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1. Redshift Distribution
... The distribution of redshifts among the DXRBS FSRQs identified so far (Figure 3) is quite similar to that of the 1 Jy and S4 samples. ... A more thorough comparison will have to await completion of our survey and the convolution of the redshift distribution with the WGACAT sky coverage. As has already been mentioned by Hook et al. (1996), selecting flat-spectrum sources is an efficient way of finding high-redshift, radio-loud quasars. ...
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2. Some statistical trends and distributions
... Our resulting sample of ELGs presented in Tables 2 and 3 is not artificially biased to any specific type of galaxies. ... Since we are looking for selection of a sample of Case BCGs, it is interesting to examine how the detected BCGs are connected with Case emission-line codes. ... Altogether BCGs comprise about 60 % of all Case ELGs which display emission lines in our spectra, or about 44 % of all Case galaxies with some emission-line code. ... Among those with the code ``w'' about 40 % are BCGs. ...
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3. The Spatial Distribution of Dust and Stellar Emission of the Magellanic Clouds
We study the emission by dust and stars in the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, a pair of low-metallicity nearby galaxies, as traced by their spatially resolved spectral energy distributions. ... We build maps of dust, stellar luminosity, and mass of both Magellanic Clouds, and analyze the spatial distribution of dust/stellar luminosity and mass ratios. ... ADS ] . ADS Citation Query . citations = 17 . citations vs. year [year,citations] . ...
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4. Null-hypothesis probability distribution for a weighted sum of Poissonian
... Let be a random deviate which follows a Poissonian probability distribution about the expectation value . Although the Poisson distribution itself is only defined for integer , one can find the following continuous `envelope function' to the Poisson values: . ... where is the gamma function . ... The expectation value of is . ... Equation 5 is used both in the present program and in boxdetect to estimate the null-hypothesis probability distribution of the weighted sum of Poissonian images. ...
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5. Comments on: tests of fit for the Poisson distribution By: hlee tests -of- fit -for-the- poisson - distribution / Weaving together Astronomy+ Statistics +Computer Science+Engineering+Intrumentation, far beyond the growing borders Fri, 01 Jun 2012 18:47:52 +0000 hourly 1 tests -of- fit -for-the- poisson - distribution /comment-page-1/#comment-267 ... Abstract: Improved №З2 statistics are defined for both Poisson and multinomial data sets. ...
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... P2720 Date Received: 2012-Mar-02 00:09:27 Technical Page Proposal Type: General Category: Observation Category: Total Time Requested: Minimum Useful Time: Prop osal Title: ABSTRACT: Regular Pulsars Galactic 6 Hours 2 hours Resolving Pulsar Emission Regions with Arecibo We propose to measure the distribution of flux density for three distant and strongly scattered pulsars. ... We will export baseband voltage data directly to disk with PUPPI for analysis off-site. ...
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7. The spectral energy distribution of PKS 2004-447: a compact steep-spectrum
An investigation of the spectral energy distribution (SED) of the compact steep-spectrum (CSS) source and possible radio-loud narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy (NLS1), PKS 2004-447, is presented. ... Analysis of a non-contemporaneous, low-resolution optical spectrum suggests that the narrow-line region (NLR) is much more reddened than the X-ray emitting region suggesting that the gas-to-dust ratio in PKS 2004-447 may be very different than in our own Galaxy. ...
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8. The Network Time Protocol (NTP) Distribution
... The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is used to synchronize the time of a computer client or server to another server or reference time source, such as a radio or satellite receiver or modem. ... Information on the NTP architecture, protocol and algorithms can be found in the Further Information and Bibliography page. The Building and Installing the Distribution page presents an overview of the procedures for compiling the distribution and installing it on a typical client or server. ...
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9. Frequency distribution of galactic binaries
Next: Structure of the Galaxy Up: Model of the Galaxy Previous: Model of the Galaxy . As discussed above (Section  6 ), galactic binary systems are assumed to be distributed logarithmically along their semi-major axis A (Abt and Levy, 1976[ 2 ]), . ... Figure 40: Number of binary stars per frequency decade. ... As the observed distribution of binary periods is flat (equation ( 15.3.1 )), the normalization constant is the total number of galactic binaries per frequency decade: . ...
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10. Nonequilibrium distributions
Results on nonequilibrium distributions of charged particles and radioisotope sources of current are as the following: . the new power-law distribution of charged particles in nonequilibrium media, for example, in the thin metalic films, under powerful energy source pumping were obtained ( together with V.I.Karas, V.M.Kontoriovich, V.E.Novikov); . ...
