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1. Laboratory of materials for electrochemical technologies ISSP RAS
... Developments and characterization of novel oxide materials with high ionic, electronic or mixed conductivity, superior electrochemical and catalytic activity, advanced thermomechanical properties, and enhanced stability in a wide range of operation conditions, and, thus, collection and systematization of new fundamental information important for technological applications of the novel materials; . ...
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2. Database of Optical Properties -- Level: subsubpage
The efficiency of interaction of radiation with a particle and hence its optical properties depend on the particle chemical composition, size, shape, structure, etc. ... Particle size expressed in units of the wavelength of incident radiation, together with chemical composition, most strongly affects the optical properties of a scatterer. ... There are many methods to solve the light-scattering problem for a homogeneous spheroid (our survey of the light-scattering methods see here ). ...
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3. ESO - Thesis Topic: Properties of kinematically decoupled structures in
... Science . ... Science Activities > PhD Thesis Topics offered by ESO Faculty Members > Thesis Topic: Properties of kinematically decoupled structures in Early-Type Galaxies . ... Science Users Information . ... ESO-MIDAS . ... ESO Science Newsletter . ... The project consists in measuring the stellar kinematics, stellar populations, dynamics, and morphological properties of the kinematically decoupled structures observed in the inner regions of Early-Type Galaxies. ... Return to list of thesis topics...
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4. Stability properties of two-temperature radiative accretion shocks
... About ATNF overview . ... Parkes radio telescope . ... Saxton & Wu (1999) presented calculations of the stability of the accretion shock which forms on the surface of an accreting magnetic white dwarf in AM Herculis type systems in an attempt to explain the observed properties of the quasi periodic oscillations sometimes seen in these systems. He showed that radiative cooling may cause thermal instability in the post-shock structure of the accretion flow settling onto a magnetic white dwarf. ...
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5. Untitled Document
... Unsafe act - a behavioral departure from an accepted, normal, or correct procedure or practice which, in the past, has produced injury or property damage or which has potential for doing so in the future; an unnecessary exposure to a hazard; conduct reducing the degree or safety normally present in an activity. ... Any hazardous unsafe condition, or act that presents a situation of imminent danger to life and/or property requires urgent action. ...
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Next: EVOLUTION MODELS Up: EXTREME HELIUM STARS: PULSATION Previous: EXTREME HELIUM STARS . The characteristic surface properties, effective temperature , surface gravity and composition , of EHes have been summarized by Jeffery (1996). ... Helium: ( ) By definition, helium dominates the atmospheric abundances. ... This is supported by a correlation between N and Fe abundances in EHes. ... Next: EVOLUTION MODELS Up: EXTREME HELIUM STARS: PULSATION Previous: EXTREME HELIUM STARS Simon Jeffery . ...
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7. Methods and instruments to measure/monitor major site properties
... The Science Operation Department is composed of Astronomers, Telescope Instruments Operators(TIOs) and Data Handling Administrators(DHAs). ... Astronomers have proposed several methods to quantitatively measure the amount of turbulence above the telescope, which the most common ones is Differential Image Motion Monitor (DIMM). In optical testing, the Hartmann test is the common method to test the quality of optical components. ... Hartmann mask consists of 48 lenses. ...
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8. Raquel Salmeron - Research Interests and Experience
My research interests are focussed on the theory and modelling of accretion processes as well as star and planet formation mechanisms. I am particularly interested in the stability properties of accretion discs, the generation of MHD turbulence and associated angular momentum transport, disk - planet interactions and the origin and characteristics of jets and winds from accreting systems . ... These results have been published in Salmeron & Wardle, 2005, M.N.R.A.S., 361: 45-69. ...
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9. Labo J.-V.Poncelet: Alexander Krasnosel'sky
... at the IITP. 1993-1995: researcher at Moscow International Mathematical Institut. a) Mathematics: Theory of Probability, Random Processes , Mathematical Physics, Theory of Interacted Particle Systems. b) Queueing Theory: Queueing Networks , application of the Theory of Markov Processes with Local Interactions to Networks with a large number of queues, Asymptotical Properties of Queueing ... A.N.Rybko, "Stationary Distributions of Markov Processes Modelling Queueing Networks". ...
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10. Project 6 - RFBR - Multilayer epitaxial heterostructures of high-temperature
... Peter B. Mozhaev , Ph.D. Complicated crystal structure and anisotropy of physical properties of the high critical temperature superconductors (HTSC) makes difficult reproducible fabrication of the multilayered epitaxial heterostructures of HTSC with necessary parameters. ... The goal of this project is study of growth and formation of the multilayer epitaxial heterostructures of HTSC of the ReBa 2 Cu 3 O x family (ReBCO, where Re is the rare earth element). ...
