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1. APOD: 2012 September 16 - Saturn: Bright Tethys and Ancient Rings
... 2012 September 16 . Saturn: Bright Tethys and Ancient Rings . ... Explanation: How old are Saturn's rings? ... Inspection of images by the Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft indicates that some of Saturn's ring particles temporarily bunch and collide, effectively recycling ring particles by bringing fresh bright ices to the surface. ... Icy bright Tethys , a moon of Saturn likely brightened by a sandblasting rain of ice from sister moon Enceladus , is visible in front of the darker rings. ...
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2. Главная - Астрономия и Телескопостроение
... Главная . ... Новости . ... Проекты . Любителям астрономии . Проект ISON . ... Подробнее . ... Категория: Новости проекта ISON . ... Метки: Космический мусор ,љ Астероиды ,љ Гамма-всплески ,љ Любителям астрономии ,љ Кометы љ . ... Метки: Космический мусор ,љ Астероиды ,љ Любителям астрономии љ . ... Новости обсерваторий проекта] - Обсерватория Кубанского государственного университета от Иванов А - 09.04.2016 11:08:49 . ... 1999-2013 Copyright "Астрономия и Телескопостроение" . ...
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3. Bright Bolide
... Credit Copyright: Howard Edin ( Oklahoma City Astronomy Club ) Explanation: On September 30, a spectacular bolide or fireball meteor surprised a group of amateur astronomers enjoying dark night skies over the Oklahoma panhandle's Black Mesa State Park in the Midwestern US. ... Earlier this week the discovery and follow-up tracking of tiny asteroid 2008 TC3 allowed astronomers to predict the time and location of its impact with the atmosphere. ... Publications with keywords: bolid - meteor . ...
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These NASA Hubble Space Telescope pictures of comet Hale-Bopp show a remarkable "pinwheel" pattern and a blob of free-flying debris near the nucleus. The bright clump of light along the spiral (above the nucleus, which is near the center of the frame) may be a piece of the comet's icy crust that was ejected into space by a combination of ice evaporation and the comet's rotation, and which then disintegrated into a bright cloud of particles. ...
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5. Meteors in Planetary Atmospheres
... A significant amount of effort was devoted to the question of the properties and observability of meteors in the atmospheres of Venus and Mars. ... The work on meteors in the atmosphere of Venus complements earlier work by Christou (Planetary & Space Science, 47, 1475, 1999) which investigated the possibility of meteor showers on Mars. ... Figure 4: Comparison of Mutual Events Data obtained from Armagh Observatory (red dots) and Nyr?l? Observatory, Finland (green dots), on 15 March 2003. ...
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6. Low Surface Brightness Galaxy Gallery
In this gallery are many images of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies which have recently been discovered and analyzed. ... The central surface brightness of this galaxy is 24.28 . Malin 2 This galaxy is another huge disk galaxy with a scale length of 15 kpc and a redshift of 15000 km/a. The high surface brightness knot in one of its spiral arms actually has the same color, luminosity and H-alpha equivalent width as the entire Large Magellanic Cloud . ... Truly it is a Low Surface Brightness Galaxy. ...
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7. The AstroStat Slog particle filter
... Posts tagged ?particle filter? ... Astronomers have developed their ways of processing signals almost independent to but sometimes collaboratively with engineers, although the fundamental of signal processing is same: extracting information. ... This particular issue of IEEE signal processing magazine may shed lights for astronomers interested in signal processing and statistics outside the astronomical society. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Jul. ... ArXiv] 3rd week, Dec. ... Entries RSS . ...
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8. ASP: Star Science in the Autumn Sky
Once students get the hang of it, they can find and measure the brightness of Delta Cephei in a few minutes. ... of Delta Cephei . ... Oct. ... The following table lists the measurements of Delta Cephei made by one amateur astronomer in autumn 1990. ... 4.0 . ... This activity is a simplified version of one that appeared in Hands-On Astrophysics, a series of activities prepared by the American Association of Variable Star Observers with support from the National Science Foundation. << previous page | ...
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9. Solar Energetic Particles
... Magnetic Storms . ... Cosmic Rays . ... Energetic Particles . ... Solar fast Particles . We cannot observe the way the distant universe accelerates cosmic rays or produces energetic photons, but acceleration processes also occur on our Sun , though on a much more moderate scale. ... That is why such events are often missed by cosmic ray detectors near the equator, where the lowest energies are excluded by the Earth's magnetic field. ... Should we be concerned about solar energetic radiation? ...