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11. Spectral energy distribution
... In brief: the frequency-dependent radiative transfer equation is solved for a dust under assumption of spherically-symmetric geometry for its distribution taking into account particle size distribution and quantum heating effects for the very small dust particles. ... Table: Model parameters for IRAS04296+3429. ... parameter . ... hot dust shell) . ... The best fit to the spectral energy distribution of IRAS04296 is shown by heavy solid line (see Table2 for details concerning parameters of the model...
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12. Distribution (ImageJ API)
... Class . ... FRAMES NO FRAMES All Classes . ... FIELD | CONSTR | METHOD . DETAIL: FIELD | ... java.lang.Object ij.plugin.Distribution . ... public class Distribution . ... This plugin implements the Analyze/Distribution command. ... This method is called when the plugin is loaded. void . ... Constructor Detail public Distribution () . ... This method is called when the plugin is loaded. 'arg', which may be blank, is the argument specified for this plugin in IJ_Props.txt. ...
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The radial distribution of metallicity of star-forming galaxies in a galaxy cluster can inform us about the mass assembly and enrichment history of the galaxy cluster. ... Both galaxy clusters are cool-core clusters at redshift z т?? ... The gas-phase metallicity of star- forming galaxies in MACS1115+01 exhibit anti-correlation with projected distance т??0.15 ТБ 0.08 dex/Mpc, whereas the radial metallicity distribution of RXJ1532+30 is statistically flat (т??0.09 ТБ 0.12 dex/Mpc). ...
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14. Index of /lk/source
... 13-Aug-2014 12:13 106K lk_20140815_0905.tar.. 15-Aug-2014 09:06 106K lk_20140901_0823.tar.. 01-Sep-2014 08:23 103K lk_20141016_1324.tar.. 16-Oct-2014 13:25 103K lk_20141211_1708.tar.. 11-Dec-2014 17:08 103K lk_20150430_0315.tar.. 30-Apr-2015 03:15 103K lk_20150430_0420.tar.. 30-Apr-2015 04:20 103K lk_20150818_1511.tar.. 18-Aug-2015 15:11 104K lk_20151113_1903.tar.. 13-Nov-2015 19:04 105K lk_20160314_0610.tar.. 14-Mar-2016 06:11 105K . ...
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15. Publications of Astronomy and Space Physics Department
Verkhoglyadova O.P., V.N. Ivchenko, K. Kudela, M. Slivka, V.N. Lutsenko, S.A. Romanov "Approach to identification of the tail plasma regimes using INTERBALL-1 data" // Czech. ... Yermolaev "Observation of vortical motions and compressional waves in the dawn low-latitude sheet" // Journal of Technical Physics, 1999, v.XL, No 1, p.325-328. ... Martiushov V. "A point explosion inside a cavity with power-law density distribution" // 6 th Open Young Scientists' Conference on Astronomy and Space Physics. ...
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16. Armagh Observatory
... Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh BT61 9DG, +44 (0)28 3752 2928 . ... While the traditional statistics of impact craters allow us to determine the cumulative meteoroid flux on the lunar surface, the recent successful identification of fresh craters in orbital imagery has the potential to directly measure the cratering rate of today. Time-resolved recordings, e.g., seismic data of impacts and impact flash detections clearly demonstrate variations of the impact flux during the lunar day. ...
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17. Modelling Spectro-photometric Characteristics of Nonradially Pulsating Stars
Next: Identification and Analysis of Binary Star Systems using Probability Theory . ... We present a computing code for modelling energy flux distributions, photometric indices and spectral line profiles of (non-)radially pulsating Main-Sequence stars. ... In the case of slowly rotating stars one can use the zero-rotation approximation to describe stellar pulsations. Such a model was used already by Cugier, Dziembowski & Pamyatnykh (1994) to study nonadiabatic observables of Cephei stars. ...
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18. Paper I: Method Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329)
... Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329) . ... Analysis of (radio) spectra . I describe an approach to fitting and comparison of radio spectra based on Bayesian analysis and realised using a new implementation of the nested sampling algorithm. ... I this paper I cover the theoretical background, the algorithms used and the implementation details of the computer code. I also briefly illustrate the method with some previously published data for three near-by galaxies. ... Paper I: Method . ...
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19. Creating a distribution list
. A distribution list is very useful where a group of users need to communicate amongst themselves on a regular basis. Each list is given a name just like any other user. By addressing a message to the list name, the sender can be sure that everyone will receive a copy. You cannot set up a distribution list yourself. Ask your system administrator to set one up for you.
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20. Energy distribution
... One of the most widely used tools of Fourier analysis is the Parseval theorem. It enables the experimentalist to view how the `energy' in the signal is distributed among frequencies. The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithms have made power spectra one of the obvious diagnostics tools during data acquisition, and energy maps are a versatile alternative. ... The result is an energy map (Fig. 9), showing the distribution of energy corresponding to the wavelet map (Fig. ...
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