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1. How Directory, Location and Files sections work
The sections <Directory> , <Location> and <Files> can contain directives which only apply to specified directories, URLs or files respectively. Also htaccess files can be used inside a directory to apply directives to that directory. ... The order of merging is: . ... If multiple <Directory> sections apply to the same directory they are processed in the configuration file order. ... Using the options in question is only possible inside a <Directory> section (or a .htaccess file). ...
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2. htcacheclean - Clean up the disk cache - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 . Apache > HTTP Server > Documentation > Version 2.4 > Programs . ... htcacheclean is used to keep the size of mod_cache_disk 's storage within a given size limit, or limit on inodes in use. ... If one or more URLs are specified, each URL will be deleted from the cache, if present. ... Specify limit as the total disk cache size limit. ... By passing the -a or -A options to htcacheclean , the URLs within the cache will be listed as they are found, one URL per line. ...
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NAME ABbuilder - DFO data organization tool SYNOPSIS ABbuilder <options> where <options> are: --raw-dir directory containing raw data --cal-dir directory containing calib data --cal-ldir directory containing symbolic links to calib files --cal-list mcalib list --vcal-dir directory containing virtual products --pro-dir where pipeline products are created --ab-dir where association blocks are created --oca-rul file containing OCA rules --instrume instrument --date YYYY-MM-DD --mode { CALIB | ...
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4. htcacheclean - Clean up the disk cache - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 . Apache > HTTP Server > Documentation > Version 2.2 > Programs . ... htcacheclean is used to keep the size of mod_disk_cache 's storage within a certain limit. This tool can run either manually or in daemon mode. ... You can stop the daemon cleanly by sending it a TERM or INT signal. ... Options . ... This assumes that the Apache web server is not running (otherwise you may get garbage in the cache). ... Specify limit as the total disk cache size limit. ...
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5. List the files in a directory
. You can use the ls command to list the files in a directory: ls [option] directory_name . By combining different command options you can display as little or as much information about each file as you need. Examples . Did You Know? . List of command options . Listing hidden files . Using a long listing .
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6. New STIS spectral extraction box size options in ETC
... New STIS spectral extraction box size options in ETC . ... Data . ... News and . ... HST Overview . Overview . ... Retrieving HST Data . ... Data Analysis . ... STIS . ... Spectral Resolution . ... Data Files . ... STIS Data Handbook . ... ETC . ... Please note that GOs using the STIS/MAMA configurations are required to submit bright-object reviews of all their targets and fields, derived with the APT Bright Object Tool (BOT) and the STIS Exposure Time Calculator (ETC), by the Phase II deadline. ...
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7. Compiler Options
Next: C Standard Library Functions Up: Common C Compiler Options Previous: Common C Compiler Options . c Suppress linking with ld(1) and produce a .o file for each source file. A single object file can be named explicitly using the -o option. ... Sends the output to the standard output, or to a file named with the -o option. Includes the cpp line numbering information. ... When this option is given, the -O and -R options are suppressed. -help Display helpful information about compiler. ...
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8. Analysis options
... There are 6 different analysis options: . 0:all : all the exposures corresponding to the chosen observation are reduced to calibrated event lists, unless disabled via the corresponding parameter ( PN , MOS , RGS , OM , all set to "yes" by default). ... The EPIC data is then searched for source detections, via edetect_chain . By default, for the EPIC data, if more than one exposure is present, these actions are taken over the event list corresponding to the longest observation. ...
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9. casacore: casa::TSMOption Class Reference
... Classes . ... casa::TSMOption . ... This class can be used to define how the Tiled Storage Manager accesses its data. ... The constructor of the class can be used to define the options or to read options from the aipsrc file. TSMOption::Cache Use unbuffered file IO with internal TSM caching. ... TSMOption::Aipsrc Use the option as defined in the aipsrc file. ... Only on 32-bit systems it is different. tables.tsm.maxcachesizemb gives the maximum cache size in MB for option TSMOption::Cache . ...
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10. CIMA Software Components
CIMA is more than just the observing tool - in fact, the observing tool is just a part of a bigger package called the CIMA software package. ... There is also a another package called the CIMA WAPP software which contains the WAPP software, the special Tcl/Tk interpreter used by CIMA and support libraries. ... All CIMA software components recognize the following general options that are part of the CIMA version selection system: . ... The select_cima script can be used to set up a default version. ...