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10. Supernova in the Cigar Galaxy | Astronotes
Astronotes Armagh Planetarium's Stellar Blog! ... Colin Johnston . ... Our Galaxy . ... To locate it, look along the imaginary line between the two end stars on the leading edge of the PloughтАЩs blade (Merak and Dubhe) and Polaris (the North Star), the galaxy M82 (also known as the Cigar Galaxy) along with its companion M81, lies just off this line about a third of the way between the Plough and Polaris. €а€аAs usual, the supernova is far brighter than its home galaxy, appearing as an extra star. ...
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... Astronomers have used a new technique to see the faint light from a planet that is orbiting a distant star. ... Instead, astronomers found them by looking for telltale clues, such as how the light from a star dims when an exo-planet passes in front of it, or how it wobbles because of the pull of an exo-planet s gravity. Astronomers can learn a lot about exo-planets that move in front of their stars. This is because the starlight passes through the exo-planet s atmosphere on its way to Earth. ...
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12. Solar Energetic Particles
... Magnetic Storms . ... Cosmic Rays . ... Energetic Particles . ... Solar fast Particles . We cannot observe the way the distant universe accelerates cosmic rays or produces energetic photons, but acceleration processes also occur on our Sun , though on a much more moderate scale. ... That is why such events are often missed by cosmic ray detectors near the equator, where the lowest energies are excluded by the Earth's magnetic field. ... Should we be concerned about solar energetic radiation? ...
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13. Lecture Series 2010-2011 ? ?Particle Physics at the LHC and Cosmology? by
Lectures . ... Home Lectures Lecture Series 2010-2011 Lecture Series 2010-2011 ? Particle Physics at the LHC and Cosmology? by Michael Tuts . ... Lecture Series 2010-2011 . ... Beyond New York City . ... Observing Resources for Amateur Astronomers - Part 1: Beginning Observers . ... A History of the First Forty Years of the Amateur Astronomers Association . ... Amateur Astronomers Medal . ... 2016 Amateur Astronomers Association of New York Designed by Press Customizr Powered by . ...
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... Special Reports Giant space cloud may be powered by black holes 17:57 23 April 2007 news service David Shiga An enormous cloud of roiling plasma in space may be drawing its energy from black holes, new observations suggest. Such clouds might be sources for the mysterious particles that occasionally crash into Earth's atmosphere at ultra - high speed. ... But higher energy particles in the cloud may be able to escape, he says. ...
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Definitions of Magnitudes and Surface Brightness 1 The magnitude system 1.1 Apparent magnitude Astronomers are stuck with the antiquated old system of magnitudes and so a clear explanation of what this system is and how it relates to more sensible units is important. ... 1.2 Absolute magnitude Absolute magnitude is a logarithmic luminosity scale. ... One usually goes by the round about process of referring to the absolute magnitude of the sun. ... Magnitudes and surface brightness 6/6 ...
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16. Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: Info
... Bad Astronomy . ... Mad Science . ... Site Info . ... Public Talks . ... Keep Bad Astronomy close to your heart, and help make me filthy rich. ... Who is this guy who calls himself "The Bad Astronomer?" ... First, yes, I am a real live astronomer (when people ask me what astronomers do, I tell them "They astronom !" ... These are emitted by powerful objects like black holes, exploding stars, and super-dense neutrons stars. ... Finally, am I really a bad astronomer? ... 2008 Phil Plait. ...
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17. ATNF Daily Astronomy Picture
... Radio searches for particle dark matter in Local Group dSph galaxies . ... Regis et al. (2014) investigate the presence of radio signals in dwarf spheroidal (dSph) galaxies induced by non-gravitational interactions of dark matter (DM) particles. The image shows one of the fields observed with the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) on the left and how it would have looked like in presence of a bright DM signal (right). ... today * ATNF | ... ATCA | ...
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18. Bright Supernova Bright Supernova
. Please standby and you will be automatically connected to the new location of the unframed Supernova page. Or, click on the link above. If you have questions or problems, please email me at David Bishop . Last modified: Mon Aug 27 12:40:15 EDT 2001
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19. Local astronomers find gigantic halo around neighboring galaxy - By MEGHA
... January 8, 2007 . ... SENTINEL CORRESPONDENT . Astronomers at UC Santa Cruz have discovered a surprisingly massive halo of bright, old stars around our galactic neighbor Andromeda, pushing the outer limits of the galaxy to 1.5 million light years, and teaching them how spiral galaxies behave. ... Younger stars may be remnants of a galaxy devoured, but older stars could have formed with the birth of the galaxy. ... . ...
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Astronomers examining the properties of black hole jets compared 54 gamma-ray bursts with 234 active galaxies classified as blazars and quasars. Surprisingly, the power and brightness of the jets share striking similarities despite a wide range of black hole mass, age, and environment. Regardless of these differences, the jets produce light by tapping into similar percentages of the kinetic energy of particles moving along the jet, suggesting a common underlying physical cause. ...
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