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1. Juno Rockets Toward Jupiter
... 9.08.2011 . ... Credit Copyright: NASA Explanation: Next stop: Jupiter . ... The above video depicts the launch of Juno aboard a Atlas V rocket. When the robotic Jun o spacecraft reaches Jupiter in 2016, it will spend just over a year circling the Solar System's largest planet , using its unique cadre of instruments to probe the planet, sending back clues of its structure and origin. ... 2015 2016 . ... Publications with keywords: Jupiter - launch . Publications with words: Jupiter - launch . ...
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2. APOD: 2011 August 9 - Juno Rockets Toward Jupiter
... Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 2011 August 9 . Juno Rockets Toward Jupiter . Video Credit: NASA . ... When the robotic Jun o spacecraft reaches Jupiter in 2016, it will spend just over a year circling the Solar System's largest planet , using its unique cadre of instruments to probe the planet, sending back clues of its structure and origin. ... About APOD | ...
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3. mod_status - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 . ... The number of worker serving requests . ... You can now access server statistics by using a Web browser to access the page . ... It should be noted that if mod_status is compiled into the server, its handler capability is available in all configuration files, including per -directory files ( e.g. , .htaccess ). ... Available in Apache 2.2.7 and later. mod_status with ExtendedStatus On displays the actual request being handled...
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4. The AstroStat Slog Blog Archive appealing eyes == powerful method
... Archives . ... To claim results are powerful statistically, astronomers highly rely on eyeballing techniques (need apprenticeship to acquire skills but look subjective to me without such training). ... One thing I want to point out is the phrase ?statistically powerful method? (in the context that they preform statistical data analysis, claimed to be a powerful method) which often misguides me because I cannot find a powerful test statistic in their studies. ... Chandra Blog . ...
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5. Background
Next: The root filesystem Up: Overview of the Directory Previous: Overview of the Directory . This chapter is loosely based on the Linux filesystem standard, FSSTND, version 1.2 (see the bibliography, [ Qui95 ]), which attempts to set a standard for how the directory tree in a Linux system is organized. ... This chapter does not explain all files in detail. ... The major parts are the root, /usr љ , /var љ , and /home љ filesystems (see figure 2.1 ). ... Figure 2.1: Parts of a Unix directory tree. ...
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6. From Power Up To Bash Prompt: Lilo
... When the computer loads a boot sector on a normal Linux system, what it loads is actually a part of lilo, called the ``first stage boot loader''. ... This reads the configuration file /etc/lilo.conf and writes the boot loaders, and information about the operating systems it can load, to the hard disk. ... The configuration file for lilo is /etc/lilo.conf . ... It is easy enough to get something wrong and screw up your master boot record and make your system unuseable. ... Set up lilo on a floppy...
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Instructions for installing Slackware on machines with a 5.25" boot drive and a 3.5" second floppy drive. --------------- 5.25" boot drives have been well supported since version 1.1.1. It is possible to install on a machine that has only a 5.25" drive. ... The first 3 disks of Slackware Linux, the A disks, should all fit within 1.2M. To install them, you'll need a boot kernel, and a rootdisk. ... These are in ./rootdsks.12) Use the boot kernel disk to boot the rootdisk, and install from there. ...
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8. AGES Observing Guide
Start CIMA from the right-mouse-button menu on the Observer machine. ... This window will now vanish. Next go to the CIMA main menu window, seen on the left of the screenshot above.Before starting observing, it is a good idea to restart the WAPPs (the spectrometers used by AGES). ... From the main menu, select Command File Observing to bring up the Command file observing window (below). ... Hit the Run button at the bottom of the command file observing window to run the file. ...
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9. Configuring DIMMWIT Computers
This note outlines how to configure the computers needed to run DIMMWIT. ... dimmwit : ICE (single-board computer in a box) that runs the Starlight Express CCD camera, to which it is connected by a USB interface. dimmwithost : displays the finder application via the X protocol (finder actually runs on dimmwit). Acts as a file server; both the finder software and the DIMM data are stored on dimmwithost. ... mkdir -p /data/oberon/data/finder . chown coast:coast /data/oberon/data/finder . ...
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10. The 2 nd Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad
August 26, 2006, . ... The 2 nd Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad to be held in Vladivostok and Ussurijsk (Far East of Russian Federation). Preliminary dates for the 2 nd Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad are December 4-11 (a couple weeks later than the 11 th IAO in Bombay ). ... For the teams which ask for Russian visa - together with the personal data for visas (or before). E-mails for sending the applications . ... The Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad 2006 - last information . ...
