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1. Barred Spiral Galaxy M95
... Credit Copyright: Jean-Charles Cuillandre (CFHT), Hawaiian Starlight , CFHT Explanation: Why do some spiral galaxies have a ring around the center? ... Visible in the above recent image from the CFHT telescope in Hawaii , USA, are sprawling spiral arms delineate by open clusters of bright blue stars, lanes of dark dust , the diffuse glow of billions of faint stars, and a short bar across the galaxy center. ... M95 with Supernova . Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1073 . Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 6217 . ...
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2. (S-7a) The Black Hole at the Center of our Galaxy
... Our Sun is part of a huge wheel-shaped collection of stars. ... Astronomers have long suspected it was a very massive black hole, and that every galaxy had such a central mass, created early in the history of the universe. ... However, unless that object happens to be headed directly at the black hole (a relatively small target) it will just swing around and fly away again, like a comet making a pass at the Sun. The velocity acquired in falling towards the black hole also helps it escape. ...
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3. Low Surface Brightness Galaxy Gallery
In this gallery are many images of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies which have recently been discovered and analyzed. ... The central surface brightness of this galaxy is 24.28 . Malin 2 This galaxy is another huge disk galaxy with a scale length of 15 kpc and a redshift of 15000 km/a. The high surface brightness knot in one of its spiral arms actually has the same color, luminosity and H-alpha equivalent width as the entire Large Magellanic Cloud . ... Truly it is a Low Surface Brightness Galaxy. ...
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4. Local astronomers find gigantic halo around neighboring galaxy - By MEGHA
... January 8, 2007 . ... SENTINEL CORRESPONDENT . Astronomers at UC Santa Cruz have discovered a surprisingly massive halo of bright, old stars around our galactic neighbor Andromeda, pushing the outer limits of the galaxy to 1.5 million light years, and teaching them how spiral galaxies behave. ... Younger stars may be remnants of a galaxy devoured, but older stars could have formed with the birth of the galaxy. ... . ...
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... fran?ais . ... It s often said that fame comes at a hefty price, but never had the price tag been as expensive as it is for the galaxy in this picture. The galaxy in this picture is literally tearing itself apart to shine as brightly as it does! ... Although this galaxy is a thousand times brighter than our own Milky Way galaxy it s impossible to take a detailed photograph, even with the most powerful telescope because it lies over 12 billion light years away. ...
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6. APOD: 2007 March 14 - Barred Spiral Galaxy M95
... 2007 March 14 . Barred Spiral Galaxy M95 . ... Explanation: Why do some spiral galaxies have a ring around the center? First and foremost, M95 is one of the closer examples of a big and beautiful barred spiral galaxy . Visible in the above recent image from the CFHT telescope in Hawaii , USA , are sprawling spiral arms delineate by open clusters of bright blue stars, lanes of dark dust , the diffuse glow of billions of faint stars, and a short bar across the galaxy center. ... About APOD | ...
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7. Searching the Environment around LyAlpha Absorbers
... This talk focuses on exploring the connection between Ly absorbers and galaxies. The theorist view of gas in the low z universe is based on the filamentary structures that are evident in simulations based on the CDM paradigm. ... The observer's view of gas in the low-z universe is based on the Ly absorbers which have column densities as low as 10 cm , while galaxies are at column densities of 10 cm . ... The absorber has N cm . ... Can examine LSS defined by gas-rich galaxies around absorbers. ...
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8. Kepler 36b and c: Too Close for Comfort | Astronotes
... Planets . ... Earth Satellites . ... Looking in the direction of the constellation Cygnus the Swan and launched by NASA in 2009 is the Kepler Space Observatory.Many previous missions searching for exoplanets mainly detected large giant planets, like large hot Jupiters (it is easier to detect larger planets).However KeplerтАЩs main objective is to search for much smaller planets located in a habitable zone which is not too close nor too far from their star; planets which may be just like our Earth. ...
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9. A Bright Ring Of Star Birth Around A Galaxy's Core (PR98-21)
... Press Release Images . Individual Images . ... The right-hand image shows Hubble's close-up view of the galaxy's core, taken in December 1995 by the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2. The bluish-purple clumps that form the ring are the clusters of infant stars. Two dark, wispy lanes of dust and a pair of blue spiral arms are just outside the star-forming ring. ... The gas is trapped inside the ring through the stars' gravitational attraction. ... Amazing Space | ...
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10. The HIPASS Bright Galaxy Survey
ATNF Annual Report 2000 (submitted) . ... One of the first products is the HIPASS {\it Bright Galaxy Catalogue}, which is a catalogue of the 1000 apparently brightest HI galaxies in the southern hemisphere. ... In Figure 1 we show the spatial distribution of the brightest HIPASS galaxies. ... Figure 4 shows the velocity distribution of the 1000 brightest HIPASS galaxies (orange) compared to the 1000 brightest optical galaxies (selected from the Lyon/Meudon Extragalactic Database using blue magnitude). ...
