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1. APOD: 2006 October 25 - Help Search for Interstellar Dust
... 2006 October 25 . Help Search for Interstellar Dust . ... U. C. Berkeley , NASA . Explanation: What caused that hole? ... If the above image of aerogel seems dull and uninteresting, then welcome to one aspect of real world science. ... It is so difficult to find them that the Stardust team has created a downloadable interactive microscope program to allow anyone with a standard computer to help inspect aerogel slices and look for interstellar dust tracks. ... Search | ... About APOD | ...
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2. A chocolate printer is being created in SSAU
... Pre-university education . ... Samara region . SSAU History . SSAU roadmap . ... Scientists of Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU) develop a unique 3D-printer for chocolate confectionery printing. 3D-printer for chocolate printing is being created in SSAU Centre for Robotic Complexes and Mechatronic Systems. ... Know-how of the scientists of Samara State Aerospace University in that they were developed unparalleled chocolate delivery and cooling systems in 3D-printer. ...
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3. Journal "Peremennye Zvezdy"
... U. C. Berkeley , NASA Explanation: What caused that hole? ... The interesting part is that something created that dark hole, and it might well be one of the first pieces of matter ever captured from outside our Solar System. Whatever created that hole was captured by the aerogel of the robotic Stardust spacecraft that flew across our Solar System for years and then returned a capsule to Earth. Scientists are now pouring over the aerogel, looking to see what particles have become trapped. ...
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4. TPM log files
... There are TPM log files for every night of the dark run except for the nights of 08 October and 14 October 1999. ... The figures below are plots of the MIG data with the y-axis in TPM MIG units (real MIG units*1000) and the x-axis in seconds since midnight. ... Figure: Plot of MIG values vs elapsed time from midnight 10 October 1999. ... Figure: Plot of MIG values vs elapsed time from midnight 08 October 1999.The plot starts recording data from 21:26:52.0 on that day. ... 11/24/1999 ...
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5. Recreating Einstein Level One Processing Exposure Masks and Background Maps in
... This paper describes the main algorithms used by the Einstein Level One processing to create the exposure masks and the background maps for Einstein IPC images, and how these algorithms were recreated in the IRAF environment. Our goal was to recreate the algorithms used by the Level One Processing to create exposure masks and background maps for Einstein Image Proportional Counter (IPC) data (cf. sections 2.5 and 2.7 of Harnden et al. ...
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6. VLBI Wiki | PmWiki / Internationalizations
... PmWiki . ... PmWiki FAQ . ... . ... Go to new wiki . ... PmWiki supports internationalization (internationalisation) of web pages, allowing accented characters to appear in page names and almost complete customization of PmWiki 's prompts. ... Pages for many languages such as French, German, Dutch, and Spanish have already been created and maintained at the site. ... php if (!defined('PmWiki')) exit(); ##change to French language XLPage('fr','PmWikiFr.XLPage'); . ...
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7. Arcetri Star-Formation Group Publications
The IMF and Star Formation History of the Stellar Clusters in the Vela D Cloud . ... 2005, A , in press . ... M.T. Beltran, J. Brand, R. Cesaroni, F. Fontani, S. Pezzuto, L. Testi, S. Molinari . ... 2005, Proceedings of the IAUS227 "Massive Star Birth: A Crossroads of Astrophysics", in press . ... Francesco Palla . ... Podio, L., Bacciotti, F., Nisini, B., Giannini, T., Massi, F., Eisloeffel, J., Ray, T.P. 2005, Ap Lecture Series, "Cores to Clusters", in press . ... Star Formation Group . ...
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8. *tprint* - Reading a Table File Created by imcnts
... Table files like the ones created in the section on imcnts can be displayed, printed and manipulated using the tasks contained in the stsdas.ttools package. ... sp> tables # Load the relevant package ta> tprint rp90_cnt prpar=yes # .tab extension assumed # the hidden parameter prpar is set to display the header # as well as the data ta> tprint rp90_cnt # Displays only the data info ta> tprint rp90_cnt prdata- prpar+ # Displays only the header info ta> tprint rp90_cnt prparam=yes | ...
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9. IDL programs
... This program was created for correlating chosen regions in the series of fts images. ... Chosen regions' . ... In this section the program counts the integral for each region of the grid for each image. ... As a matter of fact, the integral is total brightness of the region and it is counted by 'int_tabulated' IDL function. ... In addition, the program will show the count of the regions which correlate with the corresponding region (the brighter region means the bigger count) and its contour. ...
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10. Removing directories created with the ln command
. To remove a directory that is a symbolic link that points to another directory use the command: rm directory_name . Notice that the directory does not need to be empty and you do not have to use the rmdir command. You are not really removing a directory, just a named symbolic link that points to the "real" directory.