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11. Lunar Libration - an Astronomy Net Article
Lunar Libration . Articles | ... Actually, a slight rocking motion, called libration,* makes about 59% of the Moon's surface visible from our planet Earth -- though only 50% at any one time. ... Add to that, the approximate 1.5 degree tilt of the Moon's equator to the ecliptic, and you have the inclination of the Moon's equator to the plane of its orbit around Earth at some 6.5 degrees (5 + 1.5 = 6.5). ... Re-published on Astronomy Net with permission of the author. ... . ...
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12. ASP: An Ancient Universe - The Age of Light from the Most Distant Galaxies
An Ancient Universe: How Astronomers Know the Vast Scale of Cosmic Time . THE ANCIENT UNIVERSE . c) The Age of Light from the Most Distant Galaxies: The "Time Machine" Effect . ... Thus we are actually seeing these galaxies not as they are today, but as they were billions of years ago. ... The Universe: An Overview | ... The Ancient Universe - The Age of the Expanding Universe - The Age of the Oldest Stars - The Age of Light From Distant Galaxies - The Age of the Chemical Elements | ...
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13. IDL programs
MAKING THE PROFILES . First of all you are expected to load a FITS file ("FILE"-"LOAD"). ... By pressing the middle button you copy the profile from the first profile window to the second one. ... An example: first integral can correspond to the profile of active region and second integral can correspond to the profile of quiet chromospheric region. ... The second profile (which is subtracted from the first one) you extract after clicking on "SUBTRACT"-"MARK QUIET PROFILE" and marking the region. ...
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14. Untitled Document
... Machines or equipment, especially unique or specialized types including telescopes and domes, require a combination of physical barriers, special safety control devices, and effective procedures to assure protection of personnel. ... Before unique machines or equipment are placed in service, the Site Operations Manager and Site Safety Officer will jointly conduct a hazard evaluation study to establish guarding requirements and safe work practices. ... Wheel guards are required on grinders. ...
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15. lbaops:observingnotes [ATNF VLBI Wiki]
... You are here: start €Ё lbaops €Ё observingnotes . ... VLBI Schedule . ... Observer's Wiki . ... lbaops:observingnotes . ... DAS . ... Disk loading . ... ATNF Machines (9 July 2008) . To run a VLBI experiment, a number of independent programs need to be run. This include a program to control the telescope and IF setup, controlling the DAS and the LBADR disk recorder. ... If starting the recorder late, or when changing disk partition during an experiment do not use the scheduled start. ...
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16. SETI League Guest Editorial -- Past - Present - Future
Guest Editorial , July 2006 . Past ? Present ? Future . ... SETI, the quest for reasonable signals from Space, is aimed at the Past. ... From here on Earth, we can say with good reason that conducting both searches (SETI) and transmission (METI) of reasonable signals, we appear poised just halfway between the Past and the Future: namely, in the Present! ... This editorial was submitted in response to Their Past, Our Future , by SETI League executive director emeritus H. Paul Shuch. ...
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... But according to astronomers, the star that the arrow is pointing towards shouldn t be there it should never have been born. ... Stars are usually made from a wide selection of different types of tiny things called atoms, such as hydrogen, helium, carbon and oxygen. ... Hydrogen and helium atoms formed shortly after the Universe began with the Big Bang. ... Since this star only contains hydrogen and helium, astronomers think that it might have been born not long after the Big Bang. ...
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18. Remains of the PDS machine.
... Gallery . ... Remains of the PDS machine. Sidebar Left . Sidebar Top . No Sidebar . Sidebar Bottom . Sidebar Right . ... Title: Remains of the PDS machine. Description: NOTE: All images and movies are copyright and must not be reproduced or mirrored in any form without written permission. ... NOTE: All images and movies are copyright and must not be reproduced or mirrored in any form without written permission. Powered by Gallery 3.0.9 (Chartres) . ...
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19. (Untitled)
As a result of preceding actions the File opening dialog box appears and user is suggested to open the file with observations (the file may be created for the first time). ... To see the list of files with desirable extension in chosen folder define the type of extension with the help of File type drop-down list at the bottom of the dialog box. ... The name of the file will appear in File name dialog box. ... In case you want to open the file with new name, type it in the File name dialog box. ...
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20. Apache module mod_unique_id
This module provides an environment variable with a unique identifier for each request. ... The unique identifier is even unique across multiple machines in a properly configured cluster of machines. ... On Unix machines, Apache creates several children, the children process requests one at a time. ... To distinguish time we will use a Unix timestamp (seconds since January 1, 1970 UTC), and a 16-bit counter. ... The actual ordering of the encoding is: time stamp, IP address, pid, counter. ...
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