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... Well, there are at least a million times more galaxies in the Universe than there are human beings! ... These newcomers are bigger and brighter than anything else in space, and if that wasn't interesting enough, they also glow bright green! This has led astronomers to name them 'green bean' galaxies (look at the little green bean-like spot in the middle of this space picture). ... We think that they shine so brilliantly because of a black hole at their centre. ...
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2. APOD: 2004 August 4 - Solar Arcs and Halos
... 2004 August 4 . Solar Arcs and Halos . ... Explanation: Have you ever seen a bright halo around the Sun? Unusual halos and arcs were so bright one recent afternoon in Trier , Germany that even casual people on the street noticed them. The fantastic sky display is pictured above and included a 22 degree halo arc , a complete parhelic circle , a circumhorizon arc and even an infralateral arc . ... About APOD | ... NASA Web Site Statements, Warnings, and Disclaimers . ...
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3. redkoste
... The ancient chronical said about the colour rings around the Sun and the Moon, about three suns in the sky, light columns, bright lightning, different "comets" rushing to the Earth, moving among the stars or round the Earth with the sky. All these occurrences may be divided into three categories: one that occur in the near or far space, processes going on in the Earth atmosphere under the influence of cosmic factors and at last the occurrences connected with the Earth atmosphere. ... Rainbow . ...
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4. Why can I only see six of the ``Seven Sisters''?
Two major reasons: the number of stars isn't really seven (it's many more), and they all have different brightnesses, so that you see more or fewer of them depending on viewing conditions. The brightness of stars is measured on the magnitude scale, where the most prominent stars in the sky are around 1st magnitude, and the faintest you can see with your eye are about 6th. ... I think this makes it quite likely that the list will be truncated at Taygeta, giving six visible stars. ...
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5. Polaris: The North Star
... First, Polaris is the nearest bright star to the north spin axis of the Earth. Therefore, as the Earth turns, stars appear to rotate around Polaris , making it the North Star . ... Thousands of years ago, Earth's spin axis pointed in a slightly different direction , and Vega was the North Star. ... Publications with keywords: cepheid - Earth's rotation - north star - polaris - star . Publications with words: cepheid - Earth's rotation - north star - polaris - star . ... Star Party Trails . ...
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6. ASP: To Every Season There is a Reason
... If the Earth is round, the Sun must be north of the equator in northern summer, and south of the equator in northern winter. ... From the Earth's perspective, the Sun is spiraling from north to south and back again along the ecliptic (see figure 7 ). ... The round Earth, at the summer solstice. ... If the rotation axis of the Earth is tilted with respect to its orbit, the equator bobs back and forth, causing the Sun to be north for half the year, and south for the other half (see figure 9 ). ...
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... Like the night sky on the Earth, the martian sky hosts a plethora of astronomical phenomena occurring around the clock in a neverending space opera played out for the benefit of robotic and future human observers alike. ... Moons . Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos . ... Under the same conditions, Deimos would be as bright as -5, somewhat brighter than the planet Venus appears in Earth's sky. ... The moons are also eclipsed by Mars itself (a situation analogous to lunar eclipses at the Earth). ...
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8. A Search for Bright Kuiper Belt Objects
... Search . ATNF Home . About ATNF . ... About ATNF overview . ... Australia Telescope Steering Committee . ... Parkes radio telescope . ... Parkes | ... A Search for Bright Kuiper Belt Objects . ... Since 1992, 60 large Kuiper belt objects have been detected by ground-based telescopes. ... The detection of brighter objects would improve our ability to determine the Kuiper belt objects' surface composition and provide constraints on the population statistics of different formation mechanisms. ...
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9. Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions
... Bad Astronomy . Misconceptions . ... Bad Astronomy : "That's as remote as the dark side of the Moon!" ... As the tired, hackneyed refrains went on, one in particular caught my ear: " Fly me away to the bright side of the moon, and meet me on the other side." ... As the Moon orbits the Earth, different parts of it get illuminated by the Sun. ... Bad Addendum : At the end of the album "Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd, there is a voiceover that actually says "There is no dark side of the moon. ...
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10. NICMOS Data Handbook
... NICMOS Data Handbook > Chapter 5: Data Analysis > 5.4 PSF Subtraction . ... PSF subtraction for NICMOS data can be very effective, especially for images from cameras 1 and 2, thanks to a few important features of this instrument: . ... The factors are: focus variations due to OTA breathing, cold mask irregular motion (?wiggling?) on an orbital time scale, PSF color dependence. ... Table 5.5: Effect of focus variation, cold mask wiggling, and PSF color dependence on PSF subtraction. effect of: . ...
