (assuming you will install to sys:/apache): . ... Copy the MIME.TYPES and magic files to SYS:/APACHE/CONF directory . ...
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15. Software Maintenance Manual
... Created: 23 February 2001 . ... SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE MANUAL . ... 9 January 2001 . ... Note: in the final document, the table of contents will be to third level] . The Software Maintenance Manual describes the procedures for installation and maintenance of the software for the Gemini Near-infrared Integral Field Spectrograph (NIFS). ... Section 19.4.3 of the document “Programmatic Requirements for Gemini Instrumentation Development” states the requirements for the Software Maintenance Manual . ...
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16. *tprint* - Reading a Table File Created by imcnts
... Table files like the ones created in the section on imcnts can be displayed, printed and manipulated using the tasks contained in the stsdas.ttools package. ... sp> tables # Load the relevant package ta> tprint rp90_cnt prpar=yes # .tab extension assumed # the hidden parameter prpar is set to display the header # as well as the data ta> tprint rp90_cnt # Displays only the data info ta> tprint rp90_cnt prdata- prpar+ # Displays only the header info ta> tprint rp90_cnt prparam=yes | ...
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17. (Untitled)
I. Installation . ... AMPLE package distributive (created with program InstallShield for Microsoft Visual C++) has been downloaded on FTP server of IAA RAS as archive ... Note: If the window "file download" appears, select Open... switch button, then press OK button. ... The shortcut for AMPLE will be linked with this folder, and auxiliary files will be created here during AMPLE work. ... When running AMPLE all auxiliary and new configuration files are created in the WORK folder. ...
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18. SSAU scientists have created an unique simulator for pilots and drivers
... Scientists of Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU) have created an unique mobile platform for the production of training and gaming simulators. ... Such mobile platforms also known as the Stewart platforms became widespread in the world primarily as simulators for training of highly-qualified military pilots and drivers. ... For example, the Rocket and Space Centre Progress is going to test level sensors for residual fuel in the fuel tanks of the rocket carrier on this mobile platform. ...
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19. GUI-fying and Documenting your Shell Script
... We describe a simple method to annotate shell scripts and have a preprocessor extract a set of variables, present them to the user in a GUI (using Tcl/Tk) with context sensitive help, and run the script. ... When individual applications are (tightly) integrated into the scripting language, this offers very powerful scripts, fully graphical user interfaces and a result sometimes indistinguishable from applications. ... Here is an example header from a C-shell script with which Figure 1 was made. ...
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20. IDL programs
... This program was created for correlating chosen regions in the series of fts images. ... Chosen regions' . ... In this section the program counts the integral for each region of the grid for each image. ... As a matter of fact, the integral is total brightness of the region and it is counted by 'int_tabulated' IDL function. ... In addition, the program will show the count of the regions which correlate with the corresponding region (the brighter region means the bigger count) and its contour. ...
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