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... PROGRESS M-66 CARGO VEHICLE . ... Baikonur branch office of S.P.Korolev RSC Energia, Baikonur launch site. At 08 hours 49 minutes 46 seconds Moscow Time transport cargo vehicle Progress M-66 was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome as per Mission Program and the commitments undertaken by the Russian side under the International Space Station Project. ... At Baikonur launch site the preparations continue for the launch of Progress M-66 cargo vehicle under the International Space Station program. ...
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2. IKI IPL home page
You can also see this page in Russian with using KOI8 (X Windows) or CP1251 (MS Windows) Cyrillic coding. The Laboratory supports the space TV experiments, mainly in the planetary exploration missions. ... Image Co-registration . ... PHOBOS mission - Martian satellites investigations. Phobos on the Martian limb, the image from Phobos-2 probe from 02/28/89. ... Russian Space Bulletin. ... Last modified at June,26 1997 Alexey Kuzmin: . Back to IKI home page ...
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3. IX International forum "Optical systems and technologies"
... News . ... International relations . ... Events IX International forum "Optical systems and technologies" . ... 2nd Thematic Scientific Conference - "New developments of optoelectronic and laser systems for aircraft ." ... Optical and opto -electronic devices and systems : methods of designing, manufacturing , testing, research and certification . Computer simulation of optical and opto -electronic systems . ... Computer modeling and design technology of optical and opto -electronic systems ." ...
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Australian SKA ­ Progress Directions Peter Hall Berkeley, July 2001 SKA Australian SKA ­ Year At A Glance n Formation of Australian SKA Consortium ­ Executive Committee, Science Engineering Working Groups now functional ­ First symposium held Feb. 2001 n Major National Research Facilities (MNRF) bid ­ Submitted May 2001; outcome known August 2001 ­ Contained ...
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5. The AstroStat Slog 2009 September
... Archive for September 2009 . ... Posted by hlee . ... Category: Algorithms , arXiv , Cross-Cultural , Data Processing , Imaging , Jargon | ... A number of practical Bayesian data analysis books are available these days. ... Algorithms arXiv Astro Bad AstroStat Bayesian CHASC Cross-Cultural Data Processing Fitting Frequentist Galaxies gamma-ray High-Energy Imaging Jargon Job Languages MC MCMC Meta Methods Misc News Nuggets Objects Optical Physics Quotes Spectral Stars Stat Timing Uncertainty X-ray . ...
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6. Astronomy HyperText Book: Stellar Evolution
... Stellar Evolution is driven entirely by the never ending battle between Pressure and Gravity . As imbalances are reached, the star is driven to find a new Energy source. ... Pressure and gravitational forces are equal, the star is stable and its core is sufficiently hot to fuse Hydrogen into Helium More about main sequence stars . ... The luminosity generated by the core fusion of Helium into Carbon is far greater than the shell luminosity associated with the fusion of Hydrogen into Helium. ...
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7. Spacecraft Rosetta Shows Comet has Two Components
... Credit Copyright: ESA / Rosetta /MPS for OSIRIS Team ; MPS /UPD/LAM/IAA/SSO/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA Explanation: Why does this comet's nucleus have two components? The surprising discovery that Comet 67P/ChuryumovGerasimenko has a double nucleus came late last week as ESA 's robotic interplanetary spacecraft Rosetta continued its approach toward the ancient comet's core. ... NASA Web Site Statements, Warnings, and Disclaimers . NASA Official: Jay Norris. ... Comet 67P from Spacecraft Rosetta . ...
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... 1 XMM-Newton Science Simulator Page: 2 Contents 1 Overview 3 1.1 EPIC-MOS ODF Converter . ... There are 5 such tools:  EPIC MOS ODF Converter modf ; produces the relevant EPIC MOS ODF component les from the EPIC MOS output of ESIM. ... The EPIC MOS ODF Converter tool takes the output from ESIM and produces an EPIC MOS ODF component le for each node of each active CCD. ... The EPIC p-n ODF Converter tool takes the output from ESIM and produces an EPIC p-n ODF component le for each active CCD. ...
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9. CSPICE Routines: SCTIKS_C
... Abstract Convert a spacecraft clock format string to number of "ticks". ... Detailed_Input sc is the NAIF ID number for the spacecraft whose clock string is being converted. clkstr is a character string representing a spacecraft clock time, WITHOUT PARTITION NUMBER. ... scencd_c converts a clock string to the number of ticks it represents since the beginning of the mission, and so uses partition information. sctiks_c just converts to absolute ticks. ... The SCLK string includes a partition number. ...
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... 314, 2004 F. Ochsenbein, M. Al len, and D. Egret, eds. The NOAO Pip eline Data Manager R. Hiriart, F. Valdes, F. Pierfederici, C. Smith and M. Miller National Optical Astronomy Observatories, Tucson, AZ 85719 Abstract. The Data Manager for NOAO Pipeline system is a set of interrelated components that are being developed to fulfill the pipeline system data needs. ... The Data Manager is a subsystem of the NOAO Pipeline that provides several data management services to the system. ...