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11. Did a Wandering Star Light Up Ancient Skies? | Astronotes
Astronotes Armagh Planetarium's Stellar Blog! ... Solar System . Sun . ... Stars . ... Monthly Sky Notes . ... Among the wonders of the sky they shared may have been something we do not have today, a neighbouring star roaming through the outer edge of the Solar System. ... Today Scholzт??s Star is about 20 light years from the Sun in the constellation of Monoceros. ... Seen from our Solar System, Scholzт??s Star barely moves across the across the sky. ... Astronotes . ... Subscribe to Astronotes . ...
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12. russia
... HAPPY FACES . ... People smiling . ... Places . ... Happy Faces, Smiling Faces . ... Beautiful faces all over town . ... Means friendship in lots of places . ... Lots of happy faces smiling . ... Happy Faces and smiling Faces . ... A happier place is a beautiful face. ... Happy faces are smiling faces . ... Beautiful places bring happy faces . ... Places bring happy faces . ... Beautiful places bring friendship every where . ... Beautiful places, happy faces here to stay. by Ashley F & Megan H . ...
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... More on 51 Peg: . The discovery of a Jupiter--mass planet in orbit around the solar--type star 51Peg has been reported by Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz (Geneva Observatory) on October 6th at the 9th Cambridge workshop on "cool stars, stellar systems, and the sun" held at Florence (Italy). ... Recall that the measurements of radial velocity only yield v sin i which in turn gives us M sin i. For most values of i, sin i will be greater than 0.5 and this gives a mass estimate of 0.5 Jupiter masses. ...
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14. Литературный сборник
... Кафедра иностранных языков . ... A robot knows only what men want him to know. ... One would think: 'Just keep on sitting comfortably and enjoying the view!' ... We - the Robotized Society - are happy to greet the last man on the Earth!' ... Long ago Men invented robots. First robots were primitive, but they already could fulfill the orders that Men gave to them. ... Nevertheless Men were superior to robots: Men could love and hate, Men could be wise or foolish, They had imagination and fantasy. ...
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15. The AstroStat Slog Little
... Posts tagged ?Little? ... The notions of missing data are overall different between two communities. ... Astronomers?I?m not sure how they think but my impression so far is that a missing value in one attribute/variable from a object/observation/informant, all other attributes related to that object become useless because that object is not considered in scientific data analysis or model evaluation process. ... To draw a color magnitude diagram, one needs both color and magnitude. ... 2 Comments . ...
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16. SAI Space Monitoring Laboratory
Lab . Main page News People . ASA . Master . Master net Homepage . ... Lomonosov Moscow State University Sternberg Astronomical Institute . ... MASTER . ... Lomonosov (ShOK) . ... About Space Monitoring Laboratory, scientific directions, instruments, contacts . People, who work in lab . Latest news and news archive . ... All news ...
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ALBUM: Fly By Night Author: Rush @ SONG : The Big Money Big money goes around the world Big money underground Big money got a mighty voice Big money make no sound Big money pull a million strings Big money hold the prize Big money weave a mighty web Big money draw the flies Sometimes pushing people around Sometimes pulling out the rug SONG: Grand Designs A to B -- Different degrees.. ...
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18. A Bright Ring Of Star Birth Around A Galaxy's Core (PR98-21)
... Press Release Images . Individual Images . ... The right-hand image shows Hubble's close-up view of the galaxy's core, taken in December 1995 by the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2. The bluish-purple clumps that form the ring are the clusters of infant stars. Two dark, wispy lanes of dust and a pair of blue spiral arms are just outside the star-forming ring. ... The gas is trapped inside the ring through the stars' gravitational attraction. ... Amazing Space | ...
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GALAXIES cenA .tiff 40 Bright Radio Galaxy M31.tiff Nikon Andromeda Galaxy (note HII regions in spiral arms) ngc6744.tiff 40 NGC 6744 a face-on spiral clouds_20d.tiff H'blad The Magellanic Clouds our nearest neighbours Lmc_7.tiff Nikon The Large Magellanic Clouds Lmc_zoom.tiff Nikon Detail of previous image smc_7.tiff Nikon The Small Magellanic Clouds smc-zoom.tiff Nikon Detail of previous image 30dor_40_BVR.tiff 40 The 30 Dor ... B [OIII] Halpha trifid.tiff 40" The Trifid Nebula. ...
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20. Supernova 2006en in MCG +05-54-41
Supernova 2006en in MCG +05-54-41 . This page is devoted to information on Supernova 2006en in MCG +05-54-41 . Basic information on this SN, including the last reported brightness, on this Supernova can be found on the main page . Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the updates and links web pages. ... This one is a type Ia found on the rise. ... Icon generated from the Koichi Itagaki image. ... 2006/08/27.15 . ... Koichi Itagaki image . ...
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