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Program: ROTMOD Purpose: This program calculates the rotation curve for a truncated exponential disk (Casertano, M.N.R.A.S., vol. 203, p735-p747, 1983), or for any other user supplied density law. ... USER= DISK radial surface density distribution supplied by the user [Y], or a truncated exponential surface density distribution. In case the user wants to supply his own density distribution, the following two keywords will be asked: UNITS= Enter units of radius and surface density [KPC,MSUN/PC**2]. ...
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2. The AstroStat Slog Blog Archive Redistribution
... Archives . ... It refers to the spread in the measured energy of an incoming photon, and even astronomers often stumble over what it is and what it contains. ... The R edistribution M atrix F ile (RMF) is, at its most basic, a description of how the detector responds to incoming photons. ... The process of measuring the energy introduces a measurement error, which is encoded as the probability that incoming photons at energy E are read out in detector channels i . ... Comment ( RSS ) | ...
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FEATURES OF THE HYDROGEN DISTRIBUTION AROUND LUNAR CRATERS PROCLUS AND KEPLER. ... In result of analysis of the data Lawrence and Feldman constructed the hydrogen distribution on the lunar surface [1]. ... However, the authors shown, that EN flux data features may be explained by other element abundance in the lunar soils, namely: Si, Ca, Gadolinium (Gd), Samarium (Sm) and Fe. ... Using of the Feldman's interpretation of the Lunar Prospector data [8], we constructed hydrogen distribution map (Fig.1). ...
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4. Izmccd
... The described algorithm is suitable for measurements of complex images of stars. ... a) the zero-based number of stars in the complex (multicentric) image, . b) set of preliminary coordinates - x i , y i , for all stars, index i is number of a star, . ... i - index of a star in the complex image; . ... These parameters are calculated by a nonlinear method of a least squares.The main output parameters of this algorithm are x i , y i ; where the index i is number of a star in the multicentric image. ...
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5. Corrections to the probability distribution
Next: Power of test Up: Basic principles of Previous: Test statistics . In principle, it is possible to compute a value of the statistic for a single frequency and to test its consistency with a random signal ( ). ... The factor N means that there is an increased probability of accepting a given value of the statistic as consistent with a random signal. ... In the command individual descriptions, we often refer to probability distributions of specific statistics. ...
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6. Initial Distributions of Binary Parameters
Next: Star Formation Rate and Up: No Title Previous: Calculation of Evolutionary Tracks . To start calculations, we choose the distributions of the initial binary parameters: the mass of the primary ZAMS component, , binary mass ratio, , orbital separation a . ... whereas the mass ratio distribution is not. ... The zero assumption often made is that the mass ratio distribution has a flat shape, that is binaries with a high mass ratio occur as frequently as those with equal masses. ...
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Searching for GRB -GWB coincidence during LIGO science runs Isabel Leonor University of Oregon LIGO-G050216-00-Z Motivation almost 40 years since GRBs were discovered past 15 years has been time of important clues isotropic and inhomogeneous distribution (BATSE); first optical, x-ray, radio counterparts; redshift measurements; association with core-collapse supernovae yet important ...
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8. Spectral energy distribution
... In brief: the frequency-dependent radiative transfer equation is solved for a dust under assumption of spherically-symmetric geometry for its distribution taking into account particle size distribution and quantum heating effects for the very small dust particles. ... Table: Model parameters for IRAS04296+3429. ... parameter . ... hot dust shell) . ... The best fit to the spectral energy distribution of IRAS04296 is shown by heavy solid line (see Table2 for details concerning parameters of the model...
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9. The Network Time Protocol (NTP) Distribution
... The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is used to synchronize the time of a computer client or server to another server or reference time source, such as a radio or satellite receiver or modem. ... Information on the NTP architecture, protocol and algorithms can be found in the Further Information and Bibliography page. The Building and Installing the Distribution page presents an overview of the procedures for compiling the distribution and installing it on a typical client or server. ...
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10. How SCA-1 measurements are organized.
The movie demonstrates a succession of 7 complete measurement frames of SCA-1 on rotating Interball-1 spacecraft. Diagram, inspired by Salvador Dali's paintings, shows all 64 viewing directions and 15 energy steps as spheres. ... The distribution of spheres along viewing direction is linear unlike logarithmic distribution in reality. ... Complete 3-D distribution is measured for about 10s. Rotation of the spacecraft during one measurement frame is neglected. ...
