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1. Parallax
... The greater the distance, the smaller the parallax. ... That triangle has the same proportions as the much larger triangle ABC, and therefore, if the distance B'C to the thumb is 10 times the distance A'B' between the eyes, the distance AC to the far landmark is also 10 times the distance AB. ... The most distant objects our eyes can see are the stars, and they are very far indeed: light which moves at 300,000 kilometers (186,000 miles) per second, would take years, often many years, to reach them. ...
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3. Venue
... The conference will be held at The Mint in Sydney's central business district. This historic building, originally built to host a hospital in the early 19 th century, later became the first branch of the Royal Mint in Australia. ... 10 Macquarie Street . ... The easiest way to get to the conference venue is to take the train. Simply get on any train stopping at St James station. After getting off at St James, you will get to The Mint after a short 100-metre walk along Macquarie Street. ...
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4. Safety.html
... Garage/Shop Building . ... APO Site Safety Plan . ... When in doubt, contact the Site Manager . ... In the event of an emergency , it is best to contact the Site Manager, Safety Officer , or other APO personnel listed on the APO emergency phone lists located in all control rooms and the Supply area. ... Do not enter this area without a safety briefing ; contact the Site Manager . ... Special training and safety equipment is required before handling cryogenics; contact Site Manager . ...
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5. Natural Science Building Student Telescope
A student observatory located on the roof of the Natural Science Building on Belknap Campus is used in the astronomy lab classes and by majors in the Department of Physics and Astronomy's B.S. Astrophysics track. ... The 14-inch Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain seen here was installed in May 2010. ... In spite of a location in the midst of our bright urban heat island, this 14-inch diameter telescope provides quality visual images of the moon, planets, multiple stars, and bright nebulae. ...
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6. Harvard College Observatory History in Images
This is a personal project collecting and documenting early images of Harvard College Observatory, focusing on the site at Observatory Hill (previously Summer House Hill). ... The current focus is through about 1920, and filling out the history of the Cambridge location, and buildings. ... Because I'm also interested in the history of printing and image reproduction, some of the information here will emphasize that viewpoint. ... All images plus additional timeline notes (138) . ... Selina Bond (0) . ...
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7. Buildings
... Construction of the Observatory's principal buildings began in 1789, using plans drawn up by Francis Johnston, one of Ireland's most celebrated architects, a native of Kilmore, County Armagh who in later years became known as `Ireland's Wren'. The main buildings, which are of considerable architectural merit, comprise in their original designation a residence for the Astronomer, a meridian room, a library and several telescope domes. ...
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8. Conference location | Radiation mechanisms of astrophysical objects: classics
... Radiation mechanisms of astrophysical objects: classics today . ... Saint-Petersburg is the 2n d largest city in Russia located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. Founded in 1703 by Tsar Peter the Great Saint Petersburg was the imperial capital of Russia until 1918. The meeting will be held in the Conference Hall of historical building of the Saint-Petersburg State University - Twelve Collegia. ... Conference program . ... Conference location . ...
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9. Parallax
... Section M-7 describes the basic problem of trigonometry (drawing on the left): finding the distance to some far-away point C, given the directions at which C appears from the two ends of a measured baseline AB. ... That means that the angle ? ... 2? r covers an angle 360њ . ... Suppose you want to estimate the distance to some distant landmark--e.g. a building, tree or water tower. ... Alpha Centauri, the sun-like star nearest to our solar system, has a distance of 4.3 years and a parallax of 0.75"....
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10. EVN Symposium 2016
20-23 September 2016, St.Petersburg, Russia . ... Registration to the Symposium will be held in the main building of the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Monday 19th September, from 18:00 to 21:00 . ... Registration will also be available on Tuesday September 20th from 8:00 to 9:00 at the conference venue. ... Conference dinner will take place in the Palace of Grand duke Vladimir (Academics House) on Wednesday 21th September, from 19:00 to 22:00 . ...
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11. Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston
... Members . ... The ATM's of Boston was founded in 1934 by a group of persons interested in assisting others in the art of optical polishing the craft of telescope making, and to learn together about the science of astronomy and the use of astronomical instruments. ... Mr. Jones introduced the club to Dr. Harlow Shapley at Harvard College Observatory. ... Regular shop activities resumed with the help of these "professional amateurs" and the club grew to 180 members. ... Club Newsletters . ...
