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1. Asteroids Near Earth
... New results from NEOWISE , the infrared asteroid hunting portion of the WISE mission , are shown on the left compared to old population projections of mid-size or larger near-Earth asteroids from surveys at visible wavelengths. And the good news is, NEOWISE observations estimate there are 40 percent fewer near-Earth asteroids that are larger than 100 meters (330 feet), than indicated by visible light searches. ... NASA Official: Jay Norris. ... Publications with keywords: asteroid - infrared . ...
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2. K-band Arcetri Obscured Supernova Search - What is the KAOSS Projrect?
K-band Arcetri Obscured Supernova Search . What is the KAOSS Project? W hat is the KAOSS Project? Some recent surveys aimed at detecting Supernovae (SNe) in the optical have found that starburst galaxies do not show evidence for an enhanced SN rate, with respect to quiescent galaxies (Richmond et al. ... A similar result was obtained by Navasardyan et al. (2001) who looked for SNe in interacting galaxies, finding no evidence for correlations between SN rate and galaxy properties. ...
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3. GRB follow-up team
... Team . ... V.V.Sokolov "The gamma-ray bursts, core-collapse supernovae and global star forming rate at large redshifts" . ... I.V.Sokolov, A.S.Moskvitin, Eda Sonbas, O.V.Verkhodanov, O.P.Zhelenkova "A galaxy cluster in the GRB 021004 field" . ... The monitoring of GRB afterglows and the study of their host galaxies with the SAO RAS 6-m telescope from 1997". ... A.S.Moskvitin, T.A.Fatkhullin, V.V.Sokolov and V.N.Komarova, "Spectral and photometric monitoring of CCSNe at SAO RAS" . ...
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Microsymposium 34, MS015, 2001 TO THE DISCOVERY OF THE "SOUTH POLE - AITKEN " BASIN. ... Head [2] and Spudis [1] suggested in their reviews that the existense of the structure identified later as the South Pole - Aitken baasin was first predicted on the basis of a relief analysis of the mountain ridges observed in the libration zone be Hartman and Kuiper [7], i.e. after the first images of the lunar far-side had been obtained. ... SOUTH POLE-AIKEN BASIN: V.I.Chikmachev et al. ...
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5. Large telescopes application form
... Telescopes . ... The time requests are accepted in an electronic version with on-line form in Russian or English. ... Unregistered request will be disregarded by the Large Telescopes Programm Committee. In exclusive cases the secreatry of the Committee is entitled to accept an observational time request given permission of the Chairman of the Committee or the director of the SAO RAS. The Program Committee considers generally one time request submitted by the principal applicant. ...
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6. Results of ELT site testing programs - I
... October 6, 09:00 09:40 . Jorge Melnick (ESO) . ... We present a statistical and temporal analysis of the ground meteorological properties recorded at the five selected sites for hosting the European Extremely Large Telescope (EELT). ... Marc Sarazin (ESO) . The organization and development of the E-ELT site testing campaign by ESO are described. ... The E-ELT Site Testing activities in northern Chile and Argentina are reviewed, and pioneering explorative campaigns are illustrated. ...
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7. The NMW survey homepage
NMW survey overview . Access image archive . ... The New Milky Way survey aims to detect bright (V<13.5) optical transients near the Galactic plane using an automated wide-field (8x6 deg.) system capable of surveying the whole Milky Way area visible from the observing site in one night. ... All images obtained during the transient search survey are available online (please use the image archive access form ). ... Images per field: . ... Images per night: . ... Milky Way imaging time: . ...
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We report for the first time rotationally resolved spectroscopic observations, as well as new photometric and polarimetric measurements, of the large S--type asteroid (6) Hebe, always at near--equatorial aspects. ... We have also confirmed previous results of the existence of small polarization changes, but they are not correlated with the (complex and asymmetric) photometric lightcurve of the asteroid. ...
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9. Mirror Cleaning
... Contamination on optical surfaces degrades the throughput of an optical system. ... Contamination is particularly pernicious on the unprotected aluminum that is commonly used on the large first-surface mirrors of reflecting telescopes. ... During that period, the covers of their protective cases is opened whenever the 3.5-m telescope primary mirror cover is opened for nighttime observing. ... CO2 clean exposed mirrors in SS case. ... Light scattering measurements performed on cleaned mirrors. ...
[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 10.9 Кб -- 19.05.1998
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10. SAI OCL Catalog Publications
... Catalog . Publications . ... Koposov, S., Glushkova, E., Zolotukhin, I. 2008: Automated search for Galactic star clusters in large multiband surveys. ... BibTeX entry ] . ... Glushkova, E.V., Zabolotskikh, M.V., Koposov, S.E., Spiridonova, O.I, Vlasyuk, V.V., Rastorguev, A. S. 2010: Photometry of the poorly studied galactic open star clusters King 13, King 18, King 19, King 20, NGC 136, and NGC 7245 , Astronomy Letters, 36, 75 . ...
