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1. The SRON-HeaD Data Analysis System
Next: Three-dimensional Data Analysis in IRAF and ZODIAC+ . ... A data analysis system has been developed at SRON, which has been designed to allow rigorous control of the quality of its processed data products. ... This means recording all parameters of all steps which lead to the establishment of the final data products (Figure 1 ). ... Figure: A processing pipeline is a sequence of tasks with several input/output files and parameters, which pass data from one task to the next. ...
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2. An Ultraviolet-to-Radio Broadband Spectral Atlas of Nearby Galaxies
The ultraviolet-to-radio continuum spectral energy distributions are presented for all 75 galaxies in the Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxies Survey (SINGS). ... These results suggest that the star formation history may be the dominant regulator of the broadband spectral variations between galaxies. Finally, a new discovery shows that the 24 ЮМm morphology can be a useful tool for parameterizing the global dust temperature and ultraviolet extinction in nearby galaxies. ...
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3. Inference of Coefficients for Use in Phase Correction
... OOF software . ... Memos . ... Raw data . ... We present a Bayesian approach to calculating the coefficients that convert the outputs of ALMA 183 GHz water-vapour radiometers into estimates of path fluctuations that can be used to correct the observed interferometric visibilities. ... Please note that the files"COPYING" in each of the distribution packages have GPL listed but it is in fact LGPL which applies. ... This is the raw data from the SMA used in the analysis shown in Section 4 of the memo. ...
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4. The Galaxy Gallery: Messier Objects
M1 image More About M1 Nice Color Picture . ... M16 image More About M16 HST image . ... M31 image More About M31 Nice Color Picture . ... M42 image ; M43 image More About M42/43 Nice Color CCD Picture . M51 image More About M51 Color Image of M51 M51 Supernova . M57 image More About M57 Nice Color CCD Picture Very Deep M57 Image . ... M81 image More About M81 M81 Supernova Ultraviolet Image of M81 More about Ultraviolet Imaging . M82 image More About M82 M82 False Color M82 True Color . ...
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5. HyperLEDA documentation: parameter: objtype
The parameter objtype describes the nature of the object. It is deduced from the compilation of the nature of objects . ... note: A multiple galaxy is an object consisting of several galaxies. Each component may or may not be separately indexed in the database. There is also another parameter, multiple , which indicates if a galaxy belongs to a multiple object. For a pair of galaxies, in the best case we should have three entries in the database . HyperLeda . ...
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XMM-Newton Science Analysis System Page: 1 calview July 2, 2008 Abstract An interactive viewer of the XMM calibration database. 1 Instruments/Modes Instrument Mode all all 2 Use pipeline processing no interactive analysis yes 3 Description The XMM calibration database is comprised of  100 calibration datasets (the current calibration le, or CCF [1]), and a number of calibration algorithms and access functions (the calibration access layer, or cal). ... The former is described in detail in cal. ...
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7. Galaxy sector, archive 2006
... 2006: . ... Components of the systems are low mass stars and white dwarfs. For 14 pairs orbit parameters were calculated and masses and luminosities of components were determined for the first time. ... As a result of a multifrequency monitoring of the variability of a micro quasar Cyg X-3 (X-ray binary system which probably consists of a black hole and a high mass Wolf-Rayet star) a high activity period was registered for the first time in the last 4 years. ... Archive . ...
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8. Structure of the Galaxy
Next: Transparency of the Stochastic Up: Model of the Galaxy Previous: Frequency distribution of galactic . ... The parameters of the model resulted from a numerical fitting of various data, such as the observed distribution of the young star population and neutral hydrogen, the density of population II stars in the vicinity of the Sun, the galactic rotation curve and the dynamics and distribution of globular clusters   and dwarf irregular satellites of the Galaxy. ...
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9. Proper motions of 59766 stars with respect to galaxies in 149 areas of the sky
The starting page - The catalogues page - The list of the PUL2 fields - The list of the Pul-3(Pul-3SE) fields - The list of the PUL_ERS fields . please read short description of the access form controls . ... Relative proper motion in RA *cos(DE), arcsec/yr . ... s. e. relative proper motion in RA *cos(DE), arcsec/yr . ... Number of Pul2 area . ... Check the apropriate checkbox to output these data and radiobutton to select stars within interval. back to the list of the Pul2 fields . ...
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10. Search for distant radio galaxies in SAO
... The search for distant objects which can be both galaxies and quasars is one of the most important problems of observational astrphysics, because it allows one to determine cosmological parameters connected with the time of appearence and evolution of stellar systems, large scale structure of the Universe. ... Radio galaxies are important objects to be studied because they are sources of infrared-optical-ultraviolet continuum, emission lines and continual radio emission. ...
