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1. OptInt PmWiki : PmWiki / Deleting Pages
OptInt PmWiki : Pm Wiki / Deleting Pages . ... To delete a page, edit the page, select (highlight) all text in the edit textarea and replace it with the single word . delete . ... As an added safety feature, the deleted page still exists on the server (with a timestamp) and can be restored to the former page by the wiki administrator . ... The default word used for page deletion ("delete") can be changed in config.php by setting the variable $DeleteKeyPattern (see Edit Variables ). ...
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2. Restoring accidentally deleted files
. It is possible to restore files and directories that have been deleted if a backup has been made. Contact your local system administrator for help.
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3. Directories
The File System . A directory is a collection of files within a user's account (actually, it's a logical structure of files anywhere on the system, but we will focus here on how directories are used in your own user area). ... Typing DIR at the system prompt will list all the files in the current directory. ... DIR ). ... A directory can be deleted using the DELETE command, just like you would delete a file, except that the directory must be empty (no files in it) and the protection on the . ...
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4. Pulsar Group PmWiki/Wiki Farm Terminology
... administrators (intermediate) There are many ways to configure PmWiki:WikiFarms , and some of the documentation uses different terminology to describe the same things. ... A wiki farm is nothing more than multiple wikis that share the same installation of the PmWiki software. ... All of the wikis in a farm are more or less the same, except the "home wiki" is a wiki that is located in the same directory as the PmWiki software. ... Any wiki in a farm which is not the home wiki. farm administrator . ...
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5. DFOS: directory structure
dfos = Data Flow Operations System, the common tool set for DFO make printable . The dfos system requires a common directory structure. It is defined in the RC file ~/.dfosrc. The current operational version for GIRAFFE is found here . Many of these directories have a substructure by DATE. ... data23/data/raw . DATE . ... raw data (fits files) . ... data23/data/headers . ... data23/data/calib . ... home/opslog/giraffe . ... operator (dfosInstall for save/ and template/) . ...
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6. The /etc directory
Next: The /dev directory Up: The root filesystem Previous: The root filesystem . The /etc љ directory contains a lot of files. ... See the chapter on init љ for further information. /etc/passwd љ . ... Lists the filesystems mounted automatically at startup by the mount -a command (in /etc/rc љ or equivalent startup file). ... etc/issue љ . ... See the magic љ and file љ manual pages for more information. /etc/motd љ . ... Files executed at login or startup time by the Bourne or C shells. ...
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7. htcacheclean - Clean up the disk cache - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 . Apache > HTTP Server > Documentation > Version 2.4 > Programs . ... htcacheclean is used to keep the size of mod_cache_disk 's storage within a given size limit, or limit on inodes in use. ... If one or more URLs are specified, each URL will be deleted from the cache, if present. ... Specify limit as the total disk cache size limit. ... By passing the -a or -A options to htcacheclean , the URLs within the cache will be listed as they are found, one URL per line. ...
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8. Leopard: Trash broken in NFS home directories
While we had many problems under Tiger with NFS and Finder, at least the Trash worked. ... Ostensibly, it is doing this to avoid copies across the network, but it's failing to realize that my Trash and my home directory are on the SAME network filesystem. ... I've hammered on this for a while with no success so far, but here's some things I've tried that did not work: . ... One thing is that when Tiger would touch an NFS home directory with a .Trash, it would create one. Leopard doesn't do that. ...
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9. About Data by Type Pages
The Magnetospheric Yellow Pages directories are lists of links to remote web sites that provide magnetospheric physics data. ... The Data Server directories are sorted two ways to make navigating easier. The list of Data Servers sorted by Data Type first provides a list of all catefories of data types for which there are known on-line data servers. ... Then by clicking on one of those links you jump to the remote site that is listed - e.g. whatever web server actually hosts those web pages. ...
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10. Image Directory and Header
Next: Image Display Up: Commands Grouped by Previous: Tape Input and . ADD/xCAT Add one or more entries to a catalogue . COPY/DD Copy descriptors from one file to another . CREATE/xCAT Create a catalogue . DELETE/.. ... DELETE/DESCRIPTOR Delete a descriptor . ... READ/DESCRIPTOR Read descriptors . ... SORT/xCAT Sort entries in a catalogue . SUBTRACT/xCAT Remove an entry from a catalogue . WRITE/DESCRIPTOR Write a descriptor . WRITE/DHELP Write descriptor help . ...
