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1. ASP: Project ASTRO Publications & Materials
home education > project astro . SEARCH ASP SITE: Match ALL words Match ANY word . ... Astronomy from the Ground Up . Project ASTRO? ... Publications & Materials . ... Universe At Your Fingertips . Universe At Your Fingertips TOC . Universe At Your Fingertips Activities TOC . ... The Universe at Your Fingertips 2.0 DVD-ROM . ... Project ASTRO How-To Manual (included on the UAYF 2.0 DVD-ROM above) . Project ASTRO Introductory Video (included on the UAYF 2.0 DVD-ROM above) . ...
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2. Journal "Peremennye Zvezdy"
Planetary Nebula NGC 2440 . ... Acknowledgment: Hubble Heritage Team ( STScI / AURA ) Explanation: Planetary nebula NGC 2440 has an intriguing bow-tie shape in this stunning view from space. The nebula is composed of material cast off by a dying sun-like star as it enters its white dwarf phase of evolution. Details of remarkably complex structures are revealed within NGC 2440, including dense ridges of material swept back from the nebula's central star. ... NASA Official: Jay Norris. ...
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3. Laboratory of materials for electrochemical technologies ISSP RAS
... Developments and characterization of novel oxide materials with high ionic, electronic or mixed conductivity, superior electrochemical and catalytic activity, advanced thermomechanical properties, and enhanced stability in a wide range of operation conditions, and, thus, collection and systematization of new fundamental information important for technological applications of the novel materials; . ...
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4. ESO - Thesis Topic: Why most supermassive black holes do not accrete material
... Science . ... Science Users Information > Science Activities > PhD Thesis Topics offered by ESO Faculty Members > Thesis Topic: Why most supermassive black holes do not accrete material . ... Implicitly, we will also better understand why most supermassive black holes fail in accreting material. ... 1) Analyse multi-wavelength data for selected galaxies to describe and quantify the different physical phenomena in their centres, and most notably to derive their central supermassive black hole masses....
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... We want to know time-scales, and sequences of events, and the ages of stars. ... We would, ideally, like to create a solar comparison sample by finding stars of essentially the same mass, composition, and age and then observing the range of behavior they exhibit. ... At best we can estimate a star 's age. ... Having to construct models that work consistently across a broad range of masses constrains the problem, and yet even for the nearest open clusters we do not know the age to even 10%. ...
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6. Jessica Chapman
... I am the Operations Research Program Leader at the Australia Telescope National Facility . E: . ... A: CSIRO ATNF, PO Box 76, Epping NSW 2121, Australia . My research interests include: . ... Here are some links to ATNF facilities for observers and visitors. Information for Observers . ... ATOA: The Australia Telescope Online Archive . Future ATNF Operations - documents and information . ... ATNF News . ATNF news and media releases . ...
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7. Astronaut Bio: Bruce McCandless II
National Aeronautics and Space Administration . ... Bruce McCandless II (Captain, USN, Ret.) NASA Astronaut (former) . ... He was a member of the astronaut support crew for the Apollo 14 mission and was backup pilot for the first manned Skylab mission (SL-1/SL-2). ... A veteran of two space flights, McCandless has logged over 312 hours in space, including 4 hours of MMU flight time. ... With the completion of this flight McCandless logged 191 hours in space (including 4 hours of MMU flight time). ...
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8. Research
... A subset of the Observatory's research activity, namely the list of 41 refereed journal publications during 2004 and one book, is given in Appendix C . ... The remainder of this section first summarises a few highlights of the Observatory's research and other activities during 2004, and then, under the headings of the Observatory's senior research staff, presents lay reports of some of the principal research and related activities undertaken by these staff and their colleagues during 2004. ...
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9. Database of Optical Constants -- Level: welcome
The database contains references to the papers, data files and links to the Internet resources related to measurements and calculations of the optical constants in the wavelength interval from X-rays to radio domain. ... References to some useful books and reviews on the subject (e.g. the classical handbooks edited by E.D.Palik) and links to Internet collections of optical constants and personal WWW pages with related software were also placed in the database. You have arrived at our welcome page. ...
