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1. Space Weather Dials Interpretation Guide
This page provides explanatory text for the dials shown on the Rice Current Solar Wind Conditions and Current Solar Wind Conditions (Dials Only) webpage. These dials use the last good received set of measurements from the Real Time Solar Wind package on the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) spacecraft. ... Measured) This quantity is the number of solar wind protons per unit volume as measured by the ACE Solar Wind Electron Proton Alpha Monitor (SWEPAM) . ... It is measured by ACE/SWEPAM. ...
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2. How DFS components access databases
... DpmkSpace (part of SAS) . Cdb server (part of calibDB, in Garching only . Dpserver (part of SA, in Garching only) More about P2PP checks to be performed when installing/configuring it. Go to top of page . More about OT-tcl/tk checks to be performed when installing/configuring it. ... More about Java-OT checks to be performed when installing/configuring it. ...
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3. Galactic potential
Next: Results of calculations Up: Initial conditions Previous: Initial velocity . We consider motion of the stars in the Galaxy with a model axially symmetrical potential which becomes quasi-spherical at large distances from the galactic center and gives rise to the observed galactic rotation curve. As an example we have taken the galactic potential as in Paczynsky (1990) paper. The potential consists of two disk components corresponding to the galactic disc and the buldge . ...
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4. CCF Components
Next: General CCF Components Up: Calibration Access and Data Previous: List of CAL Routines Contents . This section contains descriptions of the structure of CCF constituents. ... The calibration team of the SOC is also providing additional CCF components where required in conjunction with data that were generated with SciSim. ... These CCF components are generated on a need basis and are identical in structure to the real life components. ... Generation from Ground Calibration Data . ...
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5. Spacecraft Rosetta Shows Comet has Two Components
... Credit Copyright: ESA / Rosetta /MPS for OSIRIS Team ; MPS /UPD/LAM/IAA/SSO/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA Explanation: Why does this comet's nucleus have two components? The surprising discovery that Comet 67P/ChuryumovGerasimenko has a double nucleus came late last week as ESA 's robotic interplanetary spacecraft Rosetta continued its approach toward the ancient comet's core. ... NASA Web Site Statements, Warnings, and Disclaimers . NASA Official: Jay Norris. ... Comet 67P from Spacecraft Rosetta . ...
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6. Calculating the Position and Velocity Components of HST
... The HST uses an onboard model of its orbit to perform in real-time various control functions relating to spacecraft operations and observation support. ... New coefficients for the ephemeris are updated every other day, and are archived as FITS keywords for each HST observation data set. Using these coefficients,an observer can perform a variety of calibration and characterization calculations relating to the orbital position and velocity of the telescope. ...
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7. APOD: 2014 July 21 - Spacecraft Rosetta Shows Comet has Two Components
... 2014 July 21 . Spacecraft Rosetta Shows Comet has Two Components . Image Credit: ESA / Rosetta /MPS for OSIRIS Team ; MPS /UPD/LAM/IAA/SSO/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA . Explanation: Why does this comet's nucleus have two components? The surprising discovery that Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko has a double nucleus came late last week as ESA 's robotic interplanetary spacecraft Rosetta continued its approach toward the ancient comet's core. ... About APOD | ...
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Optical/IR infrastructure priority setting process The Town Hall community meeting agreed that the "base" component of Gemini (i.e. the current 6.19% + Aspen program) is the community's highest priority, and that it should be wholly funded under NCRIS (i.e. without the LIEF or university contributions of the present arrangement). ... Infrastructure funded through NCRIS should serve the research and innovation system broadly, not just the host/funded institutions. ...
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... In the remainder of this licence agreement these components are referred to as the "MEDC-owned components of BSMEM". In consideration of the agreement of you, the Licensee, to abide by the terms and conditions of this Licence, MEDC grants to the Licensee a right to use and display the MEDC-owned components of BSMEM at the Premises specified and under the conditions below. ... The MEDC-owned components of BSMEM are made available under this Licence solely for use as part of BSMEM. ...
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10. Prediction technique
Geomagnetic storms and substorms are a natural hazard similar to hurricanes, floods etc. ... Solar and geomagnetic activity also probably influences the Earth's climate and human health. ... Under southward directed IMF the Earth's magnetosphere is open to input from the solar wind flow. ... Since practical importance of solar wind measurements was recognized, a number of approaches was developed for prediction of the geomagnetic activity basing on the solar wind data. ...
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11. Dust Attenuation in Late-Type Galaxies. I. Effects on Bulge and Disk Components
We present results of new Monte Carlo calculations made with the DIRTY code of radiative transfer of stellar and scattered radiation for a dusty giant late-type galaxy like the Milky Way, which illustrate the effect of the attenuation of stellar light by internal dust on the integrated photometry of the individual bulge and disk components. ... In addition, we find that the structure of the dusty ISM affects more sensitively the observed magnitudes than the observed colors of both bulge and disk. ...
