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1. Database of Optical Constants -- Level: welcome
The database contains references to the papers, data files and links to the Internet resources related to measurements and calculations of the optical constants in the wavelength interval from X-rays to radio domain. ... References to some useful books and reviews on the subject (e.g. the classical handbooks edited by E.D.Palik) and links to Internet collections of optical constants and personal WWW pages with related software were also placed in the database. You have arrived at our welcome page. ...
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2. General description of the database
It is a matter of common knowledge that in processes of genesis and evolution of many solar phenomena participate magnetic fields of sunspots. ... As a basis for formation of the database we take data on magnetic fields, collected by set of observatories during many years of observations. ... Section "Magnetic field data" contains data of magnetic field observation for separate sunspots, presented in standard text format (ASCII). ... Description of structure of these files is presented here . ...
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3. HyperLEDA documentation: HyperLEDA: catalogue of designations (a101)
Catalogue of designations . HyperLeda home | Documentation | Search by name | ... Search the designations of an object . This catalogue (table a101 in the database) presents the compilation of the designations of objects. ... A given object may have several names. ... The colon behing a galaxy designation means that this name is given to 2 (or more) objects. ... The pair keeps the name given in the catalogue and the 2 objects members of the pair have the same name + the colon. code . ...
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4. A System for Web-based Access to the HSOS Database
... 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X, eds. F. R. Harnden, Jr., ... Web-based access to the data will provide a powerful, convenient tool for data searching and solar physics. ... The system will be generated by PHP and MySQL. ... Given the large amount of data, and that the data is not only plain text but also image file, visual file, we select a relational database--MySQL--to build the database management system, and use PHP to build the database engine and user query interface. ...
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5. Principles of organization
... every new catalog of objects has to be contained in the UNIX directory having the same name as the catalog of objects; . ... the programs for local operations (programs of low level) with the catalog of objects are also in the same directory; . brief characteristics and names of the programs and file with the description of the catalog are stored in the file cats_descr ; . ... All astronomical catalogs have a different format and list different observables. ...
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6. SAI Supernova catalog
... Initially SAI Supernova Catalogue was presented in the form of filebased system. ... The current version of SAI Supernova Catalogue presents data on supernovae together with data on their parent galaxies. ... The main source of data for the galaxies was LEDA database. ... In some cases our data were compared with the ones from the Asiago Supernova Catalogue and from List of Supernovae at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, but the compilation of our Catalogue is carried out independently. ...
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7. Description of different types of shell
. There are several different shells available for Unix; the most popular are described here. You can use any one of these shells if they are available on your system. And you can switch between the different shells once you have found out if they are available. Bourne shell (sh) . C shell (csh) . TC shell (tcsh) . Korn shell (ksh) . Bourne Again SHell (bash) .
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8. Software Maintenance Manual
... Created: 23 February 2001 . ... SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE MANUAL . ... 9 January 2001 . ... Note: in the final document, the table of contents will be to third level] . The Software Maintenance Manual describes the procedures for installation and maintenance of the software for the Gemini Near-infrared Integral Field Spectrograph (NIFS). ... Section 19.4.3 of the document “Programmatic Requirements for Gemini Instrumentation Development” states the requirements for the Software Maintenance Manual . ...
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9. Work notes
As it was already mentioned, the idea behind File Juggler is rather simple: using CGI scripts as processing tools and WWW browser as user interface, display the structure and content of typical anonymous FTP server in a convenient, easily navigated form. ... My P5-133 spends about 0.025 ms on one file when doing linear search with simple criterion (690 ms for 27,000 files, search for substring among file names/descriptions with 70 hits). ... Let's now look whether we can handle 1,000,000 files. ...
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10. Description
... The SF does not contain all the information required to process the ODF with the SAS. odfingest extends the SF with data extracted from the instrument housekeeping data files and the calibration database. It creates a new summary file: the SAS ODF Summary File (SOSF). ... The user need not have write access to the ODF directory. odfingest uses the parameter outdir to learn where to write the SOSF. ... Alternatively, the name of the SOSF can be passed to odfingest with the parameter summaryfile . ...
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... The information is submitted as the tables and is distributed on given years of the observation, each of that, according to an adopted classification, includes the information about six active basins of the World Ocean: · the Northwest Pacific; · the Northeast Pacific; · the Northern Atlantic; · the Northern Indian ocean; · the Southern Indian ocean; · the Southwest Pacific. ... Lat' is latitude in degrees (up to one tenth) of the geographical place of the disturbance's onset. ...
