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1. The Tenth Cambridge (10C) Survey
Welcome to the 10C Survey website! ... The first 10C Survey results from an area of 27 sq. degrees complete to 1 mJy and 12 sq. degrees complete to 0.5 mJy have now been released. ... The first results from the survey, which is the deepest extragalactic radio source survey of any significant extent (> 0.2 sq. degrees) above 1.4 GHz, including the deep 15.7-GHz source count are contained in AMI Consortium: Davies et al. ... For each field, deep and shallow areas have been defined. ...
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2. Reducing WSRT Data with AIPS
... The following document provides a short instruction on the reduction of synthesis observations with the WSRT using AIPS. ... The aim of the instructions below is to provide a check list of reduction steps to be taken and of the important parameters to be set in each task. ... Please consult the AIPS Cookbook for detailed information about data reduction with AIPS (and various Banana recipes). TASK 'FITLD' . ... GETN n . ... TGET 'INDXR' . ... DOCAL 1 . ... GAINU 2 . ... IMAGRPRM 0 . ...
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3. Parameters
... boolean . ... integer . ... Quadrant wait states [F1294], defines the length of the Extended Full Frame Mode frame time, typical values are 0, 3, or 5 (will be removed once complete PAH and PMH files in ODF available) . ... HK value of DTIMAUTRSTPREVAL [F1052], (will be removed once complete PAH and PMH files in ODF available) . ... CCD fine temperature [ C]: H_CE_TTMPFPFE [F1128], only active in absence of real PMH files (will be removed once complete PAH and PMH files in ODF available) . ...
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4. Obsolescent Acquisition Parameters
Target Acquisition Reference Information . ... In almost all cases where an onboard acquisition will not work (because the object is in a crowded field, or is variable, or is a moving target), it is sufficient to use an early acquisition to get a WFPC2 or FOC image a few weeks in advance of the GHRS observation. ... Explicit BRIGHT and FAINT limits may be specified if you desire, although there is an increased risk of a failed acquisition unless you are confident of those fluxes. ... MAPs . ...
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TOOLS OF TEST GENERATION FOR SATELLITES CONTROL PROGRAMS Andrey Tyugashev, Ekaterina Myasnikova, Elena Sopchenko S.P. Korolyov Samara State Aerospace University (National Reseach University) The paper presents a research in the field of test automation for testing spacecraft control programs. ... Programmers or designers of spacecraft systems write tests manually. ... Tests are carried out by issuing the control actions on the spacecraft and condition monitoring systems parameters of the spacecraft. ...
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6. A More Complete Picture of the Blazar Class
. Next: FSRQs Up: THE DEEP X-RAY RADIO Previous: Redshift Distribution . DXRBS' unique combination of a dual X-ray/radio survey method and high sensitivity has opened up important, large new regions of parameter space for both blazar sub-classes, within which a large fraction of our sample (nearly 50%) lie. This section is devoted to discussing these discoveries and their impact upon our understanding of the blazar class. љ . FSRQs . BL Lacs . Paolo Padovani . 1/5/1998
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7. Setting, Storing, and Retrieving the CCD Keywords
Next: Calibration Frames and Up: CCD Reductions Previous: General Overview of . ... However, apart from a few cases the keyword setting itself is not modified: principally, keywords can only be changed by the SET/CCD command. ... After (partially) having finished a CCD reduction the user may want to store the current keyword setting. ... The keyword setting can be restored by the command INIT/CCD red_table , where red_table is the reduction table containing the CCD keyword setting, previously saved. ...
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8. Bias-Free Parameter Estimation with Few Counts, by Iterative Chi-Squared
... We demonstrate through numerical simulations that model parameters estimated with our technique are essentially bias-free, even when the average number of counts per bin is 1. ... The IW technique avoids such biases by estimating through successive iterations, where for each iteration, j, , and the best-fit parameters are determined by minimization of . ... In our sample, we find that the minimum values and best-fit parameters converge after about 6 iterations. ...
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9. S.P.Korolev RSC Energia - LAUNCHERS
LAUNCHING . The first launch of LV Energia . ... The first launch . ... The launch vehicle was first launched from the versatile "Stand-Start" complex on May 15, 1987, at 21:30 Moscow time. ... The first successful launch of LV Energia proved that a versatile, heavy-lift LV Energia having no analogs in the world rocket building has been developed. The second launch of LV Energia carrying the Buran Orbiter was scheduled on October 29, 1988. ... Official WEB-site of S.P.Korolev RSC Energia . ...
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10. Program parameters
Next: Program use Up: Description of program searchdup Previous: Description of program searchdup . Parameter input is done with a graphic user interface. ... Input file: Name of the input catalog file. It has to be formatted, one record per source/observation, according to the format used in the Arcetri observations and source archives. ... Minimum number of observations per source Source with less than this number of independent observations are not included in the output file . ...
