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1. Main research and development work completed in 2009 and ready for
... Space Research Institute . ... Main research and development work completed in 2009 and ready for implementation . ... Development of the Northern Eurasia land cover map based on medium spatial resolution satellite data. ... The research and development has been completed of the first in Russia and in the whole world high-speed digital streams decoder for space and satellite channels with extremely high noise levels. ... Main research and development work completed in 2008 and ready for...
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2. C.J. Butler, Research Astronomer
Next: J.E. Chambers, Research Astronomer Up: Research Previous: Research Contents . ... Solar Variability and Climate . Other Activities . ... Applied to data of flares on Gliese866 he was able to estimate the area of hydrogen emitting flare regions as 1-13% of the stellar surface. ... As partners in the project, Armagh Observatory has been asked to contribute to the selection process in exchange for priority access to the data which will eventually flow from the satellite. ...
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3. Marshall Perrin's Research
... Research . ... GPI Data Pipeline . ... GPI . ... My research focuses on high contrast imaging of circumstellar material: disks, envelopes, jets, and substellar companions. ... The second, harder challenge is achieving sufficiently high contrast: scattered light from circumstellar dust is faint, usually less than a percent of the total flux, sometimes far less. ... In addition to planet detection, GPI will also feature a polarimetric imaging mode for studies of circumstellar dust disks. ...
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4. Infrared astronomy
... Carlo Baffa This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , tel (+39) 055 2752 298 . Valdemaro Biliotti, This email address is being protected from spambots. ... This email address is being protected from spambots. ... Gilbetro Falcini, This email address is being protected from spambots. ... Debora Ferruzzi, This email address is being protected from spambots. ... Elisabetta Giani, This email address is being protected from spambots. ...
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5. Astronaut Bio: Alfred Merrill Worden
... Alfred Merrill Worden . NASA Astronaut (former) . ... Married to Jill Lee Worden (Hotchkiss). ... He served as a member of the astronaut support crew for the Apollo 9 flight and as backup command module pilot for the Apollo 12 flight. ... Scott and Irwin collected approximately 171 pounds of lunar surface materials on their three expeditions onto the lunar surface; and Worden logged 38 minutes in extravehicular activity outside the command module, "Endeavour." ...
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6. ADASS 2003 Conference Proceedings
... Previous: Generalized Linear Multi-Frequency Imaging in VLBI . ... At Astronomical Observatory of Valencia University (OAUV), CCD observations of asteroids and big planets satellites are obtained since 2001 with a big format camera and several telescopes. ... Software for comparison of single and overlapped CCD fields obtained at different epochs has been developed. ... After images measurement in CCD field, catalogue stars are identified and adjusted with images. ...
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7. REU Science Area
... Radio astronomers at Arecibo Observatory observe a wide variety of phenomena in the Milky Way and in other galaxies. ... Some REU projects are carried out on pre-existing data, and others rely on obtaining new data. ... Deriving a new shape model from existing radar images has been a popular student project in past years, and there are data sets that could be used for this. We are collecting thermal infrared emission data for many of the near-Earth asteroids that are also observed with radar. ...
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8. SAO RSDC Home Page - RRA - PSPC
... The ROSAT Consortium (the Max-Planck-Institut fuer extraterrestrische Physik, the Goddard Space Flight Center, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Leicester University, and the Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam) announces the release of the completed source catalogs of all ROSAT pointed observations. ... Detailed information about the catalog and methods of access to the catalog and data products can be obtained from the ROSAT Results Archive web pages in Germany, in the US, and in the UK:...
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9. ESO - Swedish Heterodyne Facility Instrument Science Verification
... Science . ... Science Users Information > Science Activities > APEX Science Verification > SHFI . ... Observing Facilities . ... Observing with ESO Telescopes . ... Telescope Time Allocation . ... ESO Data . ... The Science Verification (SV) observations of the APEX Swedish Heterodyne Facility Instrument were observed in March 2008. ... A selection of the APEX-1 proposals listed below have been observed during the week of joint SV observations in March 2008, and later during the ESO time of period...
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10. ASP: Eclipse Watching: Making a Solar Filter
adapted from Observe: Eclipses, published in 1979 by the Astronomical League and "Safe Solar Filters," by B. Ralph Chou, Sky and Telescope, August 1981) . ... Tape TWO pieces of film together into a sandwich, and tape this over the opening in the cardboard. ... The cardboard frame will act as a shade from the bright Sun, while you safely observe through the film sandwich. ... Undeveloped film is not safe. ... tape . ... At the end of one of the tubes, tape the aluminum foil, and make a tiny pinhole. ...