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11. III International Astronomy Olympiad, Problems to solve
Text of these problems is available also in other languages : . ... What can one see in the Moon's sky more often - the Sun or the Earth? ... There are about of 250 millions of stars in the elliptical galaxy M32 (a satellite of Andromeda galaxy). ... The masses of Capella's components. ... You are proposed to estimate the masses of Capella's components, using our observational data. ... A galaxy's mass. ... Estimate the mass of FGC 1908 and compare it to the mass of our galaxy. ...
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12. IAU Symp317 Scientific Program
Topics covered by the IAU Symp. ... Do all galaxies have stellar halos? ... Stellar tracers of the MW halo and nearby galaxies; the stellar population of star clusters and their contribution to the galaxy halos . ... NEW: Scientific program of the IAU Symposium 317 can be downloaded here . ... GLOBAL PROPERTIES OF STELLAR HALOS FROM THE MILKY WAY TO EXTERNAL GALAXIES . ... DISCRETE CONSTITUENTS OF STELLAR HALOS IN THE MILKY WAY AND IN EXTERNAL GALAXIES : PLANETARY NEBULAE and GLOBULAR CLUSTERS . ...
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13. CIMA Software Components
CIMA is more than just the observing tool - in fact, the observing tool is just a part of a bigger package called the CIMA software package. ... There is also a another package called the CIMA WAPP software which contains the WAPP software, the special Tcl/Tk interpreter used by CIMA and support libraries. ... All CIMA software components recognize the following general options that are part of the CIMA version selection system: . ... The select_cima script can be used to set up a default version. ...
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14. The AstroStat Slog principle component analysis
... Posts tagged ?principle component analysis? ... From SINGS (Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxies Survey): Isn?t it a beautiful Hubble tuning fork? ... Tags: Classification , clustering , factor analysis , Hubble , multivariate analysis , principle component analysis , SING , Spitzer , tuning fork . ... Comment . ... Entries RSS . Comments RSS . ... General comments . ... vlk on [MADS] Parallel Coordinates . upvc windows on [MADS] Parallel Coordinates . ... Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS) . ...
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15. Central Processor Manager CentralProcessor 0.11 documentation
... CentralProcessor 0.11 documentation . ... The Central Processor Manager is the local monitoring and control agent for the Central Processor sub-system. ... At the moment the Central Processor Manager only controls the acquisition phase; that is, it only controls the ingest pipeline. ... In addition to the CP manager specific parameters, any parameters that begin with ice_properties are passed directly to the ICE Communicator during initialisation. ... string . ... Central Processor Manager . ...
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16. Getting Started in Actor Prolog. Oil Production.
In this chapter we will consider an example of visual expert system written on the Actor Prolog language. ... There are a lot of methods of oil field bed stimulation that increase output of the oil production: thermal, physical-chemical, gas, microbiological, and others. ... Fig. ... The Top-Most diagram consists of three blocks: the "Describe parameters of hydrocarbon field" block, the "Check adaptability of existed methods of oil production" block, and the "Display solution" block. ... Gas methods. ...
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... The general­purpose data reduction package FIGARO is now available to be run from the IRAF CL, and more Starlink applications will follow in due course. ... A system has been developed to enable packages written for the Starlink Software Environment to be run from the IRAF CL so that an IRAF user can mix and match application tasks from the two environments as required to process data, all under the control of the IRAF CL. ... Mixing IRAF and Starlink Applications -- FIGARO under IRAF 179 3. ...
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18. Program parameters
Next: Program use Up: Description of program searchdup Previous: Description of program searchdup . Parameter input is done with a graphic user interface. ... Input file: Name of the input catalog file. It has to be formatted, one record per source/observation, according to the format used in the Arcetri observations and source archives. ... Minimum number of observations per source Source with less than this number of independent observations are not included in the output file . ...
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19. Далекая Галактика - популярно об астрономии
... О Далекой Галактике . ... Теперь в Далекой Галактике вы всегда можете увидеть свежие фотографии Солнца. ... Форум . Форум "Далекой Галактики" - прекрасное место для общения всех астрономов. ... Новости из космоса . ... Подписаться на новости Далекой Галактики Вы можете здесь: . ... Новости из Далекой Галактики - популярно об Астрономии . ... Если вы хотите выразить свое мнение о сайте "Далекая Галактика", или просто почитать мнения других посетителей - пожалуйста, заходите в Гостевую книгу . ...
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20. Vladimir Marsakov Abstracts
Authors: T.V. Borkova , V.A. Marsakov , . ... It is found that dispersions of spatial and kinematics characteristics of field stars change abruptly when the metallicity crosses the boundary [Fe/H] -0.95 . ... По опубликованным прецизионным наземным и спутниковым измерениям собственных движений, компилятивным лучевым скоростям и фотометрическим расстояниям вычислены компоненты пространственных скоростей и элементы галактических орбит для 174 переменных звезд типа ab RR Лиры околосолнечной окрестности. ...
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