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1. HyperLEDA documentation: parameter: brief
The parameter brief (with its actual uncertainty sbrief) is the mean effective surface brightness in B-band , i.e. the mean surface brightness inside the effective aperture (the circular aperture enclosing one-half the total flux). It is expressed in mag arcsec -2 . ... 2) from the mean surface brightness "LV" inside the effective isophote (elliptical isophote enclosing one half the total flux) measured by Launberts&Valentijn (1989) . ... Effective radius . ... HyperLeda . ...
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2. Effective temperatures
. Next: Diameters Up: Stellar parameters from calibrations Previous: Gravities Contents . Temperatures of stars are derived from their spectral type and luminosity class. Calibrations are stored in files spec_par.V, spec_par.IV, spec_par.III, spec_par.II, spec_par.I in oyster/starbase . teff_stars Compute effective temperature for all stars in startable. teff_star ( spectrum _char ) Function. Return effective temperature for star with specified spectrum. Christian Hummel 2015-04-28
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3. Polarization/Stokes Handling (stokes and select)
... The visibility datasets possibly contain correlations for different polarizations and Stokes parameters. There are two basic ways that polarization characteristics can be measured: firstly, two orthogonal feeds can be present on the antennas, and the four different polarization correlations from a baseline can be taken and recorded. ... There are two ways the user can determine which polarizations he or she wants to process, either with the select parameter, or with the stokes parameter. ...
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4. Dependence on the Scenario Parameters and Initial Distributions
... Calculations of at least two runs with different values of a parameter are required in order to discover to what extent the results depend on the , if at all. ... In order to study how the final statistical distributions depend on the initial functions, the method of Green functions is used. ... Then we can restore any distribution on this parameter (with a certain accuracy) by summing the results for each interval with the appropriate weight. ...
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5. Calling Parameters
... subroutine CAL_getEffectiveArea(theta, phi, Elo, Ehi, area) use types real(kind=double), intent(in) :: theta, phi real(kind=double), intent(in) :: Elo, Ehi real(kind=double) :: area end subroutine . theta: off-axis angle position in the TELCOORD reference system at which the effective area curve is requested. phi: azimut angle position in the TELCOORD reference system at which the effective area curve is requested. ...
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6. East Siberian Center for the Earth's Ionosphere Research. Modelling, secondary
Russian SHAREABLE DATA CENTER Institute of Solar-Terrestial Physics SB RAS . ... Although their determination is based on the scattering process model, independent check-ups by rocket experiments have shown their correctness in experimental applications. ... Ionospheric data analysis, especially during strong disturbances, cannot be without some other kinds of diagnostic tools. ... The lack of data has always been a challange in this case. ...
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7. Influence of Climate Variables on Tree-Ring Widths of Different Species
... In order to disentangle the effects of different climate variables on tree-ring growth rates of different species, and to explore the possibility that more than one species could improve the accuracy of the reconstructions of climate using tree rings, a methodical study of trees in close proximity to the Armagh Observatory climate station was initiated together with Ana Maria Garc?a Su?rez, and continued as part of the latter's PhD thesis with John Butler and Professor Mike Baillie (QUB). ...
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9. Model Spectra for Spectral-Fitting Program
... The models provided are: . abs - absorption of x-rays by neutral gas with solar abundances. parameter 1 = . ... parameter 2 = . ... normalization - logarithmic value of the flux density at 1 keV in units of keV cm -2 s -1 keV -1 . ... normalization - logarithmic value of the normalization of the gaussian in units of keV cm -2 s -1 . ... absorption ( params )* model ( params ) . ... A single value for the normalization (i.e., fixed normalization) will force the program to use that value. ...
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10. Spectral energy distribution
... In brief: the frequency-dependent radiative transfer equation is solved for a dust under assumption of spherically-symmetric geometry for its distribution taking into account particle size distribution and quantum heating effects for the very small dust particles. ... Table: Model parameters for IRAS04296+3429. ... parameter . ... hot dust shell) . ... The best fit to the spectral energy distribution of IRAS04296 is shown by heavy solid line (see Table2 for details concerning parameters of the model...
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11. Atmospheric influence on the different radioengineering systems functioning.
Atmospheric influence on the different radio-engineering system functioning . ESTIMATION OF ATMOSPHERIC OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND REMOTELY SANSED IMAGE CORRECTION . ... Direct transmittance estimation results for 12 channels of the spectrometer CHRIS. ... We have managed to develop a direct method of estimating the discrete Normalized Atmospheric Point Spread Function (NAPSF) from available images alone, not using any external sources of information about the atmosphere. ... IRE RAS 1996-20 11 ...