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11. Dynamic tests of the scientific equipment 'Contact' have been completed in SSAU
... Pre-university education . ... Facilities and equipment . ... SSAU History . SSAU roadmap . ... Contacts . ... The scientists of Samara State Aerospace University have completed dynamic tests of the first Russian university nanosatellite SamSat-218D created by SSAU students. ... It has already passed the whole set of tests and transferred to the Rocket and Space Centre Progress . ... The whole test cycle of the nanosatellite SamSat-218D (Module Contact-Nanosatellite") will be completed in July. ...
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... Partial matching is allowed Cone Search Right ascension Right Ascension measurement in (J2000) Declination Declination measurement (J2000) Search window Field of view to search around the RA/Dec measurement (arcmin) Project ID This is the OPAL project ID in which an observation was observed Observation date (DD MMM YYYY) Allows searching for pulsar observations by observation date in dd mmm yyyy format ...
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13. Data bases of Natural Satellites. Documentation. Structure
Databases (NSDC) of the Natural Planetary Satellites. ... NSDC: Database of astrometric observations of Natural Planetary Satellites . ... They are thoroughly looking for observations in different sources, creating their owndatabases which are then mostly inaccessible to other researchers. ... In the file "content" with explications, the reference is given to the data source as well as the bibliographic reference. ... Data sources. ... Why a specific bibliographic database for Natural satellites? ...
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14. VLSS radio survey
... VLSS Redux version, 2012 . We present details of improvements to data processing and analysis which were recently used for a re-reduction of the Very Large Array (VLA) Low-frequency Sky Survey (VLSS) data. Algorithms described are implemented in the data-reduction package Obit, and include smart-windowing to reduce clean bias, improved automatic radio frequency interference removal, improved bright-source peeling, and higher-order Zernike fits to model the ionospheric phase contributions. ...
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15. Researches of Astronomy and Space Physics Department
Nowadays at the Department the experimental and theoretical investigations, including astronomical and ionospheric observations, active experiments with space vehicles are taking place. ... Solar Corona physics and erruptive phenomenae. ... Stellar astronomy. ... The Department has organized and put into practice more then 50 expeditions for observation of Solar ecllipces, aurorae polaris, comets, meteor streams, controlled space experiments, and also for investigations of geophysical characteristics. ...
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16. Raquel Salmeron - Research Interests and Experience
My research interests are focussed on the theory and modelling of accretion processes as well as star and planet formation mechanisms. I am particularly interested in the stability properties of accretion discs, the generation of MHD turbulence and associated angular momentum transport, disk - planet interactions and the origin and characteristics of jets and winds from accreting systems . ... These results have been published in Salmeron & Wardle, 2005, M.N.R.A.S., 361: 45-69. ...
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17. XMM-Newton Science Analysis System: Main Page
... The Science Analysis Software (SAS) is an extensive suite of software tools developed to process the data collected by the XMM-Newton Observatory . SAS is released periodically. ... After the release of the general patch to SAS 7.1.0, many users have requested to identify it with a new version number. ... 28/11/2007] General Patch to SAS 7.1.0 : SAS 7.1.0 is able to recognize and process correctly RGS data taken in single readout node sub-mode. ... Pages maintained by SAS librarian . ...
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18. Theatre Museum
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19. Correlator Products
Next: Mission Operations Data Transfer . ... VLBI Tape Management . VLBI Tapes . ... When: As soon as the correlator is satisfied with the correlator output. back to top . ... What: Each correlator will maintain a data base including the status of all VLBI tapes under its control. ... The correlators will distribute tapes to mission elements based on the Observation Summary File produced by the RSOG ( Observation Summary File ) to ensure each element has enough tapes to support SVLBI observations. ...
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20. S.P. Korolev RSC Energia - News
... S.P. KOROLEV ROCKET AND SPACE CORPORATION ENERGIA . ... OAO RSC "Energia" . ... Company's History . ... Today, on March 28 the following was successfully completed at the Baikonur Cosmodrome: general assembly of rocket-space complex within the Progress MS-02 cargo transport vehicle (CTV) of a new modification and the Soyuz 2.1 launch vehicle. ... OAO RSC Energia (included in State Corporation Roscosmos) is the leader in the rocket and space industry, and the prime contractor for manned space systems...
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