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... The call to OMDETECT is changed in accordance with the new interface of OMDETECT (a few parameters have been removed) PARAM- file is set to OMDETECT-4.1 Version 1.22.9 -2002-05-29 ( VNY ) (+doc/omfchain_description.tex) documentation has been updated Version 1.22.8 -2002-05-27 (+src/ The code for extraction of the ... Changed dependancy file to omfastshift 1.4 Version 1.2: 9 Oct 1998 Updated 'event-frame' locating algorithm in omfasttest.f90 and omfastshift. ...
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12. Directory Manipulation
. Next: File Manipulation Up: C Standard Library Functions Previous: Data Conversion . #include <dir.h> . int chdir(char *path) - Change current directory to given path. char *getcwd(char *path, int numchars) - Returns name of current working directory. int mkdir(char *path) - Create a directory u sing given path name. int rmdir(char *path) - Delete a specified directory. . Wed Sep 14 10:06:31 BST 1994
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13. TUI:TUI Menu:Downloads Window
The downloads window displays the download status of science and guider/slitviewer images. It allows you to view details and abort downloads. ... The left column contains the state of the download and the right column the name of the file. You may click on a file name to see details about the download in the details area (see below). ... Connecting: the download is starting. ... To select a download, click on a file name in the log area (upper portion of the window). ...
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14. Line Disciplines and Streams Modules
Most radio and modem clocks used for a primary (stratum-1) NTP server utilize serial ports operating at speeds of 9600 baud or greater. ... In order to reduce these errors, a set of special line disciplines and stream modules can be configured in the Unix kernel. ... Note that not all Unix kernels support line disciplines and of those that do, not all support System V streams. ... There are two line disciplines and a special streams module included in the distribution. ...
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... This is the MS-DOS general help file. ... Type FASTHELP with no arguments to display the text in this file. ... APPEND Allows programs to open data files in specified directories as if they were in the current directory. ... COPY Copies one or more files to another location. ... FC Compares two files or sets of files, and displays the differences between them. ... PATH Displays or sets a search path for executable files. ... SYS Copies MS-DOS system files and command interpreter to a disk you...
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... Multilingual version - German, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Italian and English Proposed directory for placement: /pub/os2/util/disk Your name: Keith Merrington Email address: Program contact name: (same) Program contact email: (same) Program URL: (none) Would you like the contact email address included in listings? yes Operating System/Version: Warp - eCs 2.0 Additional requirements: Replaces: ...
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17. Test Page for Apache Installation
If you can see this, it means that the installation of the Russian Apache web server software on this system was successful. ... This page is here because the site administrator has changed the configuration of this web server. ... The Apache Software Foundation, which wrote the web server software this site administrator is using, has nothing to do with maintaining this site and cannot help resolve configuration issues. ... You are free to use the image below on an Apache-powered web server. ...
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18. Menus (ImageJ API)
... FIELD | ... public class Menus . ... ImageJ . ... static char . ... static int . ... Returns the size (in points) used for the fonts in ImageJ menus. static java.lang.String . ... Returns a list of the plugins in the plugins menu. static java.lang.String . ... Field Detail public static final char PLUGINS_MENU . ... public static final char IMPORT_MENU . ... public static int installPlugin (java.lang.String plugin, char menuCode, java.lang.String command, java.lang.String shortcut, ImageJ ij) . ...
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19. Publication directory
. Details . Category: Uncategorised . Published on Thursday, 03 April 2014 11:53 . Written by ludmila_pakuliak . Hits: 30002 .
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20. Stellarium: File and Directory Structure
... FileљStructure . ... After downloading all the catalogues, the paths to the various files should look like this: Installation Data Directory / stars / default / stars Installation Data Directory / stars / default / stars Installation Data Directory / stars / default / stars Installation Data Directory / stars / ... In this case, all the files would be in the <Installation Data Directory>/stars/default directory. ...
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