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12. The NMW survey homepage
NMW survey overview . Access image archive . ... The New Milky Way survey aims to detect bright (V<13.5) optical transients near the Galactic plane using an automated wide-field (8x6 deg.) system capable of surveying the whole Milky Way area visible from the observing site in one night. ... All images obtained during the transient search survey are available online (please use the image archive access form ). ... Images per field: . ... Images per night: . ... Milky Way imaging time: . ...
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TOOLS OF TEST GENERATION FOR SATELLITES CONTROL PROGRAMS Andrey Tyugashev, Ekaterina Myasnikova, Elena Sopchenko S.P. Korolyov Samara State Aerospace University (National Reseach University) The paper presents a research in the field of test automation for testing spacecraft control programs. ... Programmers or designers of spacecraft systems write tests manually. ... Tests are carried out by issuing the control actions on the spacecraft and condition monitoring systems parameters of the spacecraft. ...
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14. "STP Data" STP Data
... Minute Values of Geomagnetic Field Components . ... AA 1868 - Present (3 hourly and daily) (monthly) (yearly) (Lists and histograms of geomagnetic disturbance and Solar Sunspots) KP_AP 1932 - Present (3 hourly and daily) (Lists and histograms of geomagnetic disturbance and Solar Sunspots) AE_HV 1957-75, 78-88 (hourly) AE_MIN 1978-881-6;198903;1990-94 (minute) DST 1957 - Present (hourly) PC 1975 - Present (15-minute) AMANAS 1959 - Present (3 hourly and daily) KMKNKS 1983 - Present (3 hourly) . ...
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HIGH RESOLUTION IONOSPHERIC MASS SPECTROMETER P-11 . ... Onboard mass-spectrometric equipment for study of neutral and ionized components of Earth upper atmosphere. Mass-spectrometer P-11 is one of P-series modifications of the on board radio-frequency monopole spectrometers. ... The instruments of P-series have passed successful approbation in space experiments aboard geophysical rockets MP-12, launched for investigation of Earth upper atmosphere (Ref. ... Measured mass number range, AMU - 1.. ...
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16. VEGA pr-7
... Magnetic field experiment on Vega - 1 and 2 spacecraft. ... Two spacecrafts, Vega-1 and Vega-2 have been launched aboard Proton rockets from Baykonour on 15 and 21 December 1984, respectively. ... For magnetic field measurement two-sensor fluxgate system was used. ... During the cruise phase from Earth to Venus both Vega-1 and Vega-2 spacecrafts had one-axis orientation i.e. Bx of magnetometer was directed to the Sun, By and Bz axes were rotated around Bx-axis. ... Vega-1 magnetic data for 1984 . ...
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17. Space Scientific and Education project of Lomonosov Moscow State University
... Research objects and scientific purposes . Space scientific program includes development and launch of two supersmall spacecrafts "Universitetskiy" and "Kompas-2" intended for monitoring of radiation conditions near the Earth. ... All the studies conducted in the near-Earth space are characterised by strong radiation fields. ... The circular polar orbits, which cover all the near-Earth space, are the most favorable for comprehensive studies of the radiation conditions near the Earth. ...
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18. MILT Description
... This is possible at modest cost due to the low moments of inertia of the telescope and enclosure. ... This same performance will be achieved in higher winds when the telescope enclosure is facing away from the wind, or by using wind screens. ... The telescope system (MILT) will be remotely operable with an on-site operator's assistance by an astronomer located at one of the ARC member institutions. ... Mean Wind Speed . ... Offsets > 10 deg: 1 arc sec rms max . ... 5 sec max, tracking to tracking . ...
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19. HwB: EISA Connector
EISA=Extended Industry Standard Architecture. ... EISA: E1(front)/F1(back) C1/D1 G1/H1 A,C,E,G=Component Side A,B,F,H=Sold Side . ... 62+38 PIN EDGE CONNECTOR at the computer. ... EISA Ready . ... EISA Slave Size 32 . ... GND . Ground . ... KEY . Access Key . ... Latchable Addressline 31 . ... Data 17 . ... Master Acknowledge Contributor: Joakim жgren , Mark Sokos Sources: Mark Sokos EISA page . ...
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20. Luna 10
... Launch Date/Time: 1966-03-31 at 10:48:00 UTC . ... The Luna 10 spacecraft was launched towards the Moon from an Earth orbiting platform. ... Scientific instruments included a gamma-ray spectrometer for energies between 0.3--3 MeV, a triaxial magnetometer, a meteorite detector, instruments for solar-plasma studies, and devices for measuring infrared emissions from the Moon and radiation conditions of the lunar environment. ... Luna 10 measured the magnetic field of the moon intermittently for 2...
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