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11. archive : search
Enter search word, and press Enter: . help ) . Search entire archive or under . Search type: . ... Name ( reversed) Size ( reversed) Date ( reversed) . Search options: . Case sensitive Exclude directory names (plain search only) . Output options: . Sort by directories Print directory names . You are now in the [/] directory . Archive home | ... Files | Directory tree | New files | Search | ... This software archive is being maintained by Sergey Ayukov . ...
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... Mp3Mixer Mode . LiveIce configuration can either be set using configuration files or by setting command line parameters at runtime. The LiveIce binary has a series of reasonable default options set in the binary - in particular liveice.h has a #define which can be used to set the default encoder. ... Server Options . ... Note that some encoders can't do less thatn 32kHz andsome will change your format to something else if the ideal format for a given bitrate is of a lower quality. ...
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13. IDL programs
... This program was created for correlating chosen regions in the series of fts images. ... Chosen regions' . ... In this section the program counts the integral for each region of the grid for each image. ... As a matter of fact, the integral is total brightness of the region and it is counted by 'int_tabulated' IDL function. ... In addition, the program will show the count of the regions which correlate with the corresponding region (the brighter region means the bigger count) and its contour. ...
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14. OptInt PmWiki : PmWiki / Initial Setup Tasks
OptInt PmWiki : Pm Wiki / Initial Setup Tasks . ... Most PmWiki configuration is performed in files called local/config.php and pub/css/local.css . ... When you first install PmWiki, the local/config.php file does not exist. Copy the sample-config.php file (in the docs/ directory) to local/config.php and use it as a starting point. ... When changing the configuration of your site, always change the local/config.php file or add files to the cookbook/ or pub directories. ... Just make an text-file. ...
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15. Monitoring Options
... Statistic files are managed using file generation sets and scripts in the ./scripts directory of this distribution. ... Each valid update appends a line of the following form to the current element of a file generation set named peerstats : . ... This keyword allows the (otherwise constant) filegen filename prefix to be modified for file generation sets, which is useful for handling statistics logs. filegen name [ file filename ] [ type typename ] [ flag flagval ] [ link | ...
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16. Stellarium: /home/aw/devel/stellarium/trunk/doc/fileStructure.doxygen Source
... 19 љ*</tt>: landscape textures and data files</li> . ... 73 љIf a file exists in the <em>User Data Directory</em>, it will be used in preference to a file with the same name existing in the <em>Installation Data Directory</em>. ... 79 љ <li>Users who modify files in the <em>Installation Data Directory</em> will likely have their work deleted or overwritten when they upgrade Stellarium. ... In this case , all the files would be in the <em> \<Installation Data Directory>/stars/default</em> directory. ...
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17. APO Home Page
... Current APO Weather . ... Search Site . ... Information for New Users . ... Technical Staff pages . Night Logs and Mailing Lists (maintained by APO) . ... Technical Documents and Database Search . ... Observer's Documentation and Procedures . ... Problem Reporting and APO Technical Documents Database Search . ... APO Drawing/Document Management Procedures . ... APO Technical Documents Database Search . Home Astrophysical Research Consortium . ... Mail Lists (maintained by APO) . ...
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18. Meade Instruments Corporation - Pictor Manual Part 3
... Meade Instruments Corporation . ... Section 3: File Menu . ... Displays the dialog to open an existing image: . ... Saves the current image as a new file name or new file type, or both. ... This can be useful to prevent having 20 or more images open at once, and saves having to close them manually. ... This is done by creating a text file with the same name as the image file. ... Note that Image Information is saved within the FITS file, so there will not be a text file to accompany these files. ...
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19. Leopard: Trash broken in NFS home directories
While we had many problems under Tiger with NFS and Finder, at least the Trash worked. ... Ostensibly, it is doing this to avoid copies across the network, but it's failing to realize that my Trash and my home directory are on the SAME network filesystem. ... I've hammered on this for a while with no success so far, but here's some things I've tried that did not work: . ... One thing is that when Tiger would touch an NFS home directory with a .Trash, it would create one. Leopard doesn't do that. ...
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... The files in this directory are for installing the latest version 3.0.0 of AstroImageJ on Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. ... If you already have installed version 2.0 of AIJ, simply use the update option on the AIJ toolbar 'Help' menu to upgrade to 3.0.0. ... Restart AIJ to use the new memory settings. ... Click "OK" and three files will be downloaded and installed in the proper location in the installation directory structure (again, you need write access to the installation directory)....
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