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1. Scientifically discovered God
Next: Endlessly Complicated World Up: No Title Previous: Tsiolkovskii's Paradox . ... Really, we have consisely expresed a materialistic, atheistic, scientific point of view and have discovered God, the scientifically supported God. ... Equally, we cannot admit an infinite complication of the world and its successful cognizability (i.e. the existence of a mind in an infinitely complicated world) without admission of Superintelligence -- the scientifically discovered God . ...
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2. Supernova 2009js in NGC 918
Supernova 2009js in NGC 918 . This page is devoted to information on Supernova 2009js in NGC 918 . Basic information on this SN, including the last reported brightness, on this Supernova can be found on the main page . Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the updates and links web pages. Discovered independently by Lick Observatory Supernova Search (USA) and Koichi Itagaki (Japan). ... 2009/10/11.44 . 17.2 . ... Joseph Brimacombe . ...
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3. Problems of Photometry on Restored Images
Next: Problems of Fourier Up: Some Problems of Practical Previous: To Restore or . Photometry of restored images has two problems. First, many restorations are photometrically unfaithful, and you get the wrong answer. ... And of course there are situations where it is absolutely necessary to restore the image. ... We ran the lucy task that is in STSDAS, for the usual 80 iterations, and it gave the wrong answer; the ratio of the heights of the two peaks was wrong by about 10 or 20%. ...
[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 6.0 Кб -- 15.04.1994
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4. found reason for select() problem
... These were all discovered through trial-and-error so I suppose there might still be other theoretical problems but at least now everthing seems to work. 1) call del_timer(&pc39_tl) before starting a new one. 2) always call select_wait (&pc39_wq, wait), not just when wait != 0. 3) pc39_tl.expires is the jiffy to wake up on, not the number of elapsed jiffies as it says in the KHG. so, it should be: pc39_tl.expires = jiffies + PC39_SELTO; Hope this helps someone else someday. ...
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G. I. Olshanski Dobrushin Math Lab, Institute for Information Transmission Problems Moscow, Russia Thoma's theorem, quasi­symmetric functions, and the boundary of the graph of zigzag diagrams I will talk about a joint work with Alexander Gnedin. ... Vershik and Kerov also observed that the characters of S are in a 1­1 correspondence with normalized nonnegative multiplicative functionals on the algebra of symmetric functions over the reals. ...
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7. APOD: 2009 January 19 - Methane Discovered in the Atmosphere of Mars
Discover the cosmos! ... 2009 January 19 . Methane Discovered in the Atmosphere of Mars . Credit: NASA . ... The confirmation was made spectroscopically using large ground - based telescopes by finding precise colors absorbed on Mars that match those absorbed by methane on Earth. Given that methane is destroyed in the open martian air in a matter of years, the present existence of the fragile gas indicates that it is currently being released, somehow, from the surface of Mars. ...
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... In fact, this is the main problem of modern natural science. ... In modern natural science, there is an experimental fact that is quite incomprehensible and paradoxical, and is crying contradiction with every modern orthodoxal picture of the world. ... In 1985, Shklovskii (Shklovskii, (1985)) formulated the problem of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. ... In fact, the problem can be reduced to so-called Fermi's paradox (Lipunov, (1988)), which in modern language is the following (Lipunov 1987). ...
[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 27.1 Кб -- 31.05.2004
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9. DFS Problem Reporting rules and recommendations
... DFS Department Problem Reporting rules and recommendations . ALL change requests, bugs or support request on operational releases (i.e. releases already installed and running on the mountain) must be reported via the DFS Problem Reporting tools , based on the Action Remedy system. ... in case of bug, change request or support need directly reported to you via mail or phone call by s DFS user (Paranal, La Silla, DFO, ...), please, check whether an Action Remedy Problem Report is already open. ...
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10. Methane Discovered in the Atmosphere of Mars
... Methane Discovered in the Atmosphere of Mars . ... 19.01.2009 . ... Credit: NASA Explanation: Why is there methane on Mars? ... An important confirmation that methane exists in the atmosphere of Mars occurred last week, bolstering previous controversial claims made as early as 2003 . The confirmation was made spectroscopically using large ground - based telescopes by finding precise colors absorbed on Mars that match those absorbed by methane on Earth. ... Publications with keywords: Mars . ...