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11. Space Shuttle created at Rapid Rockets and Wicked Robots | International Year
. Home . News . Gallery . Events . Twitter . Press Releases . Links . Contact Us . Calendar . Press & Web Coverage . Previous . Next . List . Thursday, 16 July 2009 00:17 . International Year of Astronomy, Ireland National Node . [Back To Top] .
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12. The File Life Cycle
The File System . This section describes how you can create new files, copy existing files, and delete obsolete files. ... RENAME to change the name of a file. ... Files can be created in several ways: text can be entered from the keyboard via the CREATE command, an editor can create a file, as can a running program, and files can be copied from other directories. ... To delete obsolete files, use the DELETE command followed by a file name or file name template (wildcards). ...
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13. In The Beginning, God Created......prophecy - an Astronomy Net God Science
God Science Forum Message . Forums: . ... God and Science ћ SETI ћ Software ћ UFO ћ XEphem . ... God and Science | ... In The Beginning, God Created......prophecy . ... I am beginning to believe that Genesis creation is about the creation of prophecy as much as it is a statement that God is the creator. ... So I ask, are you (anyone) willing to consider Gen 1 2 as stories of prophecy or are you determined that it is either about science or a literal 7-day creation? ... . ...
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... The blue bubble is a planetary nebula known as Abell 33. Planetary nebulae are created when an aging star blows away its outer layers of gas in a gigantic cosmic bubble. ... Creating the illusion of the cosmic diamond is a bright star along the rim of the nebula. ... The star is about 700 light years away, that is halfway between Earth and the nebula. ... At the centre of the ring, you can see the remains of the star that created this planetary nebula, now a white dwarf . ...
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15. Thermal History of the Universe
The above process keeps the # of protons and the # of neutrons in the early Universe constant. This is extremely important and will result in a testable prediction later. Remember, a free neutron (one that is not bound in an atomic nucleus) will decay into a proton + electron (+ anti-neutrino) in about 900 seconds. ... During this epoch, the proton-to-neutron ratio is 1.0 . ... The Universe consists of protons, neutrons and electrons plus a photon background and a neutrino background. ...
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16. EBCCD tutorial background
BACKGROUND . ... Electron bombarded silicon (EBS) gain makes the CCD interesting for keV electron detection. Ionizing particles absorbed in silicon create electron-hole pairs at the average rate of one per 3.64 eV incident energy. ... The variance in the number of electron-hole pairs created is given by the Fano factor for silicon (.1-.2) times the number of pairs created. When we use a CCD as a detector of ionizing particles, we would like to collect all of the electrons created. ...
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XMM-Newton Science Analysis System Page: 1 om at eld July 9, 2007 Abstract Creates a tracking shifted at eld and applies it to an OM OSW image. ... The tracking shifted at eld is created by extracting a window from the OM In Orbit Flat eld. This window is made slightly bigger than the OM OSW Image to accomodate the tracking shifts of pixels within the In Orbit Flat eld. ... The at elded OM OSW Image is also output for use in subsequent pipeline tasks. ... Intermediate OM In Orbit Flat eld le. ...
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18. ASP: Creating NASA?s Space Science Education and Public Outreach Program: The
... SEARCH ASP SITE: Match ALL words Match ANY word . ... ASP Conference Series . ... Publications of the ASP (PASP) . ... Creating NASA's Space Science Education and Public Outreach Program: The Real Stuff (Abridged) . ... This is a part of the story about how the program recently recognized by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) through its presentation of the 2006 Klumpke-Roberts Award?NASA's Space Science Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) program?was actually planned and implemented. ...
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19. Activity Feed
... joel created the event <b>ASRAS Board members meeting - monday May 9 @ Farash Center</b> . ... joel created the event <b>ASRAS MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP MEETING - Friday May 6 at Farash Center - Ionia NY</b> . ... joel created the event <b>ASRAS MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP MEETING - Friday April 1 at RIT</b> . ... joel created the event <b>ASRAS MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP MEETING - Friday Mar 4 at RIT</b> . ... 2 months ago . ... joel created the event <b>ASRAS General membership meeting - RIT - Friday FEB 5</b> . ...
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20. Database of Optical Constants -- Level: welcome
The database contains references to the papers, data files and links to the Internet resources related to measurements and calculations of the optical constants in the wavelength interval from X-rays to radio domain. ... References to some useful books and reviews on the subject (e.g. the classical handbooks edited by E.D.Palik) and links to Internet collections of optical constants and personal WWW pages with related software were also placed in the database. You have arrived at our welcome page. ...
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