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National Research Institute for Physical-Technical and Radio Engineering Measurements IMPROVEMENT OF THE SOFTWARE BERNESE FOR CALCULATION OF THE EARTH ROTATION PARAMETERS ACCORDING TO THE DATA OF SATELLITE LASER RANGING (LAGEOS 1, LAGEOS 2) IN THE MAIN METROLOGICAL CENTRE OF THE STATE TIME AND FREQUENCY SERVICE Tsyba E. N., Kaufman M. B. 141570, Mendeleevo, Moscow region, Russia tel. +7-903-194-7575; ABSTRACT Preparatory ...
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12. Астронет > Страница 25
... Первая страница Назад Продолжить Последняя страница Обзор Изображения . Публикации с ключевыми словами: Галактика - звездная астрономия . Публикации со словами: Галактика - звездная астрономия . ... Дальний рукав в 3 кпк от центра . Лекции по Галактической Астрономии. ... Стрелец A*: быстрые звезды вблизи центра Галактики . ... KINO.RU - фильмы, кино театры, кино, расписание кино в г. Москва | ... Дизайн квартир и дизайн интерьера . ... Нужно рекламное агентство? ...
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13. SAO RSDC Home Page - RRA - PSPC
... The ROSAT Consortium (the Max-Planck-Institut fuer extraterrestrische Physik, the Goddard Space Flight Center, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Leicester University, and the Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam) announces the release of the completed source catalogs of all ROSAT pointed observations. ... Detailed information about the catalog and methods of access to the catalog and data products can be obtained from the ROSAT Results Archive web pages in Germany, in the US, and in the UK:...
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14. Historical Notes
Next: RELATED WORK Up: INTRODUCTION Previous: INTRODUCTION . ... In 1985, Grossman and Paulgrossmann-paul rigorously formulated some of these important ideas in terms of affine canonical coordinate transformations to a coherent space representation. ... In 1989 and early 1990, we formulated the chirplet transform, a multidimensional parameter space whose coordinate axes correspond to the pure parameters of planar affine coordinate transformations in the time-frequency plane. ...
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15. The Effect of Relativistic Wind on Accretion Flow Parameters
... Obviously, the size of the cavern is of the order of the Schwartzman radius. ... Thus, consideration of the inverse effect of pulsar radiation on the properties of accreting plasma makes the ejection possible even when the Schwartzman radius is smaller than the capture radius. ... If the cavern radius , the condition at its boundary can be written as . ... Apart from magnetic dipole radiation, the cavern may also contain relativistic particles (which are also reflected from the cavern boundary). ...
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16. Orbits in the period / acceleration plane
... Binary orbits in the acceleration/period plane . Circular Orbits . ... We first present the equations for the period and acceleration of a pulsar in an eccentric binary system as a function of its position in the orbit. ... In Freire, Kramer & Lyne (2001) (from where most of this text and following equations are taken), we describe in more detail how circular binary orbits can be determined from the observed periods and accelerations of the pulsar. ... where is the orbital period of the binary. ...
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Introduction to Hardware Signal Injections Peter Shawhan, Isabel Leonor, Szabi MАrka (LIGO/Caltech, U. of Oregon, LIGO/Caltech) LSC Meeting March 19, 2003 LSC Meeting, 19 March 2003 Shawhan, Leonor, Marka LIGO-G030112-00-D Uses of Hardware Signal Injections Complete end-to-end test of detector and analysis Verify that detector does not distort si gnal in unexpected ways Verify that search algorithm can detect signals ! ...
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... ALL INTERBALL participants have free access to ALL KP from all mission experiments. ... KP for years 1995-1997 (all but the last year) are open for everybody according to the Rules of the Road. KP for years 1995-1996 are also available at the ISTP CDAWeb page . To access KP for the last year other interested researches should contact the INTERBALL Scientific Committee or respective PI . How to access KP ? ...
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19. East Siberian Center for the Earth's Ionosphere Research. Ionospheric parameter
Russian SHAREABLE DATA CENTER Institute of Solar-Terrestial Physics SB RAS . ... Investigations of the ionospheric response to strong magnetics storms which are usual for our latitudes, are of great interest. ... In the figure, we present ionospheric parameter dynamics during three perturbed days in July 2000. ...
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THE PARAMETERS INVOLVED IN HAPKE'S MODEL FOR ESTIMATION OF THE COMPOSITION OF THE EJECTA LUNAR TERRAINS. ... In the previous papers we were estimated the surface roughness of the ejecta lunar terrains by means comparison of the local phase function and the average integrated lunar indicatrix. ... The Hapke's theoretical model of the lunar surface reflection. ... For THE PARAMETERS INVOLVED IN HAPKE'S MODEL: S.G. Pugacheva, V.V. Shevchenko a low-albedo lunar surface parameter Bo = 1. ...
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