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10. Astronomy HyperText Book: Stellar Evolution
... Stellar Evolution is driven entirely by the never ending battle between Pressure and Gravity . As imbalances are reached, the star is driven to find a new Energy source. ... Pressure and gravitational forces are equal, the star is stable and its core is sufficiently hot to fuse Hydrogen into Helium More about main sequence stars . ... The luminosity generated by the core fusion of Helium into Carbon is far greater than the shell luminosity associated with the fusion of Hydrogen into Helium. ...
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11. "Stargazers" and National Science Standards
... The material in "From Stargazers to Starships" meets several important requirements of the national standards. Pages cited below are from National Science Education Standards National Academy Press, Washington 1995. ... For example: the sections on astronomy not only describe calendars and sundials (including their construction), but also the astronomy of the ancient Greeks, including two different ways in which ancient Greeks estimated the distance to the Moon. ...
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12. General description of the database
It is a matter of common knowledge that in processes of genesis and evolution of many solar phenomena participate magnetic fields of sunspots. ... As a basis for formation of the database we take data on magnetic fields, collected by set of observatories during many years of observations. ... Section "Magnetic field data" contains data of magnetic field observation for separate sunspots, presented in standard text format (ASCII). ... Description of structure of these files is presented here . ...
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A very important stage in a story of formation of any new science is the shift from discussion of situation which are possible but do not occur in practice due to some reason to recognition of real phenomena of interest. ... We suggest to consider computer viruses as this new specific form of life which is coming in the contact with our form of life. ... Computer life has been created by human being, the role of independent evolution of computer viruses seems to be still negligible. ...
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14. Everyday Classroom Tools: About the Authors
is an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Her work at the CfA includes astronomy curriculum development for elementary schools, Internet-based hands-on astronomy activities for K-8, and science-oriented public outreach programs. She has logged over a thousand hours in Massachusetts elementary school classrooms implementing science curricular materials and giving presentations about recent astronomical events. ... Everyday Classroom Tools Home Page . ...
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15. Tutorials - InformChaos Lab.
. At present, the russian-language tutorial page is already available. Soon, we will place here materials on investigating collective effects in lattices of chaotic 1-D maps. The materials include a detailed description, references, MATLAB programs, and simulation results for lattices of various (1-D, 2-D, 3-D) dimensions. Home | News | Staff | Activities | Publications | Products | . RUSSIAN page | IRE RAS Homepage | E-mail:
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16. Astrophysics Group Available research projects/areas
... Astrophysics Group . Graduate Research Opportunities 2016 . Available research projects/areas . ... Astrophysics Admissions Form . ... This includes active participation in the development of new instruments as well as the use of ground and space observatories. ... Further details are available at the following web site: . ... Our research group has a wide range of expertise in the development of receivers for radio astronomy. ...
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17. Letter to the Deputy Head of the Administration of Russian Federation President
To the Deputy Head of the Administration of Russian Federation President Mr. A.V.Ogarev . ... First the international space station (ISS) Alpha, which is under construction now, will compare to the OS Mir on the amount of information only in 5-7 years. ... Thirdly, the participation of Russian Federation in the international space projects, including work on the international space station (ISS) Alpha, is to be aimed first of all at the providing of Russian interests. ...
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18. "Exploration" as a Classroom Resource
... a) As source material for the high-school or college curriculum, especially in physics. astronomy and their history. (b) As a source of supplemental projects by high school students or by undergraduates. (c) As material for independent studies, In particular by motivated students who seek to know more about space . ... Those wishing to look up specific topics are advised to use the index file, accessible from the end of any "Exploration" file. ... files not listed and at other resource material. ...
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19. Benefits of the Exercise
... Students were asked to complete a questionnaire after the end of the course. ... All students completed the questionnaire. 38% of the students commented that it forced them to thoroughly learn and understand the course material. ... Took lots of thought and made you apply lecture material. 31% of students commented that this exercise forced them to think hard. ... I conclude that the exercise succeeded in making students thoroughly think through and learn the course material. ...
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20. S.P.Korolev RSC Energia - LAUNCHERS
Rocket R-1 . ... Launch mass, kg . ... On April 14 1948 the Government Decree has been enacted on the development of the first rocket to be made of domestic materials and derived from missile A-4 (FAU-2). The rocket was designated as R-1 including its ground support equipment. ... Launch site . ... During pre-launch processing of rocket R-1, the processing operations and equipment were little different from those used to process rocket A-4. ... Official WEB-site of S.P.Korolev RSC Energia . ...
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