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11. Conference "Random Processes, Conformal Field Theory and Integrable Systems"
... The conference will hold at the Poncelet Laboratory . ... The nearest metro station: Smolenskaya (metro line 3, dark blue), 5 minutes by walk . ... The nearest metro station: Pervomayskaya (metro line 3, dark blue), 5 minutes by walk . This is the direct metro connection to "Smolenskaya", the door-to-door way is around half an hour. ... Metro is the fastest transport in Moscow (here is the metro plan ). ... There are a lot of exchange offices where you can exchange euro to rubles. ...
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. Discovery returns to the Orbiter Processing Facility bay 3 where Raffaello, the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module, sits inside. The module, which contains trash and equipment removed from the International Space Station, will be removed from Discovery's payload bay and transferred to the Space Station Processing Facility. NASA/KSC
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13. QA rules: DFS commissioning
... The Quality Assurance rules applicable to DFS commissioning : . The DFS commissioning process is a whole of activities marked out by 5 milestones, all mandatory : . the Commissioning Kick-off. the Integration Kick-off. the Integration Acceptance. the Installation Kick-off. and the Commissioning Acceptance. Then, at the level of every DFS components updated for the commissioning, there is another sub-process to perform . ... Template for defining a Commissioning Plan : to be defined. ...
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14. NASA JSC History Portal
... The JSC History Portal offers access to the JSC History Collection , other JSC history materials, and hundreds of NASA history web pages. ... Johnson Space Center was established in 1961, and from the early Gemini, Apollo and Skylab projects to today's Space Shuttle and International Space Station Programs, the Center continues to lead NASA's efforts in human space exploration. ... JSC Space Shuttle Program . ... This link provides access to the NASA JSC History Portal Document Search page. ...
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15. RadioAstron main page, english version
... Main . ... The RadioAstron is an international space VLBI project led by the Astro Space Center of Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow, Russia. ... List of organizations which were taken part in developing of the project and now support the RadioAstron mission is presented here . The RadioAstron Newsletter # 29 , July 18, 2015. RadioAstron Announcement of Opportunity - 4 for observations from July 2016 to June 2017 inclusive. ... 2.7, December 17, 2015 : English version. ... Main ASC . ...
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16. APOD: 2014 July 21 - Spacecraft Rosetta Shows Comet has Two Components
... 2014 July 21 . Spacecraft Rosetta Shows Comet has Two Components . Image Credit: ESA / Rosetta /MPS for OSIRIS Team ; MPS /UPD/LAM/IAA/SSO/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA . Explanation: Why does this comet's nucleus have two components? The surprising discovery that Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko has a double nucleus came late last week as ESA 's robotic interplanetary spacecraft Rosetta continued its approach toward the ancient comet's core. ... About APOD | ...
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17. CIMA Software Components
CIMA is more than just the observing tool - in fact, the observing tool is just a part of a bigger package called the CIMA software package. ... There is also a another package called the CIMA WAPP software which contains the WAPP software, the special Tcl/Tk interpreter used by CIMA and support libraries. ... All CIMA software components recognize the following general options that are part of the CIMA version selection system: . ... The select_cima script can be used to set up a default version. ...
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18. Open Systems Handbook: A Guide to Building Open Systems
Open Systems Handbook: A Guide to Building Open Systems . ... This book is designed to provide interested individuals and organizations with an overview of open systems and the work being done to achieve them. ... This section is organized using a descriptive model of an open systems environment developed by the IEEE PI 003.0 Working Group, which is developing the Guide to POSIX-based Open System Architecture. ... Standards for open systems 13 . Chapter 3: The open systems environment (OSE) 15 . ...
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19. General space training
... Space flight . Crew training . ... Space camp . ... mastering the theoretical principles of astronautics; . studying the main components of a manned space complex - transporting spacecrafts (of the types "Soyuz", "Shuttle", ASS (Aviation Space System), etc.), orbital complexes (of the ISS (International Space Station) type), launching complex, Flight Control Center (FCC), search and rescue complex; . ... acquiring theoretical knowledge and initial practical skills of work in spacesuits; . ...
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20. Laboratory of materials for electrochemical technologies ISSP RAS
... at the ISSP RAS. ... MSU student Kostretsova N.B. successfully defended her thesis entitled "Investigation of Thermal and Chemial Expansivity of Ceria-Based Solid Solutions". ... V.A. Kolotygin successfully defended his PhD thesis "Perovskite-Like Oxide and Composite Anode Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Functional Properties and Electrochemical Behavior in Contact with Gallate- and Silicate-Based Solid Electrolytes" and was awarded PhD degree in the area of Materials Science and Engineering ....
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