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1. A prototype build system for CASA using SCons Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329)
... Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329) . ... Building CASA . ... Introduction to SCons . I have designed a prototype implementation of a build system for CASA based on the SCons tool. ... This system is experimental and not the official way of building CASA. ... The main version of the code for this build system is contained in a bzr branch, together with the remainder of the CASA system. ... Build: . ... To debug the SCons build process: . ... A prototype build system for CASA using SCons . ...
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NAME ABbuilder - DFO data organization tool SYNOPSIS ABbuilder <options> where <options> are: --raw-dir directory containing raw data --cal-dir directory containing calib data --cal-ldir directory containing symbolic links to calib files --cal-list mcalib list --vcal-dir directory containing virtual products --pro-dir where pipeline products are created --ab-dir where association blocks are created --oca-rul file containing OCA rules --instrume instrument --date YYYY-MM-DD --mode { CALIB | ...
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3. Recreating Einstein Level One Processing Exposure Masks and Background Maps in
... This paper describes the main algorithms used by the Einstein Level One processing to create the exposure masks and the background maps for Einstein IPC images, and how these algorithms were recreated in the IRAF environment. Our goal was to recreate the algorithms used by the Level One Processing to create exposure masks and background maps for Einstein Image Proportional Counter (IPC) data (cf. sections 2.5 and 2.7 of Harnden et al. ...
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4. Examples of creating command alias in the Korn shell
To create a simple alias: alias del='rm -i' del memo.txt rm: remove memo.txt? y . This creates the alias del for the command rm -i which prompts you for confirmation that you want to remove a file before it does so. ... To create a command alias that consists of several commands: alias what='ps -aux | ... To refer to another command alias within an alias: alias h=history alias rev='h | ... To use more than one alias on the same command line: alias root='cd /; ' alias slist='ls -l | ...
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... A file upload element on an HTML form. ... JavaScript 1.1: added type property . ... The HTML INPUT tag, with "file" as the value of the TYPE attribute. For a given form, the JavaScript runtime engine creates appropriate FileUpload objects and puts these objects in the elements array of the corresponding Form object. ... form . ... For all FileUpload objects, the value of the type property is "file" . ... Use the value property to obtain the file name that the user typed into a FileUpload object. ...
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6. *tprint* - Reading a Table File Created by imcnts
... Table files like the ones created in the section on imcnts can be displayed, printed and manipulated using the tasks contained in the stsdas.ttools package. ... sp> tables # Load the relevant package ta> tprint rp90_cnt prpar=yes # .tab extension assumed # the hidden parameter prpar is set to display the header # as well as the data ta> tprint rp90_cnt # Displays only the data info ta> tprint rp90_cnt prdata- prpar+ # Displays only the header info ta> tprint rp90_cnt prparam=yes | ...
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7. difx:build [ATNF VLBI Wiki]
... You are here: start €Ё difx €Ё build . ... The script install-difx now allows DiFX to be built and installed from a directory hierarchy outside of the SVN source tree. ... run /fullpathto/ install-difx in this build directory . ... You might plan to have your root, source and build directories all in some parent directory somewhereтАУ e.g. $DIFXROOT , $DIFXROOT/../difx-svn and $DIFXROOT/../difx-bld . ... Now you can proceed with the build itself: $DIFXROOT/../difx-svn/setup/install-difx . ...
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8. In The Beginning, God Created......prophecy - an Astronomy Net God Science
God Science Forum Message . Forums: . ... God and Science ћ SETI ћ Software ћ UFO ћ XEphem . ... God and Science | ... In The Beginning, God Created......prophecy . ... I am beginning to believe that Genesis creation is about the creation of prophecy as much as it is a statement that God is the creator. ... So I ask, are you (anyone) willing to consider Gen 1 2 as stories of prophecy or are you determined that it is either about science or a literal 7-day creation? ... . ...
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9. Space Shuttle created at Rapid Rockets and Wicked Robots | International Year
. Home . News . Gallery . Events . Twitter . Press Releases . Links . Contact Us . Calendar . Press & Web Coverage . Previous . Next . List . Thursday, 16 July 2009 00:17 . International Year of Astronomy, Ireland National Node . [Back To Top] .
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10. Apache Multiple Log Files
It is now possible to specify multiple log files, each with a fully customizable format. ... Multiple log files are implemented as part of the mod_log_config module which as of Apache 1.2 is the default log module. Multiple log files be created with either the TransferLog or CustomLog directive. These directives can be repeated to create more than one log file (in previous releases, only one logfile could be given per server configuration). ... Syntax: CustomLog filename "format" . ...
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11. Database of Optical Constants -- Level: welcome
The database contains references to the papers, data files and links to the Internet resources related to measurements and calculations of the optical constants in the wavelength interval from X-rays to radio domain. ... References to some useful books and reviews on the subject (e.g. the classical handbooks edited by E.D.Palik) and links to Internet collections of optical constants and personal WWW pages with related software were also placed in the database. You have arrived at our welcome page. ...
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