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11. ESO reveals end of cosmic Dark ages | Astronotes
Astronotes Armagh Planetarium's Stellar Blog! ... Our Galaxy . ... Stars . ... Space Flight . ... New observations with the European Southern Observatory (ESO)тАЩs Very Large Telescope of some of the most distant galaxies ever detected are revealing the mysteries of this important phase of the early Universe. ... These powerful instruments are essential for exploring this early period in cosmic history as they alone can enable the accurate observations of €аthese extremely distant and faint galaxies. ...
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12. What Happened to the Results?
... Even future mission archives tend to concentrate more on what can be extracted out of a proposal or a Guaranteed Time Observation log than the actual extracted science out of the data itself. ... A year later the data is then publicly available. An archive researcher has then to go through a mass of data to find what may be useful without any indication as to what the actual observer's results were while using the data except the proposal, which in most cases is very general. ...
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13. ChaMPlane
... The ChaMPlane survey is being conducted at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. The ChaMPlane team is conducting a "Bulge Latitude Survey" (BLS) to measure the latitude distribution of faint X-ray point sources in the region b = +/- 1.5њ, l = +/- 0.35њ centered at l = 0њ. ... In Chandra cycle 7, two-thirds of the region below the galactic plane were observed (BLS-Sa); observations of a similar-sized region above the plane (BLS-Na) are planned for cycle 8 (summer 2007). ...
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14. Zeldovich-100 / International Conference / Moscow, Russia
Main Program Travel Where to go in Moscow Information . ... The 2014 year marks the 100th anniversary of Yakov Zeldovich . ... John Carlstrom (University of Chicago) . ... Lyman Page (Princeton University) . ... The conference will be held at the Space Research Institute (IKI) in Moscow, Russia, on June 16-20, 2014 . ... International Conference: Cosmology and High Energy Astrophysics (Zeldovich-90) 20-24 Dec 2004, Moscow, Russia . ... 2014 Space Research Institute, Moscow Русская версия ...
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15. ADS Abstract Service Results
... Study of Mg-Fe-silicate glasses of variable composition. ... With the new data, the astrophysical discussion started in Paper I was continued and focussed on the comparison of the olivine glass data with IRAS LRS spectra of O-rich circumstellar envelopes around Mira stars. ... The new olivine glasses point to the interesting consequence that the temperature for silicate dust grains at the inner edge of circumstellar envelopes must be considerably higher than the values often given in the literature....
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16. astro-ph
... . ... Here we present and analyse the properties of an updated sample of 37 ULP Cepheids observed in galaxies within a very large metallicity range of 12+log(O/H) from ~7.2 to 9.2 dex. ... The Origin of Color Gradients in Early-Type Systems and Their Compactness at High-z . ... Multiwavelength Observations of Markarian 421 in 2005 - 2006 . ... In addition to this, the well-sampled spectral energy distribution of Markarian 421 (1101+384) is presented for three different activity levels. ...
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17. Mid Scales Role
... ON THE ROLE OF LARGE-SCALE PLASMA IRREGULARITIES AT THE FINAL STAGE OF ANOMALOUS ABSOPTION DEVELOPING UNDER HF HEATING OF THE IONOSPHERE . ... Fig. ... With the aid of numerical statistical modeling based on multiple ray tracing it is shown that in presence of large-scale irregularities the reflected signal amplitude mean value is increased significantly. ... Dependence of the mean amplitude of the reflected from the ionosphere signal on the large-scale (10-50 km) electron density irregularity level...
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19. Accuracy of World positional CCD observations of the numbered minor planets
... Contact A Problem of an estimation of accuracy of the asteroid CCD observations . The Minor Planet Center supported by the Interntional Astronomical Union is the main office for keeping observational data of the small Solar System bodies and their investigations. ... At Pulkovo Observatory we are estimating an accuracy of the CCD asteroid observations obtained by amateurs and professional astronomers all over the World using the MPC database. ...
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... VLBA+Italy survey (to contact the schedulers) (closed) E.Fomalont and J.Romney: To provide some review of problems happened with fringe search in VSOP project. (closed) M.Popov : To compose a tentative time -table of possible observations , and inform the observatories on the specific time slots that might be requested for fringe search program in October-November. (continued) C. Gwinn: to try to compile FAKERAT software on modern platforms. (closed) GBT and ...
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