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12. ASCII files description
... Co-ordinate systems description . Directories structure . The file names' construction . The file set description . ... The orbital information for each month is presented in the separate directory. The INTERBALL orbital data are located on the STDA server, for each month in the separate subdirectory, which name consists from the year (YYYY) and month (MM) numbers. The Parent Directory of the Tail Probe orbital data is . ...
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13. General Catalogue of Variable Stars: Description
... DESCRIPTION General Catalog of Variable Stars (GCVS database) . ... Kholopov P.N., Samus N.N., Durlevich O.V., Kazarovets E.V., Kireeva N.N., Tsvetkova T.M., 1990, General Catalogue of Variable Stars, 4rd ed., vol.IV, Nauka, Moscow. Kholopov P.N., Samus N.N., Durlevich O.V., Kazarovets E.V., Kireeva N.N., Tsvetkova T.M., 1992, General Catalogue of Variable Stars, 4rd ed., vol.IV, Bull. ... Kazarovets E.V., Durlevich O.V. Editor-in-Chief Samus N.N., 1998, New Catalogue of Suspected Variable Stars. ...
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14. The Arcetri Spectral Code - E.Landi and M.Landini (2001)
CHIANTI - an atomic database for emission lines. ... K.P.Dere, E.Landi, H.E.Mason, B.C.Monsignori-Fossi, P.R.Young, 1997, A , 125, 149 . Article: Available from ADS . The Arcetri Spectral Code for thin plasmas . E.Landi M.Landini 1998, A , 133, 1 . ... E.Landi, M.Landini K.P.Dere, P.R.Young, H.E.Mason, 1999, A , 135, 339 . ... K.P.Dere, E.Landi, P.R.Young, G.Del Zanna, 2001, ApJS, 134, 331 . ... G.Del Zanna, B.J.I.Bromage, E.Landi, M.Landini, 2001, A , 379, 708 . ...
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... There is one record per exposure. ... Field dataset_ name date_obs dec_targ dec_v1 equinox expend expflag expstart exptime fgslock instrume linenum monangl mtflag npdectrg npratrg observtn ... progrmid proposid ra_targ ra_v1 seqline seqname short_pep_expo sun_alt sunangle surfaltd surflatd surflong targname time_obs tuple_id Contents Name of the dataset UT date of the start of the observation (dd/mm/yy) Declination of target ( degrees ) Declination of telescope's V1 axis ( ...
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16. ChaMPlane Database Description
... Fields Observed . ... X-ray Database . Optical Database . DS9 Virtual Observatory . ... A Step-by-Step Description of the ChaMPlane DS9 Virtual Observatory. ... By the end of this tutorial you should be familiar with a subset of the champlane/ds9 tools . ... with a circle region, and then clicked " View X-ray image for Selected Region " on the ChaMPlane tools menu. ... above, but we could equally well have done "save regions" on the optical image followed by "load regions" on the X-ray image. ...
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17. Data bases of Natural Satellites. Documentation. Structure
Databases (NSDC) of the Natural Planetary Satellites. ... NSDC: Database of astrometric observations of Natural Planetary Satellites . ... They are thoroughly looking for observations in different sources, creating their owndatabases which are then mostly inaccessible to other researchers. ... In the file "content" with explications, the reference is given to the data source as well as the bibliographic reference. ... Data sources. ... Why a specific bibliographic database for Natural satellites? ...
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18. pyQC: script structure
... overview of pyQC . ... output used by . ... All pyQC scripts and modules share a similar structure. Python offers to group functions, classes, etc. into modules which can be imported by different scripts. ... In order to avoid confusion if names are used by different (especially external) modules, the QC scripts use the 'from' statement only for pyQC modules, i.e.: . ... For other modules, the simple 'import' statement is used: . ... Python modules are also used for keeping script configuration. ...
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19. Description of SED models
... FTP access the basic models is here . ... Below, we put short descriptions of the used SED models for the photometric redshifts providing by the current server . ... The uniqueness of this model consists in expanding to the near IR (NIR) of Rocca-Volmerange and Guiderdoni's (1988) atlas of synthetic spectra with a revised stellar library, which includes parameters of cool stars. ... Homepage of the GISSEL model). ... Another model used earlier is the model of synthetic spectra of Poggianti (1997). ...
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20. Be/X-ray binaries and candidates
... Natalya V. Raguzova and Sergei B. Popov . ... We present a compilative catalogue of Be/X-ray binaries and candidates in the Galaxy and in the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. This catalogue contains 160 sources and provides information on names and spectral types of optical components, distances, on spin characteristics of neutron stars, and on orbital and X-ray properties of binary systems. ... Be/X-Ray Binaries and candidates in the Galaxy . Galactic sources: comments to the Table 1 . ...
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