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1. Number of accreting X-ray binaries of selected types
... The numbers of three types of compact binaries containing accreting NSs and BHs, which are most interesting from the point of view of their observational appearances, have been calculated as a function of time: i) X-ray transient source containing a NS in an eccentric orbit around a main sequence Be-star (the observed prototype: A0535+26), ii) BH The evolution of the selected types of X-ray binaries during the first 10 million years after the starburst onset is presented in Fig. ...
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2. Number input
This document describes how number input can be given to tasks which request numbers from Hermes. ... list selection The following constants are implemented: pi 3.14159.... c speed of light (SI) h Planck (SI) k Boltzmann (SI) g gravitation (SI) s Stefan-Boltzman (SI) m mass of sun (SI) p parsec (SI) BLANK Universal undefined value The following mathematical functions are implemented: abs(x) absolute value of x sqrt(x) square root of x sin(x) sine of x asin(x) inverse sine ...
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3. CSPICE Routines: EKNELT_C
... Abstract Return the number of elements in a specified column entry in the current row. ... This routine allows the caller of those routines to determine appropriate loop bounds to use to fetch each column entry in the current row. ... Since DARRAY contains variable-size array elements, we call eknelt_c to determine how many elements to fetch./ selidx = 1; eltidx = 0; nelt = eknelt_c ( selidx, row ); isnull = SPICEFALSE; while ( ( eltidx < nelt ) && ( !isnull ) ) { /. ... Link to routine source . ...
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4. Kp Index: Classification of Days
The selection of the quietest days (Q-days) and most disturbed days (D-days) of each month is deduced from the Kp indices on the basis of three criteria for each day: . ... In order to indicate such a situation, selected days which do not satisfy certain absolute criteria are marked as follows. ... A selected disturbed day is considered not really disturbed and marked by an asterisk ( * ) if Ap less than 20. ... January 2000 - recent . January 1990 - December 1999 . ...
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5. Could large numbers of black holes account for much of the "dark matter"
... Behemoth black hole found in an unlikely place . ... black holes . ... Observing springtime deep-sky objects with a large telescope . ... Could large numbers of black holes account for much of the "dark matter" estimated to exist in our universe? ... NASA, ESA, M.J. Jee and H. Ford (Johns Hopkins University) No, because the universe never had the raw material to grow enough black holes to account for current estimates of dark matter. Get instant access to subscriber content on! ...
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SLTA Link Manager a. Start the SLTA Link Manager b. Select Link | New. c. For a link name use a unique name appended with the Remote LON Network Connection. ... RemoteSLTALON2 d. Select Remote e. Remote Identifier: Use your network database name in single quotes. ... Connect to the SLTA-10 and perform further setup a. Select Link | ... Make sure the database is registered. ... Make sure Device Assignment in the SLTA is LON1. ... Make sure remote in and remote out are bound for all the devices. ...
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Next: FIT/ROMAFOT Up: Study of the Previous: Study of the . SELECT/ROMAFOT frame [int_tab] [wnd_size] . With this command the user can select a number of well behaving stellar images to determine the Point Spread Function on the frame. ... SELECT/ROMAFOT displays the frame (or part of it) on the image display and allows the user to select the objects. The image display cursor and its control box is used to select the objects . ... If these are unknown the default can be used. ...
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8. How Do You Feel About Numbers? - an Astronomy Net Exploration Forum Message
Astronomy Discussion Forums . Forums: . ... How Do You Feel About Numbers? ... Post Message | ... Posted by Richard D. Stafford, Ph.D. on September 15, 2002 16:22:25 UTC . ... Wait - harvey1 - September 15, 2002 - 22:20 UTC . I don't follow you! - doctordick - September 16, 2002 - 14:59 UTC . ... . About Astronomy Net | ... Forum posts are Copyright their authors as specified in the heading above the post. "dbHTML," "AstroGuide," "ASTRONOMY.NET" & "VA.NET" . ...
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9. Reference Clock Options
The NTP Version 3 daemon currently supports several different radio, satellite and modem reference clocks plus a special pseudo-clock used for backup or when no other clock source is available. Detailed descriptions of individual device drivers and options can be found in the Reference Clock Drivers page. Additional information can be found in the pages referenced there, including the Debugging Hints for Reference Clock Drivers and How To Write a Reference Clock Driver pages. ...
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10. Getting Started in Actor Prolog. 3D Web Site.
The first persistent Web agent that we have created on Actor Prolog is a program that collects information about research groups that develop Prolog and projects in the field of logic programming. The agent looks through a given list of Web sites and calculates some attributes of the sites: the date of recent modification, total size, the number of figures, the number of outside links, the number of error links, the number of given keywords, etc. ... . ...