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11. The Radial Distribution of the Interstellar Medium in Disk Galaxies: Evidence
One possible way for spiral galaxies to internally evolve would be for gas to flow to the center and form stars in a central disk (pseudo-bulge). ... In this paper we present radial profiles of stellar and 8 ЮМm emission from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) for 11 spiral galaxies to investigate whether the interstellar medium in these galaxies contains a central concentration above that expected from the exponential disk. ...
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12. Measurement of the dark halo shape in polar ring galaxies
... According to the most popular cosmological paradigm, the greater part of the galaxy mass is accumulated in the dark matter halo. ... The polar ring galaxies (PRGs) reveal external rings or disks of gas, dust and stars rotating in a plane roughly perpendicular to the disk of the central galaxy. ... The shape of the dark halo in the model was chosen so as to achieve the best fit to the observed rotation of both galaxies themselves and their polar rings. ... The SPRC-7 galaxy. ...
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... AMPLE (Adaptable Minor Planet Ephemerides) is integrated software package to deal with a number of problems concerning minor planets with the aid of IBM-type personal computer. ... compiling a list of all numbered minor planets which can be seen at certain moment within specified sky region and visualization of their mutual positions; . ... As AMPLE is able to reproduce virtually any table of "the Ephemerides of Minor Planets" , it may be considered as computer version of the EMP. ...
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14. Basic definitions [Oulu] - last update: 1 July 1998, 1200 UT (RR) . ... Relates the wave number k to the wave frequency. ... From the equation of motion , m d v /dt = q( v x B ) one can calculate that, in a presence of magnetic field B , a charged particle is accelerated in direction perpendicular to both v (perp) and B . ... The angle a between magnetic field B and velocity vector of a charged particle, v ., i.e., sin a = v(perp) / v(total), where v(perp) refers to the velocity component perpendicular to B . ...
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15. Linear polarization: wavelength dependence
... Fitting the observed dependence includes calculations of the polarization cross-sections averaged over particles orientation and size distribution, their normalization and the comparison of obtained dependencies with Serkowski's curve representing observational data for a chosen star. ... Variations of the polarization factors with wavelength are shown in Fig. 16 for homogeneous spheroidal particles with PF orientation. ... The distinction between prolate and oblate spheroids is also clearly seen. ...
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16. EIT Reconstruction Paper 1
Fast algorithm of reconstruction of absolute conductivity distribution in a cross-section of human body by measurements of electrodes' potentials on the skin surface is described. ... This paper describes fast algorithm for absolute conductivity reconstruction and results of its application. ... The main problem under the absolute image reconstruction is obtaining of reference data, corresponding to the object with uniform conductivity and the same electrode positions. ...
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17. Pulkovo NEO Page: Ephemeris Support
Pulkovo NEO Page . ... EPOS Software Package . ... EPOS ( E phemeris P rogram for O bjects of the S olar system) is the Windows PC application for study and ephemeris support of observations of the Solar system objects. ... It controls the part of common data and transfers the control to one of the programs that solve the restricted set of tasks. ... So with the EPOS software package one can calculate the accurate ephemerides for many objects and get the quick illustration of their motion as well. ...
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18. Lab Skills Video Tutorials: Uncertainties
These lesson introduces you to the use of uncertainties. ... It introduces probability distribution functions, the Gaussian Distribution, hypothesis testing and model fitting. This lesson introduces you to the different types of uncertainty, and how you can estimate them from the scatter in your measurements, or from knowledge of your experimental set-up. ... It also covers averaging and how that affects uncertainties. Back Main Lab-Skills Page . ...
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INFRARED FOURIER-SPECTROMETER SICH-F . ... Instrument work regimes: 1) Inside. 2) Calibration at inside standard sources 2 - 4 times per a rotation. 3) Calibration at "free space" 2 - 4 times per a rotation. 4) Infrared radiation measuring 10 - 40 min. per a rotation. ... Spectrometer consists of the photodetector block and the block of signal processing and control. ... Diagnostic information and attach data will transfer by state telemetric channels. ... Detector temperature. ...
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XMM-Newton Science Analysis System Page: 1 rgso setcalc July 9, 2007 Abstract Calculate the mean and the standard deviation of the pulse height distribution of RGS diagnostic images. ... This will only be implemented at a later time, if in-orbit experience warrants it. rgso setcalc accepts a list of DIAGNOSTIC datasets (refer to the ODF ICD [1]. For each DIAGNOSTIC dataset rgso setcalc calculates the mean and standard deviation of the pulse height distribution. ...
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