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... I would several points which we faced during our everysolved for better quality of individual ACs' and EOP products · There are two main EOP products provided by two IERS Product Centers on Earth Orientation (Earth Orientation Center (EOC) and Rapid Service/ Prediction Center (RSPC)). ... However, the latter is not provided by the IERS. ... ITRF · Using ITRF in computation of EOP series produced by various ACs seems to be a necessary condition to provide the consistency between the IERS products. ...
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... I apologize if you receive more than one copy of this note - Alan) - This is a followup to yesterday's e-mail regarding potential problems with some Mark 5 power supplies with using Maxtor or Seagate disks. ... I apologize if you receive more than one copy of this note - Alan) - Conduant Corporation has recently informed us that there may be problems with marginal power supplies in some Mark 5A units when using disk modules populated with Maxtor or Seagate disks. ...
[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 7.3 Кб -- 18.08.2005
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... 8, ``Celestial Mechanics'', 2002 Investigation of stability of NEAs orbital resonance motions by numerical methods L. E. Bykova Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia The problem of orbital stability of resonance Near­Earth asteroids (NEAs) is considered. Most of NEAs have multiple close approaches to the inner ma­ jor planets. ... The technique of the investigation of NEAs orbital stability has been devel­ oped by author on the basis of the construction of possible motion domains (R) of asteroids. ...
[ Текст ]  Ссылки -- 30.6 Кб -- 19.08.2002
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14. Welcom to CONPAS workshop
... Dr. Ravil Nazirov is the head of the workshop, and Andrew Ananjev is the secretary of the workshop. ... The workshop is used to be held in the last decade of the month, preferably on Tuesdays. ... The next session will take place October 29, 1996 . ... There is "CONPAS" mailing list which you can join to discuss issues of problem solving and to be automatically notified of important dates and decisions with respect to the coming sessions. ... Secretary of the Workshop: Andrew Ananjev . ...
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15. Tatjana Khruzina
... For the past years I have been working on the problem of synthesis of light curves of close binary systems, consisting of a normal star and a compact object (point object with fixed X-ray luminosity). ... Possible existence of a bright spot on the disk's lateral surface is taken into account. ... The last of then will be published in Gordon and Breach Publishers ( Cherepashchuk A.M., Katysheva N.A., Khruzina T.S., Shugarov S.Yu. ... Cherepashchuk A.M., Katysheva N.A., Khruzina T.S., Shugarov S.Yu. ...
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17. Download building of the radiospec package Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329)
... Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329) . ... Note however that the radiospec is built in the ?build? sub-directory of the directory you installed it to and is not installed ? ... Build radiospec wget tar --strip-components = 1 -xzvf radiospec-1.0.tar.gz PATH = $INSTALLDIR/bin:$PATH scons PKG_CONFIG_PATH = $INSTALLDIR/lib/pkgconfig/ . ... You will at least also need the numpy package for Python . ... Download & building of the radiospec package . ...
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18. Research - The high-velocity clouds of M31
... Research . ... The major problem in HVC research is the unknown distance towards most of the HVCs. ... Thilker et al. (2004) used the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) to map an area of $7^{\circ} \times 7^{\circ}$ around M31 in H i . They discovered a population of HVCs located within a projected distance of about $50~\mathrm{kpc}$ from M31. ... 2004). ... The remaining HVCs around M31 are isolated in position and velocity and may represent primordial, dark-matter-dominated clouds. ...
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19. University Problem Based Learning Exercises for Teaching Astronomy and Physics
... The Australian National University] [Department of Physics] [Paul Francis] [Main Roleplay Page] . These exercises are my attempt to adapt the technique of Problem Based Learning to the context of introductory astronomy and astrophysics classes. ... As students grapple with the puzzle, they are forced to learn the subject matter of the course. ... This exercise is designed for 1st year University students with a reasonable high-school background in Maths and Physics. ...
[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 8.0 Кб -- 01.10.2012
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20. XMM-Newton SAS: Watchout Page
... On exposures affected by it, the warning InvalidObtValue is generated during the processing. This will be fixed with a software update, available in future SAS versions. ... If this problem occurs, you should process the affected pn exposures with SAS versions older than v6.0.0 (indeed, it is enough to run the SAS v5.4.1 epframes , and then, for instance, re-use the output files in a subsequent epchain run, specifying the parameter runepframes=N ). Pages maintained by SAS librarian . ...
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