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12. Description of the RadioAstron project, english version
... They are concerned with Attitude Control System of the spacecraft, satellite visibility from tracking stations, limits on the satellite autonomous operations during the orbit, and needs for auxiliary operations with the spacecraft. ... Among the operational constraints the most important one is the number of programmed slews per orbit, which determines the maximum number of radio sources to be observed during one orbit. ... System temperature (K) . ... Progress of the RadioAstron Project in Pictures...
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13. Russian Turkish 1.5-m telescope
... Main . ... Telescope . ... Diameter of the main mirror, mm . ... The length of the telescope tube, mm . ... Weight of the main mirror, kg . ... Weight of the main mirror in holder, kg . ... Weight of the telescope, kg . ... field of . ... 1:7.7, with corrector . ... 1:7.7, without corrector . ...
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14. Lockheed Martin to build Orion |
... Observing . ... Lockheed Martin to build Orion . ... NASA's new Orion spacecraft will deliver astronauts to the space station, serve as an orbital lifeboat, and, ultimately, reach lunar orbit. ... N ASA announced today that Lockheed Martin Corporation will be the prime contractor for the new Orion spacecraft. ... Only registered members of are allowed to comment on this article. ... Receive news, sky-event information, observing tips, and more from Astronomy's weekly email newsletter. ...
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We are now offering online workshops for interpreters who would like to learn their way around the night sky and become comfortable interpreting the sky for their audiences. These 8-week workshops will get you out under the night sky, build your confidence in locating constellations and planets, and give you the tools to interpret the sky for your audiences. Each participant will also receive a free toolkit of materials for a variety of outdoor astronomy activities. ...
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16. The conference " Multi-Wavelength investigations of the Sun and modern problems
... LOCATION . ... The administrative centre, the library, scientific laboratories, computer center, hotel and apartment houses of an observatory are located in the settlement Nizhnij Arkhiz , which is situated in 25 kms to the south from a village Zelenchukskaya. ... It is desirable to come on conference by the following types of transport: . ... During the conference period it is supposed to conduct a public meeting of the section "Sun" with discussion of results of the researches made in 2005. ...
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17. The Very Large Telescope Project
... ESO is building what will be the World's largest optical telescope array, The Very Large Telescope (VLT). The VLT Project organisation is responsible for the design and construction of the Unit Telescopes, including enclosures, optics, adapter-rotators and coating unit. ... Unit Telescopes Overview - This page is outdated, an update is in process. ... Secondary mirror (M2 Unit) - This page is outdated, an update is in process. ... Coating Unit - This page is outdated, an update is in process. ...
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18. Observatory Lisnyky
Lisnyky observatory of A&SPD is located in the village of Lisnyky in Kyiv region. AZT-8 (right) Diameter 0.7 m, Newton, Cassegren. ... Spiral jets of comet Hale-Bopp have been observing on the 3-rd of April, 1997 with 70-cm reflector and image intensifier, time of exposure: 1 second, field of vision: 1.5 minute of arc. This color image was obtained with Fuji color film (Super Plus 400) in focal plane of the 70-cm reflector (F = 27 m) at Lisniki Observatory by A.M.Evtushevsky. ...
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19. FIRPO Help 1
... This is in the cardboard box labelled "new setup", together with other stuff below. ... In the Leinert Schrank there is a box of new (virgin, unconnected) batteries. ... This is to be obtained somewhere (at this time there were two on the first level of the 1.23m building) 7- a multimeter. to be found in Leinert's Schrank. 8- an eyepiece for the photometer, and a barrel with hole to check the alignment of the mount. these are in a small cardboard box, to be found inside the "new setup" box. ...
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20. XWare > APOD
... Contemplating the Sky . ... Last night was a good one for midnight meditators at many northerly locations as meteors from the Perseid meteor shower frequently streaked through. The Perseid meteor shower has slowly been building to a crescendo but should continue to be rewarding tonight and into the week. ... Why is spiral galaxy Centaurus A in so much turmoil? ... A Perseid Meteor . ... Earth at Night . ... Spiral Galaxy NGC 2997 from VLT . ... NGC 2997 is a grand design spiral galaxy. ...
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