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11. RCJ0311+0507
... A radio galaxy is a galaxy that emits an unusually big amount of energy at radio wavelengths. ... Inside of each galaxy with an active nucleus (radio galaxies are among them) there must be a system of a "central machine" responsible for the colossal amount of the emitted energy from radio to gamma ranges. ... Sometimes a radio source in an active galaxy may flare again if the needed conditions appear (a new portion of matter would fall into the furnace of the "central machine"). ...
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12. Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: Bitesize Astronomy
... Bad Astronomy . ... Bitesize Astronomy . ... Bad Astro Store . ... Fun Stuff . ... It's the same with black holes. A black hole is an object with so much mass squeezed into so tight a space that the escape velocity-- the velocity you would need to be able to get away from the black hole-- is higher than the speed of light. ... Anyway, the material in this disk orbits the black hole just like planets around the Sun: the closer in you get, the faster you orbit. ... 2008 Phil Plait. ...
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This view from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope shows a close-up of the sky around a very unusual green object called J224024.1тИТ092748 (J2240). It is a bright example of a new class of objects that have been nicknamed green bean galaxies. Green beans are entire galaxies that are glowing under the intense radiation from the region around a central black hole. J2240 lies in the constellation Aquarius the Water Bearer, and its light has taken about 3.7 billion years to reach Earth. ...
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14. A gallery of interacting galaxies
... Home . OOF . ALMA . ... Interacting galaxies . ... OOF Index . ... Low redshift close pairs . This pages illustrates some of the galaxies with close pairs which we identified in our study of star formation in interacting galaxies selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (Nikolic et al 2004, see the publication list ). ... The pixel scale in approximately 0.4 arcseconds and colour is approximately true-colour. Images and data courtesy of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey . ...
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15. ASP: Beacons in the Gloom
... A tussle in the distant Universe. This Hubble Space Telescope image shows evidence for a merger between a quasar and a companion galaxy. The quasar is the bright object just beneath the image center, and the wisps of material around it are remains of a galaxy disrupted by the interaction between it and the quasar. ... Galactic Nuclei: Old Quasars? Quasars as Probes of the Distant Universe . ... Quasars. ... The name quasar is made up with parts of the words "quasi-stellar radio." ...
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16. Catalog of Galaxies behind the Milky Way
... : This catalog, giving about 7000 galaxies behind the Milky Way between l = 210 degrees and 250 degrees, represents a systematic search for galaxies by means of 32 film copies of the UK Schmidt Southern Infrared Atlas on the Milky Way covering about 900 square degrees. ... Japan, Vol. ... This will be distributed upon request from Astronomical Data Analysis Center of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and other astronomical data centers. ...
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17. VV29 = Arp 188 = The Chainsaw Galaxy
In 2001, Westerbork observations of the disturbed galaxy named VV-29 (alias Arp-188, UGC-10214) showed that there is second smaller galaxy (named VV-29c) that appears behind the western side of the main body of the distorted galaxy. ... The galaxy was featured as the May 2, 2002 Astronomy Picture of the Day . ... When VV-29 had its 15 minutes of fame in May 2002, it appeared under the name "The Tadpole Galaxy," but based on the images above, we will always think of it as "The CHAINSAW"! ...
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18. Далекая Галактика - популярно об астрономии
... О Далекой Галактике . ... Теперь в Далекой Галактике вы всегда можете увидеть свежие фотографии Солнца. ... Форум . Форум "Далекой Галактики" - прекрасное место для общения всех астрономов. ... Новости из космоса . ... Подписаться на новости Далекой Галактики Вы можете здесь: . ... Новости из Далекой Галактики - популярно об Астрономии . ... Если вы хотите выразить свое мнение о сайте "Далекая Галактика", или просто почитать мнения других посетителей - пожалуйста, заходите в Гостевую книгу . ...
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19. dictionary
... X-rays are made up of photons that are emitted from stars, or quasars, or supernovae, the sun, or simply: anything that is undergoing a change either in size or temperature or giving out heat. ... in an X-ray binary star system, in which one normal star's orbit is crossed by a neutron star, when the neutron star by means of gravitational pull takes matter from the normal star X-rays form. ... Artists conception of a normal star (HDE 226868) and a black hole taking matter from the normal star. ...
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20. Supernova 1999ee and 1999ex in IC 5179
This page is devoted to information on supernova 1999ee and 1999ex in IC 5179 Basic information on this SN, including the last reported brightness, on this Supernova can be found on the main supernova page. Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the Supernova links web page. ... Use this 1999ee VSNet data query and this 1999ex VSNet data query to see what information has been reported so far. ... vsnet-alert 3714 ] SNe 1999ex and 1999ee in IC 5179 . ...
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