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12. Herschel Images and Results for the Magellanic Clouds
The dust properties in the Large and Small Magellanic clouds (LMC/SMC) are studied using the HERITAGE Herschel Key Project photometric data in five bands from 100 to 500 m. Three simple models of dust emission were fit to the observations: a single temperature blackbody modified by a power-law emissivity (SMBB), a single temperature blackbody modified by a broken power-law emissivity (BEMBB), and two blackbodies with different temperatures, both modified by the same power-law emissivity (TTMBB). ...
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13. IRAS01005+7910
... The variability of the spectrum of the optical component of the IR-source IRAS01005+7910 was discovered for the first time in the BTA spectra [1]. ... The spectral features include absorptions that form in near-photospheric layers, narrow envelope emissions, and emission-absorption profiles that form in photosphere-to-envelope transition layers (the wind). ... Discovery of spectral variation in the optical counterpart of IRAS01005+7910. ... Dashed line - envelope curve of all the SiII 5979 profiles ...
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Arecibo World Day data description . ... The F-region program covers the altitude range of 140 - 660 km. ... The KINDAT code in the CEDAR database for these parameters is 2010. ... The KINDAT code in the CEDAR database is 2021 for this kind of data. The barker-code program allows the measurement of electron concentration at a height resolution of 0.6 km with a very high S/N. This program typically covers the altitude range of 60 - 500 km. The KINDAT code in the CEDAR database is 2015. ...
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15. Theoretical Astrophysics
Subject, Problems and Objects of Theoretical Astrophysics. ... Stellar Photospheres, Their Features. ... Physics of Continuous Radiation Absorption in Stellar Photospheres. ... Continuous Radiation Absorption in Stellar Photospheres of Various Spectral Classes. Solar Type Photospheres. ... Characterisics of Absorption Lines. ... Interstellar Absorption Lines, Their Features. ... Physical and Dynamic Features of Interstellar Medium, Which Follows from Observations of Interstellar Absorption Lines. ...
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THE PARAMETERS INVOLVED IN HAPKE'S MODEL FOR ESTIMATION OF THE COMPOSITION OF THE EJECTA LUNAR TERRAINS. ... In the previous papers we were estimated the surface roughness of the ejecta lunar terrains by means comparison of the local phase function and the average integrated lunar indicatrix. ... The Hapke's theoretical model of the lunar surface reflection. ... For THE PARAMETERS INVOLVED IN HAPKE'S MODEL: S.G. Pugacheva, V.V. Shevchenko a low-albedo lunar surface parameter Bo = 1. ...
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17. sgs summary
... Guider functions . ... Guide Sensor Performance . ... Guide Sensor Sky Coverage/ Star Availability . Guide Star Selection Criteria . ... Guide fiber organization and reach at plug plate . ... Plug plate holes for guide stars are identical to those for science FO . ... FOV for each of 9 guide stars is 7.4 arcsec dia. (0.45 mm FO, Sumitomo IGN-05/10) . ... Selected guide stars must have no neighbor stars within TBD (5 arcsec) radius that have a brightness within TBD (5 mag.) of guide stars . ...
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18. Database of Optical Properties -- Level: subpage
Here we compare the optical properties of porous particles of two kinds: . ... Below we show the behaviour of the efficiency factors Q ext (x), Q sca (x), Q abs (x), the asymmetry parameter g (x) and albedo (x) as well as for x = 3 and 100 the phase function i (theta) and polarization of scattered radiation p (theta) for different values of the parameters m and P . ... factors . ... Qext(x) . Qsca(x) . ... i (theta) . ... albedo (x) . ...
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19. A New Entropy Measure Based on Multiple Resolution and Noise Modeling
... Previous: Background Fluctuation Analysis from the Multiscale Entropy . ... A new measure of information is defined which is based on noise modeling and incorporates resolution scale. Properties of this measure are discussed. ... Additionally it allows for image noise modeling, and subsequent noise removal. ... Hence information- and entropy-based processing technologies will be necessary for the effective design and implementation of large, future generation, image databases. ...
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20. Vladimir Marsakov Abstracts
... Using the uvby -photometry and proper motion data for about 5500 F stars within 80 pc from the Sun, we have studied velocity ellipsoid parameters and obtained the following results. 1) The sizw of all wllipsoid semiaxes increase systematically for groups of stars with the decrease of both temperature (at constant metallicity) and metallicity (at constant temperature). ... As a result, each of the three parameters - temperature, metallicity and velocity dispersion - is an age indicator. ...
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