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... The task accepts two sources lists: the observation source list and the exposure source list. ... List of selected sources. This le contains a table, called SRCLIST, with the following columns: Name Type Description SRC NUM Integer Source ID from observation source list RA Double RA from exposure source list DEC Double Declination from expoure source list RATE Real Count rate from observation source list COUNTS Real Number of source counts, from exposure source ...
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12. Selecting the backup tool
Next: Simple backups Up: Backups Previous: Selecting the backup medium . ... The traditional UNIX tools used for backups are tar љ , cpio љ , and dump љ . ... Some UNIX versions of tar љ and cpio љ may have problems with unusual files (symbolic links, device files, files with very long pathnames, and so on), but the Linux versions should handle all files correctly. dump љ is different in that it reads the filesystem directly and not via the filesystem. ...
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PROGRAM SUMMATION ! Summation forwards and backwards of 1/n^2 IMPLICIT NONE INTEGER :: N, NMAX CHARACTER :: ANSWER REAL :: SUM_SP, TEMP DOUBLE PRECISION :: SUM_DP INTEGER, PARAMETER :: QUAD = SELECTED_REAL_KIND(20,1000) REAL(KIND=QUAD) :: SUM_QUAD SUM_SP = 0.0 SUM_DP = 0.0D0 SUM_QUAD = 0.0_QUAD 1 WRITE(*,'(A)', ADVANCE='NO') 'How many numbers do you wish to add? ... 10) THEN WRITE(*,*) 'Too few numbers!' GO TO 1 ELSE IF (NMAX .GT. 100000000) THEN WRITE(*,*) 'Too many numbers!' ...
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14. Conference "Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory"
Home . ... The aim of the conference is to discuss recent achievments in algebraic geometry and number theory with special emphasis on their relation to the information theory. Topics to be consdered include the study of points on varieties over number fields and finite fields, zeta functions, modular forms, asymptotic properties of arithmetic invariants of algebraic varieties (such as class numbers, regulators, Schafarevich-Tate groups). ... Alexander Kirillov (Moscow, Philadelphia) . ...
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15. Procedure for Part Numbering Convention: Larry Carey, 2005
Numbering Procedures for APO 2.5m and 3.5m Drawings and Engineering/Drafting Documents . ... Document part numbers are to consist of a 7 character long "base numbe,r" which is coded to provide information about the part's intended first use. The part number becomes complete and unique only with the addition of a revision number. ... Example of a "base number": 25CSA01 . ... PART NUMBER CONVENTION . ... For Example: . ... R = "Revision" . ... Questions contact Larry Carey/University of Washington ...
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International Q-Days and D-Days ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Classification of Days (deduced from Kp indices) The selection of the quietest days (Q-days) and most disturbed days (D-days) of each month is deduced from the Kp indices on the basis of three criteria for each day: 1. ... In order to indicate such a situation, selected days which do not satisfy certain absolute criteria are marked as follows. ...
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17. (Untitled)
. Enter initial date as year, month, day. Specify by number or by name up to three minor planets. Also specify up to three major planets (by negative numbers or by names) whose orbits will be displayed together with those of minor planets. The scale of the picture will be set automatically according to the maximum value of the semi-major axes for selected minor and major planets.
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SiD Tracking using VXD Nick Sinev, University of Oregon Plan Motivation Track reconstruction algorithm Performance for single tracks Does it have any limits ? With backgrounds To do Motivation Tracking in SiD is a challenge, especially pattern recognition. ... Limitations caused by reconstruction speed consideration In the presence of high number of background hits, number of 3-point combinations used as track seed became enormous if we consider all combinations. ...
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19. OptInt PmWiki : Special Characters
OptInt PmWiki . Pm Wiki / . Edit Page | ... MROI Delay Line Design Contract . ... MROI Fast Tip-Tilt Contract . ... Special Characters . ... PmWiki supports the HTML special character listings by the w3c. W3C Page of Special Character codes ISO standard. ... For a nice table of the same codes that show the codes with the output go to the Noble Desktop special character page. ... Find an instance of a special character in an online document; copy and paste the character to your wiki page: © . ...
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20. FORS1 Photometric System Characterization
These observations are aimed at fully charactering FORS1 photometric system (UBVRI zero-points, color-terms and extinction coefficients) for the Tektronix 2048x2048 pixel CCD (24µm px) . To this aim, the two Landolt/Stetson photometric fields SA95 and SA101 will be observed on a number of epochs and at different airmasses during February and March 2007. ... SA101 . ... OBs for SA101 have to be observed during evenigh twilight (exceptions are expected for the second half of March) . ...
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