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11. Space Research Institute (IKI) Seminar
... Future seminars . P a s t seminars . Seminar council . Analyse and Prediction of Catalytic Properties of Heat Shield Coatings by Molecular Dynamic Modeling." ... The heat fluxes to surfaces with different catalytic properties can differ by several times. ... The complexity of the problem of determining the catalytic properties of the surface is associated with the fact that there are no direct methods of measuring the recombination coefficients and chemical energy accommodation. ...
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12. East Siberian Center for the Earth's Ionosphere Research. Capabilities and
Russian SHAREABLE DATA CENTER Institute of Solar-Terrestial Physics SB RAS . ... To improve the quality of ionograms and to carry out on automatic ionogram processing we have developed a special software, which can be arbitraly devided into the following main parts: . ... Ionogram processing software on the basis of image processing; . Interactive ionogram processing software. ... Here we present ionogram samples for different kinds of chirp sounding . ... Capabilities and samples | ...
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13. Explanatory Supplement to the 2MASS Second Incremental Data Release
... 2MASS Overview . The 2MASS Sky . Executive Summary of 2MASS Second Incremental Data Products . Point Source Catalog . Extended Source Catalog . ... Distribution Mode for 2MASS Products . Data Release Plan . ... Point Source Catalog (PSC) . Extended Source Catalog (XSC) . ... 2MASS Source Naming Convention . ... General Properties of the Data Release . ... Comparison of Achieved Performance of Second Incremental Release Catalogs with Level 1 Science Specification . ...
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14. IKI IPL home page
You can also see this page in Russian with using KOI8 (X Windows) or CP1251 (MS Windows) Cyrillic coding. The Laboratory supports the space TV experiments, mainly in the planetary exploration missions. ... Image Co-registration . ... PHOBOS mission - Martian satellites investigations. Phobos on the Martian limb, the image from Phobos-2 probe from 02/28/89. ... Russian Space Bulletin. ... Last modified at June,26 1997 Alexey Kuzmin: . Back to IKI home page ...
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15. Ultraviolet Extinction Properties in the Milky Way
We have assembled a homogeneous database of 417 ultraviolet (UV) extinction curves for reddened sight lines having International Ultraviolet Explorer spectra. ... We find that (1) the Cardelli, Clayton, Mathis (CCM) extinction law applies for 93% of the sight lines, implying that dust processing in the Galaxy is efficient and systematic, (2) the central wavelength of the 2175 ц… bump is constant, and (3) the 2175 ц… bump width is dependent on environment. ... ADS Citation Query . citations = 88 . ...
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16. Кондратьев Александр Игоревич. Публикации
... Информация Руководство и преподаватели Кондратьев Александр Игоревич . ... Сурков О.С. , Кондратьев А.И. , Алексеев В.П. , Хаймович А.И. ИССЛЕДОВАНИЕ ОБРАБАТЫВАЕМОСТИ ЖАРОПРОЧНОЙ СТАЛИ 10Х11Н23ТЗМР-ВД ДЛЯ ДЕТАЛЕЙ ГАЗОТУРБИННЫХ ДВИГАТЕЛЕЙ // Вестник Самарского государственного аэрокосмического университета. ... Кондратьев А.И. , Проничев Н.Д. Пути повышения точности при создании современных технологий многоинструментальной обработки // Известия Самарского научного центра Российской академии наук. ...
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17. Moon
... Observations of the Moon eclipse on 17.09.97 have shown the Moon details contrasts had decreased and the total radio brightness had fallen at all observed frequency range (from 10% at 1.38 sm down to 2.5% at 13 sm). The fall of the Moon radio brightness has been detected during the eclipse at decemeter waves for the first time. ... Radio emission of the Copernicus crater at 1.38 and 2.7 sm has been detected for the first time. ...
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18. Cover of the book "Radio galaxies and cosmology"
... The author of the cover picture is Vasilisa Verkhodanova. The picture symbolizes our perception of the world. The modified emblem of the SAO unifying the 6-m optical telescope and the raditelescope RATAN-600 of SAO RAS is placed in the center of the radio galaxy isophotes. From the one hand, we can investigate the properties of radio galaxies with these (and other) telescopes, and try to study physical processes providing their activity. ...
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19. Introduction
... The most precisely determined characteristic for accreting neutron stars (NS's) is their period. ... Period changes show fluctuations. ... Some applications of stochastic processes in astrophysics especially in accreting systems were discussed in Lipunov (1987),Hoshino Takeshima (1993) and Lipunov (1992).In Hoshino Takeshima (1993) the authors, using simple models of MHD turbulence, try to explain aperiodic changes in X-ray luminosity of X-ray pulsars. ... Here, -constant angular momentum. ...
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20. Objects, Methods, and Properties
... This chapter documents all the JavaScript objects, along with their methods and properties. ... Full entries for each object appear in alphabetical order; properties and functions not associated with any object appear in Chapter 2, "Top-Level Properties and Functions." ... Tables included in the description of each object summarize the object's methods and properties. Full entries for an object's methods and properties appear in alphabetical order after the object's entry. ...
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